Have you ever asked yourself what makes the best IQF onion supplier stand out? If so, RDM International is worth looking into. They provide IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Onions, known for enhancing meals easily. RDM’s frozen onions keep the taste and freshness of onions in a handy, frozen state. This makes them perfect for various dishes. As a top global supplier of high-quality frozen onions, they ensure a steady and dependable delivery to food businesses.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading global supplier of premium-quality IQF onions.
  • Their IQF onions preserve the freshness and flavor of onions in a convenient frozen form.
  • RDM International offers a reliable and consistent supply of high-quality frozen onions.
  • Their IQF onions are versatile and suitable for a wide range of recipes and culinary applications.
  • RDM International’s commitment to quality and food safety sets them apart as the best IQF onion supplier.

So, what makes IQF onions special and different from usual frozen ones? Let’s dive into RDM International’s IQF onions’ unique traits and benefits in the next part.

What are IQF Onions?

IQF onions stand for Individually Quick Frozen onions. They are a game-changer for adding onion flavor without the prep work. These onions are frozen quickly, keeping all their flavors and textures. This means you get the benefits of fresh onions without any of the chopping or dicing.

Individually Quick Frozen Process

In the IQF process, onions are frozen very quickly at super low temperatures, often below -40°F. This fast freeze keeps the onions’ structure intact. It stops the usual loss of flavor and nutrients. So, the IQF onions stay as fresh as when they were harvested.

Preserving Freshness and Flavor

With the IQF method, the sweetness, smell, and bite of the onions are locked in. This makes them perfect for lots of cooking needs. Whether it’s in soups, sauces, or stews, IQF onions bring the same punch as fresh ones.

Versatile Culinary Applications

IQF onions are incredibly versatile. They work well in many recipes, from hearty stews to lively dips. Their premium quality and ease of use are loved by chefs and home cooks. IQF onions are a trusted option for anyone who wants top-notch onion ingredients.

Best IQF Onion Supplier: RDM International

RDM International is a top provider of high-grade IQF onions. They serve food makers, sellers, and eateries worldwide. Their specialty in wholesale IQF onions makes them the perfect pick for quality frozen onions.

Expertise in Bulk IQF Onion Supply

RDM knows the bulk IQF onion supply scene well. They promise top-notch onions for your business. Their advanced processing tech and wide sourcing reach guarantee onions that fit your every need, be it big-volume orders or unique specs.

Commitment to Quality and Food Safety

Quality and food safety rank high at RDM International. They go above and beyond rules and expectations everywhere. This means careful processing, strict testing, and full traceability, ensuring your trust and business success.

Varieties of IQF Onions Available

RDM International offers a wide range of IQF onions. Their line meets varied needs in the food industry. Options range from diced iqf onions to sliced iqf onions, including diced red iqf onions.

Diced Onions

Diced iqf onions from RDM International are great for many dishes. They make soups, sauces, and frozen meals taste great. With these frozen onion cubes, you get the same quality in every bite.

Sliced Onions

RDM International also has sliced iqf onions for more uses. These thin slices enhance burgers, sandwiches, and big dishes. They provide a subtle onion flavor.

Diced Red Onions

Diced red iqf onions from RDM International brighten dishes. These frozen cubes offer a color and sweet flavor. They are key for food makers and sellers.

Benefits of Choosing IQF Onions

Choosing RDM International’s IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) onions brings many benefits. It helps your business in manufacturing, distributing, or serving food. You’ll enjoy a consistent quality and taste with every batch. This is because of the special IQF process used. It locks in the fresh flavor and texture even after freezing.

Consistent Quality and Taste

RDM International is dedicated to quality control. Their freezing techniques are special. As a result, they provide IQF onions that always meet top standards. You can count on getting the same great taste and texture in every order. This makes it easy to keep your food’s quality consistent.

Extended Shelf Life

Compared to fresh ones, IQF onions from RDM International last much longer. This longer shelf life means less waste and spoilage. It helps you manage your stock better and lose less food. Your customers will love the consistently fresh and tasty onions in your dishes.

