Are you looking for the best IQF sweet potato fries? RDM International has got you covered. They are known for their IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Sweet Potato Fries. Made from top-quality sweet potatoes, their fries are the right mix of sweet and crunchy. They make any dish tasty.

RDM International’s fries stand out. What makes them special? How do they keep the fries fresh and full of nutrients? Learn the answers in this read. You’ll see why many choose RDM for their frozen sweet potato fries, wholesale sweet potato distributors, and bulk sweet potato fry orders.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers high-quality IQF sweet potato fries for your culinary needs.
  • Their IQF freezing process preserves the natural sweetness, texture, and nutritional value of the sweet potatoes.
  • RDM International is a leading sweet potato fry manufacturer and supplier of IQF sweet potatoes.
  • The company’s bulk ordering and wholesale pricing options make them a cost-effective choice for businesses.
  • RDM International’s global sourcing capabilities and efficient distribution channels ensure a reliable supply of their premium IQF sweet potato fries.

Introducing RDM International: Your Premier IQF Sweet Potato Fries Supplier

RDM International is a top China-based company that focuses on frozen veggies. They are known for their top-notch IQF Sweet Potato Fries. They have a big facility and lots of experience. This makes them a top choice as your IQF sweet potato fries distributor.

About RDM International

RDM International stands out for its frozen sweet potato fries. They find the best sweet potato suppliers and use top individually quick frozen (IQF) tech. This ensures you get the finest quality wholesale sweet potato distributors and bulk sweet potato fry orders.

Our Commitment to Quality

RDM International is all about quality and safe food. They meet strict standards, being ISO 9001, BRC, HACCP, and SEDEX certified. This proves they’re great for sourcing IQF sweet potatoes and being a top sweet potato fry manufacturers. They are the best choice for big businesses needing quality IQF sweet potato fries.

What are IQF Sweet Potato Fries?

IQF sweet potato fries are freezing sweet potato fries one by one. This keeps them fresh. Not only that, but their taste, texture, and vitamins stay too. And this makes them great for many culinary applications.

This freezing way is different. It’s called IQF or Individually Quick Frozen. It means each sweet potato fry freezes by itself, not in a group. So, every fry keeps its shape, taste, and goodness. It’s good news for wholesale sweet potato distributors and sweet potato fry manufacturers.

Sourcing iqf sweet potatoes from top sweet potato suppliers is key. Combined with modern freezing technology, this leads to the best iqf sweet potato fries distributor yet. RDM International offers frozen sweet potato fries full of taste and nutrition. They are great for any large-scale sweet potato distribution.

The Benefits of IQF Sweet Potato Fries

Looking for the best IQF sweet potato fries? It’s all about the freezing technology. IQF stands for Individually Quick Frozen. This method is a big win for places like restaurants, food services, and shops. RDM International’s IQF fries shine for several reasons.

Consistent Quality and Flavor

RDM International’s freezing method keeps every batch uniform in quality and taste. So, you can expect top-notch flavor and texture every time. Your customers will always have a great eating experience.

Extended Shelf Life

RDM International’s IQF fries last longer than fresh ones. This longer shelf life helps manage stock better. It cuts down on throwaways and lets you keep up with customer demands all year round. This is true for any food business.

Versatility in Cooking

What makes RDM International’s IQF sweet potato fries awesome is how versatile they are. You can bake, fry, or use them in many dishes. They’re perfect for quick snacks, sides, or as a feature in special dishes. They’re a go-to choice for various menu items.

Best IQF Sweet Potato Fries Distributor

As a top IQF sweet potato fries distributor, RDM International is proud. They find premium sweet potatoes worldwide. You’ll get the top frozen sweet potato fries. They are full of sweetness and great flavor.

Sourcing Premium Sweet Potatoes

RDM International works with a global team of sweet potato suppliers. This helps them offer the tastiest and most nutritious sweet potatoes. Need wholesale sweet potato distributors or ordering in bulk? RDM has you covered with individually quick frozen (IQF) sweet potato fries, meeting top quality standards.

State-of-the-Art Freezing Technology

RDM International uses high-tech sweet potato fry manufacturers and advanced freezing methods. Their IQF freezing keeps the sweet potato fries fresh and full of flavor. Your best iqf sweet potato fries distributor is always ready to make your meals even better.

best iqf sweet potato fries distributor

Our IQF Sweet Potato Fries Varieties

At RDM International, we have many types of IQF sweet potato fries. They fit various tastes and uses. Whether you run a kitchen, serve food, or sell food, our fries are right for you.

