Looking for the best black raspberry powder? RDM International is your go-to distributor. We bring the rich, sweet flavor of black raspberries in a handy powdered form.

Our Black Raspberry Powder comes from top-grade black raspberries. It keeps their fresh taste and natural goodness. We offer organic, freeze-dried black raspberry powder. It’s perfect for various food and supplement uses.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the top choice for premium black raspberry powder
  • Our powder is made from the finest organic, freeze-dried black raspberries
  • Enjoy the robust flavor and nutritional benefits of black raspberries in a convenient powdered form
  • Versatile ingredient for food, beverage, and dietary supplement formulations
  • Competitive wholesale pricing and reliable supply

Introduction to Black Raspberry Powder

Black raspberry powder comes from the black raspberry plant. It preserves the fruit’s taste and health benefits. This makes it great for many foods, drinks, and health products.

What is Black Raspberry Powder?

This type of powder is very fine and made from dried black raspberries. It keeps the fruit’s flavor, color, and healthy parts like antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber.

Benefits of Black Raspberry Powder

Adding this powder to your products gives many good effects. It’s full of antioxidants and can help with weight and heart health. Plus, it gives a natural energy kick. You can use it in lots of ways to get these black raspberry benefits.

Best Black Raspberry Powder Distributor

RDM International is a top black raspberry powder distributor. We focus on quality and great service. Our top black raspberry powder distributor status comes from sourcing the finest black raspberries. We process them with advanced methods to keep their natural benefits. This makes us the top choice for many companies looking for quality black raspberry powder.

RDM International stands out as the best black raspberry powder distributor. We’re known for our excellent black raspberry powder, made from rich black raspberries. Companies trust us to provide top-quality best black raspberry powder distributor. We meet different needs with our quality products.

Looking for high-quality black raspberry powder? RDM International is here for you. We offer fresh and competitively priced options. As a trusted top black raspberry powder distributor, we help improve your products. Your customers will love the quality we provide.

Top Suppliers of Black Raspberry Powder

Three top suppliers lead in black raspberry powder quality:

RDM International


E.K Herb Factory

, and

Columbia Empire Farms

RDM International shines for their top-notch powder. They serve organic, freeze-dried powder with full flavor. Their product stands out for its health benefits and taste. RDM International is known for their high standards.

E.K Herb Factory focuses on purity. They offer black raspberry powder with strong antioxidants. This quality makes it popular in health foods and supplements.

Columbia Empire Farms also excels in berry products. Their black raspberry powder is rich in taste and nutrition. Customers get both flavor and goodness.

These suppliers are ideal for food, drinks, and supplements. They provide quality, reliability, and good prices. So, you can use this special ingredient easily.

Varieties of Black Raspberries

Black raspberries come from the Rubus genus, which has many related kinds. Besides the famous black raspberry, there’s the red raspberry, marionberry, and boysenberry. These fruits thrive in moderate climates worldwide. People love their unique taste and health benefits.

Red Raspberry

The red raspberry has a bright red color and tastes a bit sweeter than the black type. It’s full of antioxidants that are good for your heart and immune system. This makes it a healthy delicious treat.


The marionberry is known as the “King of Blackberries.” It’s large, juicy, and has a taste like black raspberry. Food and drinks made with marionberries are of top quality.


The boysenberry is a mix of blackberry, raspberry, and loganberry. It’s rich, a bit tart, and has a deep purple-black color. Besides being tasty by itself, it’s great in jams, pies, and more.

Processing and Products

Black raspberries turn into many products, such as black raspberry powder. A method called Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) is often used. It keeps the berries fresh and tasty. Manufacturers love using IQF black raspberries in their products because they keep the rich flavor intact.

Black raspberry purées and concentrates are also very popular. They offer a stronger taste and more nutrients in a smaller package. They are used a lot in making food and drinks more colorful and flavorful.

Black raspberries can also become jams, preserves, and fruit spreads. These products highlight the berry’s special taste. Plus, they are healthy as they contain antioxidants and other good stuff.

Applications of Black Raspberry Powder

Black raspberry powder is useful in many areas. It helps food makers, drink sellers, and health brands. These groups can make better products thanks to this ingredient.

Food Industry

In foods, black raspberry powder adds flavor and color. It’s good in baked treats, snacks, and dairy foods. It makes foods look better and adds a special taste. People like it because it’s natural and good for them.


Drinks also benefit from black raspberry powder. It makes juices, smoothies, and healthy drinks tasty. It also adds health benefits. So, if you make drinks, using this powder is a smart move.

