Looking for the top black raspberry juice concentrate distributor? You should check out RDM International. For over 50 years, they have made and supplied the best black raspberry juice concentrate. They also have black raspberry juice and many other berry products.

Raspberry concentrate is a tasty berry product made from ripe raspberries. It’s made with care to keep the berries’ sweet and tangy taste. RDM International makes these concentrates and purees with the best ingredients. They follow strict food processing rules from Codex Alimentarius.

RDM International stands out because they value new ideas, quality, and making customers happy. They have earned their customers’ trust through dedication, growth, and caring for the community. They are known for offering the best black raspberry juice and concentrate.

So, what makes their black raspberry juice concentrate the best for your needs? Let’s take a closer look at its unique taste and benefits.

Key Takeaways:

  • RDM International is a top maker and supplier of high-quality black raspberry juice concentrate.
  • They have more than 50 years of experience and use only the best ingredients and methods.
  • Their black raspberry concentrate comes from the best black raspberries, which means great taste and nutrition.
  • They are focused on being innovative, making quality products, and satisfying customers, making them a prime choice for those looking to buy in bulk.
  • RDM International offers many options, including organic and Kosher-certified concentrates, to fit their customers’ various needs.

Unlock the Extraordinary Flavor of Black Raspberries

Black raspberries are small and dark purple. They are full of nutrients and antioxidants. Their flavor is both sweet and tart. You can make many food and drinks with them, like black raspberry juice and black raspberry concentrate. They also go well in black raspberry puree, black raspberry extract, black raspberry flavor, and black raspberry powder. The deep color and great taste of black raspberries are loved in many recipes.

Are you working on a new drink or a special baked item? Black raspberry concentrate will add flavor and health to your products. It works well in juices, smoothies, dairy foods, and more.

Product Description
Black Raspberry Concentrate A highly concentrated, all-natural product made from the finest, ripest black raspberries.
Black Raspberry Juice A refreshing, flavorful juice that captures the essence of premium black raspberries.
Black Raspberry Puree A smooth, pulp-rich puree that can be used to add a bold, fruity flavor to a variety of applications.
Black Raspberry Extract A highly concentrated liquid extract that delivers the intense taste of black raspberries.
Black Raspberry Flavor A natural, authentic flavor that can be used to enhance the taste of foods and beverages.
Black Raspberry Powder A versatile ingredient that can be used to add a burst of black raspberry flavor and nutrition to a wide range of products.

Enhance your products with RDM International’s top-quality black raspberry products.

What is Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate?

Black raspberry juice concentrate is made from fresh black raspberries. It is a powerful mix of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This includes vitamin C, manganese, and more.

Rich in Antioxidants and Nutrients

The deep color and taste of black raspberry concentrate show its amazing nutrition. It has strong antioxidants to help your health. Using this in food or drinks can make them better for you.

Versatile Applications in Food and Beverages

Black raspberry concentrate works in many foods and drinks. You can add it to baked goods, dairy, or soft drinks for a kick. It makes your food tastier and healthier. Try it in your recipes to see what it can do.

Nutrient Amount in Black Raspberry Concentrate
Vitamin C High
Manganese High
Fiber Moderate
Copper Moderate
Vitamin K High
Pantothenic Acid Moderate
Biotin Moderate
Vitamin E Moderate
Magnesium Moderate
Omega-3 Fats Moderate
Potassium High

Introducing RDM International’s Premium Black Raspberry Concentrate

RDM International is excited to present our top black raspberry juice concentrate. It comes from the best, ripest black raspberries. We’re proud of this concentrate, made with care using the newest fruit processing tech.

Crafted from the Finest Black Raspberries

Our concentrate is crafted from fully ripe black raspberries. These berries are dark purple and packed with a unique taste. They also offer great nutrition. Every bit of our concentrate truly represents this amazing fruit.

Exceptional Quality and Flavor

The black raspberry concentrate from RDM International shines. It keeps the black raspberries’ natural goodness. This makes a concentrate that’s bold and full of the berry’s true flavor. Best of all, it enhances a variety of foods and drinks.

