Have you ever tried real, pure blueberries? If not, get ready for something amazing! RDM International is the top canned blueberry supplier. They bring you the best, juiciest canned blueberries. Full of natural sweetness, these blueberries are great for all your tasty dishes.

RDM International is excellent in canned blueberry distribution. They focus on quality, being green, and offering top-notch service. You can choose from many canned blueberry products. This includes purees, preserves, and even frozen blueberries. They fit just right for your needs, whether it’s canning or buying in bulk.

RDM International is different from other blueberry canning companies. Here’s why: they only pick wild and organic blueberries. These blueberries are picked at their best, ensuring they are full of flavor. Their commitment to such quality makes them the top best canned blueberry supplier.

Don’t wait any longer! Dive into RDM International’s canned blueberry products. See your dishes reach a new level. You’ll love the quality and taste from the best canned blueberry supplier.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the top canned blueberry supplier, known for its high-quality, delicious products.
  • The company offers a wide range of canned blueberry products, including purees, preserves, and frozen blueberries.
  • RDM International gets its wild and organic blueberries from the best growers. This ensures they are at their tastiest.
  • As the best canned blueberry distributor, RDM International focuses on quality, green practices, and great customer service.
  • RDM International’s commitment to using only the best ingredients sets them apart. They are the premier canned blueberry supplier.

Ready to explore the great taste and uses of RDM International’s canned blueberry products? Get ready for amazing quality and flavor from the best canned blueberry supplier.

RDM International: The Premier Canned Blueberry Supplier

RDM International is a top brand. They’ve been selling high-quality canned blueberries for over 70 years. Besides blueberries, they have canned fruit and wholesale blueberry products. This includes preserves, purees, and frozen berries.

A Trusted Brand with Over 70 Years of Experience

Known for premium quality blueberries, RDM is a trusted brand. They have 70 years of experience. This means they offer top-notch products all the time.

Wide Range of Canned Fruit and Wholesale Blueberry Products

Looking for organic blueberry options or wholesale blueberry products? RDM International is the place to go. They have a big variety of canned fruit and blueberries to supply food makers and sellers.

Commitment to Quality, Sustainability, and Customer Satisfaction

RDM cares about quality, being green, and pleasing customers. They pick the best wild and organic blueberries. They aim for the best taste and ripeness.

They also focus on sustainable farming practices and treat their customers well. This approach has made them a top choice for many in the industry.

Unmatched Quality: Our Wild and Organic Blueberry Selection

RDM International is all about quality. We pick only the top wild blueberries and organic blueberries. This brings you the tastiest and healthiest canned blueberries. Our blueberries are picked by expert growers at their sweetest. This captures their true flavor and sweetness for you.

Harvested at Peak Ripeness for Maximum Flavor

Picking blueberries at just the right time is key. Our growers are very skilled. They know exactly when our wild blueberries and organic blueberries are best. Picking them at their peak makes sure you get the full taste in each can.

Preservative-Free and Non-GMO Options Available

Choosing healthy foods is becoming more popular. That’s why we have preservative-free and non-GMO blueberry products for you. Our goal is to bring you the best blueberries without any fake stuff. You can trust our products to be clean and natural.

Best Canned Blueberry Supplier: Why RDM International Stands Out

RDM International shines as the top canned blueberry provider. They are big on quality control and sustainable farming. Every blueberry batch is checked well to make sure they’re fresh and tasty.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

RDM International’s care for quality control shows in how they check each batch. They look closely at every blueberry, aiming for the best in freshness and taste. This work guarantees customers love the blueberries they get from RDM.

Sustainable Farming Practices

RDM also chooses to work with farms that care about the earth. These farms use eco-friendly practices and sustainable farming. By teaming up with these farmers, RDM International proves it champions the planet. This broad view of sourcing their blueberries makes them a stand-out in the business.

Thanks to these choices, plus their dedication to great products, RDM International is the top pick for retailers and food makers who want superior canned blueberries.

quality control

Versatile Canned Blueberry Products for Every Need

RDM International has a wide range of canned blueberry products. They aim to meet their customers’ different needs. Their canned blueberry puree works well in baked goods, sauces, and smoothies, adding a tasty blueberry flavor.

They also offer blueberry preserves and jams. These are great on toast, pancakes, or by themselves. If you prefer frozen blueberries, you can count on RDM International for high-quality options. These frozen blueberries are perfect for baking, in smoothies, or as an easy ingredient.

With this big variety, food distributors and makers can easily find what they need. Whether you want to add blueberry goodness to food or find the best canned blueberries, RDM International is your best bet.

Trusted by Leading Food Distributors and Manufacturers

RDM International holds a trusted brand title in the eyes of leading food distributors and food manufacturers. They are known for their top-quality canned blueberry products. Their dedication to quality, on-time delivery, and great customer service has made them a favorite in the industry.