Reduced Waste and Spoilage

The extended shelf life of RDM International’s IQF onions means less waste for you. You won’t have to worry about onions going bad too quickly. Using RDM’s IQF onions, you can include them in your recipes with confidence. They keep their quality and freshness.

benefits of iqf onions

Global Sourcing and Distribution Network

At RDM International, we’ve built a strong global sourcing and distribution network. It ensures a steady flow of top-notch IQF onions. We work closely with top onion producers and processors worldwide. This means we bring the best onions from different areas to meet our customers’ needs. Our broad distribution network makes sure our IQF onions reach you promptly and efficiently, whether you’re a food maker, seller, or part of the food service.

Using our global sourcing capabilities lets us offer you a wide variety of IQF onions. You can always find the best ingredients for your food. RDM International ensures you get the IQF onions you need, exactly when you need them, no matter your food business.

Global Sourcing Capabilities Extensive Distribution Network
Strategic partnerships with leading onion growers and processors Timely and efficient delivery of IQF onions to customers worldwide
Sourcing the best onions from diverse regions Serving food manufacturers, distributors, and the foodservice industry
Meeting the needs of customers across the globe Ensuring a reliable and consistent supply of high-quality IQF onions

RDM International is your stand-out choice for IQF onions. Our top-tier global sourcing and distribution network ensures the best service. Let our world-class chains work for your success.

Packaging and Storage Options

We at RDM International know how critical iqf onion packaging and storage is. It’s key to keep our frozen onions fresh and top quality. For those in food making, distributing, or serving, we’ve got your packaging needs covered.

Bulk Packaging for Commercial Use

Our bigger clients in the commercial and industrial sectors can benefit from our bulk iqf onion packaging. This includes cases and totes. These large packaging types help in making your job easier. They also offer a reliable, money-saving supply of our high-grade IQF onions.

Proper Storage and Handling Guidelines

We also give out thorough advice for iqf onion storage and handling, ensuring you get the best from our onions. Our suggestion is to keep them frozen and shielded from light and strong smells. This keeps their taste and feel at their best.

Packaging Option Recommended Storage Handling Guidelines
Bulk Cases and Totes Frozen at 0°F (-18°C) or below Keep away from strong odors and direct light
Consumer-Sized Packs Frozen at 0°F (-18°C) or below Avoid temperature fluctuations and exposure to air

Stick to these tips to keep your RDM International IQF onions top-class in quality and taste. This way, they will shine in your cooking, promising the finest results.

iqf onion packaging

Applications in Food Manufacturing

RDM International’s IQF onions are a powerful ingredient in many foods. They help make soups and sauces taste better. In meals like frozen entrees and ready meals, they keep their fresh flavor well. This makes IQF onions a top choice for many food makers.

Soups and Sauces

RDM International’s IQF onions improve soups and sauces in the food industry. They are quick frozen to lock in their natural flavor and texture. This means dishes like beef stew and mushroom sauce taste great every time.

Frozen Entrees and Ready Meals

In frozen entrees and ready meals, IQF onions are key. They stay fresh and flavorful, improving dishes like lasagna and chicken pot pies. This ensures every meal is as tasty as can be.

Catering and Foodservice Industry

The catering and foodservice industry depends on RDM International’s IQF onions too. They save time and add consistent flavor to dishes at large events or in busy kitchens. These onions are a top pick for caterers and restaurants wanting quality.

Sustainability and Responsible Farming Practices

Ethical and sustainable sourcing is key at RDM International. They make sure their IQF onions are grown with care for the earth and people. This aligns the supply chain with their commitment to the environment and society.

Commitment to Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing

RDM International puts a lot of work into sourcing sustainable iqf onions. They team up with local onion growers for green farming and less waste. Their operations aim to reduce the harm on the planet.