Unlock greatness with our high-quality black raspberry concentrate. Choose RDM International for the best black raspberry concentrate in the business.

premium black raspberry concentrate

Benefits of Choosing RDM International

RDM International is a top pick for those wanting the best black raspberry concentrate. They have over 50 years of experience in making and supplying top-quality fruit concentrates and purées. Their commitment to innovation and excellence shines through in everything they do.

Over 50 Years of Experience

With years of experience, RDM International knows the black raspberry concentrate market well. They use this knowledge to always meet what customers want. They’re a trusted choice for those who make food and drinks.

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

RDM International is all about innovation and excellence. They use the best stuff and the latest ways to make superior products. This focus on quality makes them the first choice for big industry names.

Choosing RDM International means you get top-notch black raspberry concentrate. You can trust the quality and how they cater to your needs. They offer innovative solutions made just for you.

Best Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate Distributor

RDM International is a top maker and seller of the best black raspberry juice concentrate. They have over 50 years in the business, making them a top pick for top-notch black raspberry concentrate. They use the ripest, most tasteful black raspberries and modern methods. This ensures their concentrate tastes great and has lots of nutrients. Choosing RDM International means you get unmatched quality and service for the best black raspberry juice concentrate.

RDM International is well-known for supplying black raspberry juice suppliers, wholesale black raspberry concentrate, and bulk black raspberry juice. They’re famous for their natural black raspberry extract, premium black raspberry puree, and organic black raspberry concentrate. Their top black raspberry juice brands stand out for their quality and flavor.

Working with RDM International lets you use black raspberry concentrate to make your products better. Their black raspberry juice, black raspberry puree, and black raspberry extract add a strong, fruity black raspberry flavor. They’re great for many foods and drinks, like smoothies, baked goods, and dairy.

See and taste the amazing quality of RDM International’s black raspberry concentrate. Use this unique ingredient to take your business to new heights.

Sourcing and Supply Chain Excellence

At RDM International, finding top-quality black raspberries is key. Our global network helps us get them. This ensures we always have the best RDM International black raspberry concentrate. We handle everything to get it to our customers, from start to finish.

Global Network of Suppliers and Processors

Our RDM International supplier network is vast. It lets us pick the finest black raspberries worldwide. We work closely with all sorts of growers and processors. These strong bonds help us keep our concentrate’s quality high.

Comprehensive Logistical Support

Dealing with RDM International logistics and distribution can be complex. But it’s something we’re great at. Our team looks after everything, from finding deals to how it’s shipped and stored. This means our customers get our black raspberry concentrate with no trouble.

RDM International black raspberry concentrate supply chain

Customizable Solutions for Your Business Needs

At RDM International, we know each business is different. They all need special ingredients. Our company offers many solutions to meet your needs. If you need conventional, non-GMO, or organic black raspberry concentrate, we’ve got what you need.

Conventional, Non-GMO, and Organic Options

We have conventional black raspberry concentrate. We also have non-GMO and organic types. No matter what you choose, our organic black raspberry concentrate is made from the best black raspberries. They are processed using modern methods to keep their amazing taste and nutrition.

Kosher and Halal Certified Products

We offer kosher black raspberry concentrate and Halal-certified products too. This means our concentrate is approved by different religious and cultural groups. So, your products can reach more people.

Flexible Packaging and Delivery Options

RDM International is flexible with how we package and deliver. Need cases, pails, drums, or totes? We can do that. Our shipping support makes getting your concentrate easy and smooth.

Working with us gives you many customizable black raspberry concentrate options. So, you can meet your business and customer’s needs. Let the magic of black raspberries boost your product quality with our top-notch concentrate.

Unleash the Power of Black Raspberries in Your Products

Adding RDM International’s premium black raspberry concentrate to your products offers many benefits. The strong, rich flavor of black raspberries improves the taste of various foods and drinks. This includes juices, smoothies, bakery items, and dairy products. The concentrate also brings lots of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This boosts the nutrition of your goods, making them attractive in the market.