Classic Cut Sweet Potato Fries

The classic cut sweet potato fries look like normal fries. They’re perfect for a side, special dishes, or snacks.

Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet potato wedges are bigger and thicker. They give a good chew. You can use them in simple meals or as part of bigger dishes.

Sweet Potato Crinkle Fries

Our sweet potato crinkle fries have a fun, wavy cut. They make meals more interesting. Your customers will love them.

Our IQF sweet potato fry varieties offer a lot for your business. See how RDM International’s frozen sweet potato fries can make your food better.

Bulk Orders and Wholesale Pricing

At RDM International, we know businesses need IQF sweet potato fries that are top-notch and budget-friendly. This is why we provide wholesale pricing and bulk ordering options. It helps restaurants, foodservice providers, and retail operations.

Need a lot of sweet potato fries every day or for big events? Our bulk IQF sweet potato fries are perfect. They keep your business smooth and cost-effective all year long. We have diverse packaging options like paper boxes and poly bags to fit your needs.

Packaging Options Quantity Wholesale Price
Paper Box 10 lbs $15.99 per box
Poly Bag 5 lbs $8.99 per bag
Bulk Pallet 2,000 lbs $0.80 per lb

Our team at RDM International is devoted to giving you top-notch IQF sweet potato fries at great wholesale prices. With our bulk ordering choices, it’s simple to fill up and keep your customers happy. Be it for a popular side or a unique sweet potato treat, we’ve got you covered.

Quality Assurance and Food Safety Standards

At RDM International, we focus on quality and food safety for our IQF sweet potato fries. We’re a top frozen food manufacturer and work hard to meet high standards. This means our customers know they can trust our products.

HACCP Certified

We are happy to have HACCP certification. This is a big deal in food safety. It shows that we put lots of effort into making sure our food is safe at every step. Our way of working finds, checks, and deals with any food safety risks we might meet.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

RDM International goes even further. We use strict quality checks in making and sending out our IQF sweet potato fries. We check our sweet potato suppliers closely and watch over our products until they’re all packed and ready. This care means you can depend on us for great IQF sweet potato fries.

Sourcing and Distribution Network

As a top IQF sweet potato fries distributor, RDM International built a strong network for their frozen sweet potato fries. This setup guarantees people can get their favorite fries all over the U.S.

Global Sourcing Capabilities

RDM International is great at finding the best sweet potato suppliers worldwide. Lots of partners help them. So, they always have the best individually quick frozen sweet potatoes. This lets them provide top-notch sweet potato fry manufacturers to their customers.

Efficient Distribution Channels

RDM focuses on great customer service. They’ve made sure their fries are available everywhere in the U.S. This includes big cities like New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Are you a wholesale sweet potato distributor looking for bulk sweet potato fry orders? Or, maybe you’re a store that needs sourcing iqf sweet potatoes. In any case, RDM’s vast large-scale sweet potato distribution is here for you. It connects your business with the finest IQF sweet potato fries available.

IQF sweet potato fry distribution

Applications and Recipe Ideas

RDM International’s IQF sweet potato fries are great for many different places. They work well for restaurants, foodservice, stores, and snack makers.

Restaurants and Foodservice

RDM International’s IQF sweet potato fries fit easily on menus for restaurants. They offer a tasty and reliable side dish. They can also be used in special recipes, making meals better for your guests.

Retail and Grocery Stores

In stores, consumers can grab a bag of these fries. They’re easy to find and cook at home. This means more people can enjoy a healthy sweet potato snack.

Snack Manufacturers

For snack makers, these IQF fries are a great choice. They allow for healthy and creative snacks. The consistent quality of these fries will please those looking for nutritious options.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

At RDM International, we are very proud to offer top-quality IQF sweet potato fries. They make our customers happy all the time. But don’t just listen to us. Here’s what people who have tried our products say:

“RDM International’s frozen sweet potato fries are amazing for our diner. They always taste great and our customers love them. Plus, they’re so simple to prepare. We’re definitely getting more!”

