IQF Cauliflower Frozen bulk Distributor

RDM International can offer fantastic IQF Cauliflower, bundled and brought both direct to our customers. F2F and Global Gap are both accessible. We can offer IQF Cauliflower in a wide scope of floret sizes.

Sourced from our master cultivators, our IQF Cauliflower are the most noteworthy five star and developed to industry benchmarks. Know for their delectable shining taste, and fresh surface, IQF Cauliflower might be used in heaps of projects to make tasty tasting items. They offer the entirety of the shining flavor, shading, supplements and supplements of shimmering cauliflower anyway without breaking a sweat and longer rack ways of life of a solidified item.

The cauliflower is planted, developed and reaped at interesting occasions during the time depending at the beginning. The collecting is best semi automated, which can bring about a marginally higher charge increment, anyway the best test is better. Ranchers walk around and down the fields checking the cauliflower sets out toward length, conservativeness and any deformities. When prepared to be collected they decrease the cauliflower heads from the plant, lessen down the external leaves and flush. The cauliflower florets are then washed, physically isolated, whitened, slice to the clients required length and independently concise solidified quickly after collect.

The cauliflower florets are out of the blue solidified at low temperatures, forestalling the arrangement of ice precious stones, as a result of this they keep on being free-streaming, making them perfect for any product which require recognizable cauliflower pieces. In the wake of freezing the cauliflower is bundled into 10kg containers, fit to be conveyed to clients or bloodless spare.

We can supply IQF Cauliflower in volumes customized to your business needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss your business necessities and we will make certain to offer you with the most elevated top notch stock at a serious market charge. To find more prominent around our IQF Vegetables click here.

Our IQF Cauliflower might be used in a wide kind of assembling ventures to make a scope of different items. These incorporate however are not bound to: Ready nourishment together with soups, pan-sears, goulashes and vegetable dishes. Cauliflower cheddar.

Wellbeing nourishment stock Cauliflower is low fat, low carb and finish of nutrients and supplements. Cauliflower rice is an impeccable low carb choice to rice and can be utilized in a significant number solid dishes/diet nourishments. Jam and sauces. Solidified vegetable packs.

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