Enhance Flavor and Nutritional Value

Using black raspberry concentrate makes your products stand out. It gives them a unique, bold taste that customers love. Plus, it’s full of good stuff like vitamin C and omega-3s. This makes your offerings not just delicious but also nutritious.

Stand Out in the Marketplace

In the food and drink world, it’s important to be different. Black raspberry concentrate helps you do that. It lets you make special items that health-conscious people will notice. So, using it can set your brand above others and keep customers coming back.

Why Choose RDM International?

RDM International is known for being a trusted supplier of high-quality black raspberry concentrate. They serve top brands in the food and drink world. Their firm commitment to quality and dependability has won over many big companies.

Trusted Supplier for Leading Brands

RDM International sticks to innovation, customer happiness, and doing good for society. They’ve formed strong relationships with their clients. By picking RDM International for your black raspberry concentrate needs, you get top-notch quality and stable supply.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Reliability

RDM International is recognized for its top quality and dependability. They are trusted by leading industry names. Their commitment to earning and keeping customer trust shows in their use of the best materials and up-to-date processes.

Choosing RDM International as your supplier means getting a reliable, high-quality product. It will make your food and drinks taste better and be more nutritious.

Elevate Your Recipes with Black Raspberry Concentrate

Black raspberry concentrate is great for many recipes and products. If you’re making a new drink or treat, it adds a lot. Plus, it gives your food and drinks a rich flavor and healthy boost. So, if you want your items to be different, choose RDM International’s black raspberry concentrate.

RDM International’s black raspberry concentrate can make your recipes shine. It’s great for both food and drink makers. This special ingredient will make your brand stand out with its unique taste.

Benefit Description
Unique Flavor The bold, complex taste of black raspberry concentrate can make your products really stick out.
Nutritional Value Black raspberry concentrate is rich in good stuff like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This makes it a healthy choice for your recipes.
Product Differentiation Adding black raspberry concentrate can set your goods apart. It appeals to those who care about what they eat or drink.

Use RDM International’s top-notch black raspberry concentrate for your food and drink creations. It’s a powerful ingredient that will impress your customers. Make your products unforgettable with it.


RDM International is the best source for top-quality black raspberry juice concentrate. They have more than 50 years of expertise. This makes them a go-to for companies making food and drinks.

By working with RDM International, you can make your products better. Their concentrate adds a rich, deep flavor. It also makes your food more nutritious, attracting more shoppers who care about eating healthy.

No matter what you make, adding RDM’s black raspberry concentrate will improve it. It lets you use the power of black raspberries. This way, your business will grow with help from the best in the field.


What is black raspberry juice concentrate?

Black raspberry juice concentrate is made from fresh black raspberries. It is highly concentrated, keeping many nutrients. These include vitamin C, manganese, and fiber.

How can black raspberry concentrate be used?

Use black raspberry concentrate in many foods and drinks. It works well in baked goods, dairy items, and jams. It gives recipes a strong flavor and adds healthy benefits.

What makes RDM International’s black raspberry concentrate premium?

RDM International makes their concentrate from the best black raspberries. They use high-tech methods. This creates a top-quality and flavorful product.

What are the benefits of choosing RDM International as a supplier?

RDM International knows fruits for over 50 years. They make high-quality concentrates with care. They also care about their impact on the world. This has led to happy, long-lasting relationships with customers.

How does RDM International ensure a consistent and reliable supply of black raspberry concentrate?

RDM International works with many suppliers worldwide. This helps them always have top-grade black raspberries for their concentrate. They make sure their products reach customers without trouble, from negotiating prices to delivery.

What customizable solutions does RDM International offer?

RDM International can adapt to any need. They offer many concentrate types, from traditional to organic. Their products are also Kosher and Halal. They are flexible with how they package and deliver, too.

How can incorporating RDM International’s black raspberry concentrate benefit my products?

Adding RDM International’s concentrate can make your goods better. Its rich taste improves foods and drinks. Plus, it brings a lot of nutrients. This can help your products be healthier and attractive to buyers.