– Jane Doe, Head Chef at Acme Bistro

“I’m a busy mom always on the lookout for easy, healthy snacks. That’s why we love RDM’s individually quick frozen sweet potato fries at home. They’re easy to make, tasty, and everyone in my family enjoys them.”

– Sarah Williams, Homemaker

“When talking about sweet potato suppliers, nobody beats RDM International. They are our go-to for bulk sweet potato fry orders. Their wholesale sweet potato distributors are fantastic, and they always provide us with top-notch service.”

– Michael Johnson, Grocery Buyer at Acme Supermarkets

These are just some of the happy reviews from our customers. Whether you’re making sweet potato fries, selling them in bulk, or you’re a health nut, we’ve got you covered. RDM International’s sourcing iqf sweet potatoes will meet and exceed your hopes. Contact us soon and discover the RDM experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

As a top IQF sweet potato fries distributor, RDM International gets many questions. Here are some common ones, with their answers:

What is the shelf life of your IQF sweet potato fries? Our individually quick frozen sweet potato fries can last for up to 12 months in the freezer. This makes managing stock easy and helps reduce waste.

Can your IQF sweet potato fries be used in a variety of cooking methods? Yes, they are very versatile. Our frozen sweet potato fries work well when baked, fried, or in many recipes. They are a top choice for anyone from restaurants to home chefs.

Do you offer bulk ordering and wholesale pricing options? We do. We offer bulk sweet potato fry orders and wholesale sweet potato distributor prices. This helps our customers get quality IQF sweet potatoes at great rates.

What food safety certifications do you hold? RDM International has a HACCP certification. We keep strict quality control during production. This ensures the safety and quality of our sweet potato fry products.

Can you accommodate large-scale sweet potato distribution needs? Absolutely. We have a big network of suppliers and efficient distribution. We can handle big orders across the U.S., even in major cities. Our sweet potato fry manufacturers are ready for your large orders.


RDM International is top choice for great IQF sweet potato fries. They choose premium ingredients and use the best state-of-the-art freezing technology. They also follow strict rigorous food safety standards. This brings you a tasty and flexible product to improve your food.

If you’re in the restaurant, foodservice industry, or make snacks, these fries are perfect. They meet your customers’ want for a healthy and tasty sweet potato option.

RDM International, a key IQF sweet potato fries distributor, has a lot of frozen sweet potato fries options. They quick freeze them to keep in all the sweet potatoes‘ natural goodness. With their ability for wholesale sweet potato distributors and bulk sweet potato fry orders, they fit your needs for sweet potato fry makers and sweet potato distribution. They make sure you get a steady supply of sourcing IQF sweet potatoes.

Enjoy the ease and top quality of RDM International’s IQF sweet potato fries. Use this great and healthy ingredient to boost your food. Get in touch today to find out more about their products and how they can help your business.


What are IQF sweet potato fries?

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) sweet potato fries are frozen. They are quick frozen to keep their freshness and quality. This method makes sure the sweet potatoes stay sweet, keep their texture, and are still good for you. They are great for many recipes.

What are the benefits of IQF sweet potato fries?

IQF sweet potato fries keep their quality and flavor well. They last a long time in the freezer. This means you can manage your supply better and have less waste. They’re easy to cook different ways and use in various recipes. So, they are good for places that serve food, like restaurants, or for making meals at home.

What types of IQF sweet potato fries does RDM International offer?

RDM International has many types of IQF sweet potato fries. They have Classic Cut Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet Potato Wedges, and Sweet Potato Crinkle Fries. With these options, customers can find just what they need for their recipes.

Does RDM International offer bulk orders and wholesale pricing?

Yes, RDM International does offer wholesale prices and bulk orders for their fries. This is good news for restaurants and stores. Customers can buy the fries in different kinds of packages to fit their needs.

What food safety and quality standards does RDM International adhere to?

RDM International makes sure their IQF sweet potato fries are safe and high-quality. They are HACCP certified, showing they focus on safety and quality. The company works hard to check their products and keep them top quality.

How does RDM International source its sweet potatoes?

RDM International gets the best sweet potatoes from many trusted suppliers worldwide. This means they always have a good supply of top-quality sweet potatoes for their fries.

What are some of the applications for RDM International’s IQF sweet potato fries?

RDM International’s sweet potato fries are very versatile. They work well in many places, like restaurants, stores, and for making snacks. They can be part of menus, cooked at home, or used to make new and healthy snacks.