Food distributors and manufacturers value their partnership with RDM International. They know they can rely on them for the best canned blueberries. RDM International is viewed as the best canned blueberry distributor, thanks to their reliable and premium blueberry options.

Wholesale Blueberry Products: Competitive Pricing and Bulk Discounts

At RDM International, we know how vital competitive pricing is for our customers. We aim to provide top-quality wholesale blueberry products at the best prices. Our focus is on efficiency and large-scale operations to bring you the best deals.

Bulk Discounts for Wholesale Buyers

RDM International offers bulk discounts for food distributors and makers. This helps them save money and offer low prices to their customers. By doing this, we become the preferred source of canned blueberries while helping our partners succeed.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Food Distributors and Manufacturers

Our company stands out because of our commitment to cost-effective solutions. This is especially important for food distributors and makers. They can provide their customers with high-quality, competitively priced blueberries because of our focus on efficiency and bulk buying.

Product Wholesale Price (per unit) Bulk Discount
Canned Blueberry Puree (24 oz) $8.99 10% off for orders over 100 units
Blueberry Preserves (12 oz) $5.49 15% off for orders over 500 units
Frozen Blueberries (5 lb) $12.99 20% off for orders over 1,000 units

Choosing our wholesale blueberry products and bulk discounts benefits your business. It helps keep your prices low while keeping your profit up. Joining with RDM International brings you great deals and excellent service for your business.

Wholesale blueberry products

From Farm to Table: The RDM International Journey

RDM International is a family-owned and operated business. It has been bringing top-notch blueberries to the market for over seven decades. They work closely with family farms and local agriculture. This ensures these smaller farms get the best canning and distribution ways.

Exceptional Customer Service and Support

The company shines with its exceptional customer service and personalized attention. This has made them a favorite for those in the food distribution and manufacturing world. Such a strong bond with the community and a focus on customer happiness makes RDM International the top choice for canned blueberries.

Blueberry Recipes and Inspiration: Unleash Your Creativity

RDM International’s website is full of tasty blueberry recipes. It helps food companies be creative. They show how to use their canned blueberry products in pies, smoothies, and more.

Delicious Blueberry Recipes for Food Distributors and Manufacturers

This site offers lots of culinary inspiration. It lets partners highlight the versatility of RDM International’s blueberries. They can make unique, top-quality products. This makes their items special in the market.

From yummy blueberry cobblers to cool blueberry lemonades, RDM’s recipe collection is full of options. Food companies can find new ideas to try.

Unleash Your Creativity with Versatile Blueberry Products

Focusing on RDM’s versatile blueberries can boost food companies’ products. They can use blueberry puree for exciting sauces. Or try frozen blueberries in smoothies for a energy.


RDM International is now known as the best canned blueberry supplier. They offer many high-quality, delicious blueberry products. They pick their wild and organic blueberries carefully. They also care a lot about the Earth and give great service. Because of this, they are leading the way in the world of canned blueberries.

RDM International stands out because they offer a lot of products. They make sure their prices are good too. They work hard to be the first choice for businesses that need canned blueberries. Their focus on quality and protecting the environment is why many top food companies trust them.

RDM International has everything from blueberry puree to preserves and frozen berries. They have a wide selection of versatile blueberry products. Choosing them means you can provide your customers with the best blueberry items. So, if you want to offer top-quality blueberries, RDM International is a great choice.


What makes RDM International the best canned blueberry supplier?

RDM International is the top canned blueberry supplier. They are known for their quality, green practices, and great customer care. They pick top-notch wild and organic blueberries at their peak. These practices lead to products with the best flavor. They choose farms that care for the land, showing they value the environment.

What types of canned blueberry products does RDM International offer?

RDM International has a broad range of canned blueberry items. This includes puree, jams, preserves, and frozen berries. Food distributors and makers can find the right blueberries for baking, sauces, or snacks. They have a product for every need.

How does RDM International ensure the quality of their canned blueberries?

For quality, RDM International checks every blueberry batch. They ensure they are fresh and tasty. By working with eco-friendly farms, they support the environment. This helps them provide the best canned blueberries.

What makes RDM International’s wholesale blueberry products stand out?

RDM International gives good deals and bulk prices for wholesale buyers. This helps the food industry save and offer better prices. Their efficiency makes them a leader. And they help their food business partners succeed.

How does RDM International support local communities and small-scale growers?

RDM International is run by a family who loves blueberries. They’ve been in the business over 70 years. They do a lot to help small farms and their local area. They make sure these small farms can sell to bigger markets.

How can food distributors and manufacturers use RDM International’s blueberry products to unleash their creativity?

RDM International’s website is full of blueberry recipes. It’s a place for food makers to get ideas and tips. They have guides for everything from old-fashioned pies to new smoothies. This helps partners make special, stand-out treats.