RDM International Frozen IQF Red Raspberries

RDM International Frozen IQF Red Raspberries

With the growing season getting shorter and shorter each year, finding tasty frozen berries can be difficult at times. Luckily, RDM International has frozen IQF red raspberries for you to buy and enjoy anytime of the year! IQF stands for individually quick frozen, meaning the berries are flash-frozen as soon as they’re picked to preserve their flavor and health benefits (such as antioxidants and vitamins). Each bag contains 16 ounces of berries that are ready to eat straight from the bag or use in your favorite recipes.

1) What Are IQF?
IQF is an acronym for Individually Quick Frozen and describes a product that is frozen while still on a branch or in a cluster. This quick freezing process helps maintain raspberry’s true flavor and preserves its nutrients. It also removes excess water to improve shelf life, making these raspberries perfect for long-term storage.

You can use them immediately or keep them refrigerated for up to two weeks after opening. No prep time is needed! Simply toss them into your favorite berry pie, shortcake recipe, smoothie recipe, cake batter or salsa dip.

They are even great simply tossed with some granola and fresh cream! No matter how you enjoy them, there are so many ways you can incorporate RDM International IQF raspberries into your daily routine! Why Choose RDM?: When it comes to our frozen products, we only choose ingredients that we would serve our own families.

The quality of all of our ingredients is very important to us and we seek out high-quality products from local whenever possible. We believe that supporting local businesses keeps money in the community which ultimately results in a better quality of life overall.

2) Why Are They Preferable?
IQF frozen raspberries offer consumers more natural fruit because they are shipped unprocessed. The berries come directly from growers, which allows them to be picked at their peak ripeness and immediately flash frozen.

This preserves flavor and freshness, so you get raspberries that taste like real berries – not freezer burn! Plus, you can buy them year-round, because they’re available all season long.

Find out more about what sets our berries apart. Contact us for more information about our high quality products!

What Benefits Do They Have?:
* Natural: Nothing is added; nothing is taken away. No sugar or additives; no processing; no preservatives; nothing artificial
* All Natural: There are only four ingredients: fruit, water and cane sugar (or in some cases honey) and lemon juice concentrate (lemon juice)
* Taste: IQF frozen raspberries offer consumers more natural fruit because they are shipped unprocessed.

3) How Are They Processed?
The frozen berries are rinsed, sorted and graded prior to being shipped to an IQF plant. At an IQF plant, freeze-drying technology is used to process fruits and vegetables, including raspberries.

The frozen fruit arrives at a plant in sealed cases. The machines remove all moisture from inside of each individual fruit cell without affecting its flavor or texture. A vacuum then removes any air that may have gotten into that cell during shipping or handling. Finally, brine is injected into each fruit cell. This stops bacteria growth during storage and allows for freezing temperatures to be used in shipment back to customers.

How Are They Made?:
Through a quick-freezing process, IQF raspberries can retain their distinctive red color. Due to their firm structure and thin skin, these soft, sweet fruits contain less juice than other berries. Therefore they stay fresher longer because there’s less liquid in them that can create freezer burn when it expands as it freezes. Unlike fresh raspberries that must be picked before ripening on the vine, these IQF raspberries allow for harvest when fully ripe so their sugar content remains consistent throughout processing and packaging—and isn’t broken down further with additional ripening time in transit or storage which happens with fresh fruit often sold at grocery stores.

4) What Do They Taste Like?
Frozen red raspberries have a tangy, sweet flavor that’s great for use in desserts. Their texture is also fantastic for baking. Because of their small size, these berries are perfect for garnishing chocolate desserts. They can even be used to make homemade jams or jellies! While frozen berries are generally safe to eat straight from your freezer, it’s best to thaw them before you prepare them; try placing them in your refrigerator overnight. When using them as an ingredient in a recipe, choose berries with no visible signs of freezing damage—dark spots and/or ice crystals can indicate frostbite. When cooking with them, remember that frozen fruit will cook differently than fresh fruit: cook time will depend on how firm your berry is when it goes into the oven and on how much water has been lost during freezing and thawing. Generally speaking, 3/4 pound (about 2 cups) of unthawed raspberries yields about 1 cup cooked. A general rule of thumb is 1/2 cup sugar per 1 cup cooked fruit. Also, keep in mind that frozen fruits tend to get mushier than fresh ones when boiled—this happens because they start releasing juices when heated up instead of absorbing them like fresh fruits do.

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