Dietary Supplements

For health supplements, black raspberry powder is popular. It’s full of good things for the body. So, if your brand sells supplements, this ingredient helps your products be special.

black raspberry powder applications

Quality and Certifications

Black raspberry powder needs to be safe. It goes into many foods, drinks, and supplements. Suppliers, like RDM International, make sure their black raspberry powder is safe. They get special checks so you know it’s good.

These checks mean the powder is top quality. They are marked as organic, non-GMO, or for food or medicine. This shows you it’s pure, safe, and works well.

Certification Description
Organic Certifies that the black raspberry powder is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or other potentially harmful chemicals, ensuring a pure and natural product.
Non-GMO Verifies that the black raspberry powder is free from genetically modified organisms, providing customers with assurance of its natural integrity.
Food-grade Indicates that the black raspberry powder meets the highest standards for food safety and quality, making it suitable for use in a variety of food and beverage applications.
Pharmaceutical-grade Signifies that the black raspberry powder has been produced and tested to the rigorous standards required for use in dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products.

Black raspberry powder suppliers get these marks to prove they care. They promise to give you the best. Their effort means you can trust the powder you buy.

Organic Black Raspberry Powder

Organic black raspberry powder is better for you than others. It’s grown without harmful chemicals. This keeps its good stuff in, like more antioxidants, vitamins, and beneficial compounds.

Benefits of Organic Black Raspberry Powder

Organic black raspberry powder is made with care. It meets important standards. This makes it safe for you and the world.

When you pick organic black raspberry powder, you help the planet. You support a natural and ethical way of doing things.

Organic Certification

The USDA and others say it’s good. This organic black raspberry powder is pure and true. It’s made the right way, keeping you healthy and happy.

Pricing and Ordering

Looking to buy black raspberry powder? Prices and the least you can order change based on the seller and what you need. RDM International gives good deals on black raspberry powder wholesale prices for people who make food, drinks, and health supplements.

Wholesale Prices

The cost of black raspberry powder in bulk changes with how much you buy, if it’s organic, and how it’s made. RDM International is open about prices and aims for both quality and affordability.

Minimum Order Quantities

Bulk buying black raspberry powder might need you to order a set amount. Some sellers ask for bigger orders if you pick certain packaging or shipping. Talking to sellers can help find the right balance, ensuring you always have enough good powder.

Supplier Black Raspberry Powder Wholesale Prices Minimum Order Quantities
RDM International Competitive rates based on quantity, certification, and processing Varies by packaging and delivery options
E.K Herb Factory Tiered pricing for larger volume purchases 1,000 lbs minimum for some product lines
Columbia Empire Farms Customized quotes for larger wholesale orders 500 lbs minimum for most products

Want to know more about black raspberry powder wholesale prices and minimum order quantities that fit your needs? Contact the sellers. They can give you prices for exactly what you’re looking for and talk about the minimums needed for your business.

black raspberry powder pricing and ordering


Black raspberry powder is now a popular item in the food, drink, and supplement industries. It has a strong flavor and many antioxidants. Black raspberry powder can be used in many products. Companies like RDM International and E.K Herb Factory offer high-quality black raspberry powder.

It is great for food, drinks, and supplements. Adding black raspberry powder can make your products more appealing. Many top suppliers are ready to help with this. They make sure you get good black raspberry powder all the time.

Using black raspberry powder is smart. It meets the need for natural, good-for-you products. Doing this can really help your brand. It makes you stand out from others in the market.


What is black raspberry powder?

Black raspberry powder comes from black raspberry plants. It has a rich, slightly tart taste. It’s full of antioxidant goodness too.

What are the benefits of black raspberry powder?

It’s high in antioxidants. It can help with managing weight and keeping your heart strong. Also, it gives a natural energy boost.

Who are the top suppliers of black raspberry powder?

The best suppliers include RDM International, E.K Herb Factory, and Columbia Empire Farms. They offer top-notch black raspberry powder.

What are the different varieties of black raspberries?

The famous black raspberry has cousins like the red raspberry, marionberry, and boysenberry. They’re similar in taste and use.

How is black raspberry powder processed?

The berries are often frozen quickly to lock in their freshness and taste. Making purées and concentrates is another way they’re processed.

How is black raspberry powder used?

It’s used in foods, drinks, and supplements. Many industries enjoy its benefits.

What certifications are important for black raspberry powder?

Look for organic, non-GMO, and food or pharmaceutical-grade certifications. These show the powder is pure, safe, and reliable.

What are the benefits of organic black raspberry powder?

Organic powder has more antioxidants and vitamins. It follows strict organic growing rules too.

What are the pricing and ordering considerations for black raspberry powder?

Prices change depending on the amount, if it’s organic, and how it’s processed. There might be a minimum order too. Get in touch with the supplier to talk about what you need.