Supporting Local Growers and Communities

RDM International helps local onion growers and communities. Through their ethical iqf onion sourcing, they stand by these farmers. This ensures a constant source of good IQF onions and boosts local economies.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

RDM International is all about top-quality products and happy customers. They’ve earned praise from many, working in food making, selling, and serving. Their clients love the top-notch, dependable products and the outstanding service.

“We’ve been working with RDM International for our IQF onion needs, and they have consistently delivered high-quality products that meet our strict standards. Their attention to detail and responsiveness to our requirements have been instrumental in the success of our operations.”

– Sarah Johnson, Purchasing Manager, ABC Food Distributors

Customer Review
Michael Russo, Executive Chef “RDM International’s IQF onions have become a staple in our kitchen. The flavor and texture are exceptional, and we can always count on a reliable supply. Their customer service is top-notch, making them a valuable partner for our business.”
Emily Chen, Quality Assurance Manager “As a food manufacturer, consistency and quality are of the utmost importance to us. RDM International has exceeded our expectations with their IQF onions, which have helped us achieve the level of consistency our customers demand. We highly recommend their products and services.”
David Lee, Procurement Specialist “RDM International’s global sourcing and distribution network have been a game-changer for our business. We’ve been able to rely on their IQF onions for a steady supply, even during peak seasons or times of market fluctuation. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction are unparalleled.”

The great customer testimonials and customer reviews show how well RDM International is doing. Their focus on quality, reliability, and great customer service has made them the go-to for top IQF onions. They always aim to go beyond customers’ expectations, serving the food industry with excellence.


RDM International is the top choice for IQF onion needs. They offer top-grade frozen onions that are carefully processed to keep their goodness. Their focus on quality, safety, and eco-friendly sources is why many trust them. Food makers, sellers, and the food service industry prefer their high-level IQF onions.

RDM has a big variety, like diced, sliced, and red onions, with wide reach. This makes them perfect for businesses looking for quality IQF onions. They are known for caring about every detail and making customers happy. That’s why they lead in providing the best frozen onions.

Choosing RDM means getting superior onions and service. Their IQF onions are perfect for anything from soups to catering. See how their onions can upgrade your food’s taste and quality. See what a difference premium IQF onions can make for you.


What are IQF onions?

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) onions are specially frozen onions. They are quickly frozen at ultra-low temperatures, around -40°F or lower. This freezing method keeps their taste, texture, and nutritional benefits intact.

How do IQF onions maintain their freshness and flavor?

By rapidly freezing the onions, the IQF method preserves their freshness and taste. This quick freeze keeps the onions’ flavor, texture, and nutritional value. It makes IQF onions a great choice for many dishes.

What are the benefits of choosing RDM International’s IQF onions?

RDM International’s IQF onions offer top-notch quality and consistent taste. They also have a longer shelf life and less waste. RDM is known for its high food safety and quality standards.

What varieties of IQF onions does RDM International offer?

RDM International provides a variety of IQF onion types. Customers can choose from diced, sliced, and red diced onions. All are quick frozen to keep their freshness and flavor.

How does RDM International’s global sourcing and distribution network benefit their customers?

RDM International’s strong worldwide network ensures a steady supply of top-quality IQF onions. They work with leading growers and processors globally. This means they can meet their customers’ needs worldwide.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and freshness of their IQF onions?

RDM International gives clear advice on storing and handling their IQF onions. They should be kept frozen, away from light and odors. This advice helps preserve the onions’ quality and freshness.

In what food manufacturing applications are RDM International’s IQF onions commonly used?

RDM International’s IQF onions are perfect for making a variety of foods. They are used in soups, sauces, and ready-to-eat meals. They are also popular in catering and commercial kitchens.

How does RDM International’s commitment to sustainability and responsible farming practices benefit their customers?

RDM International is deeply committed to sustainable and ethical farming. They ensure their onions are sourced responsibly. Their approach aligns with caring for the environment and communities.

What do RDM International’s customers say about their IQF onions and service?

Customers have shared positive feedback about RDM International. They highlight the onions’ quality, consistent supply, and great service. Working with RDM for IQF onions has been a good experience for many.

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