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IQF french fries are frozen french fries that are individually quick frozen to preserve the freshness and quality of the product. IQF french fries maintain their nutritional value and can be used in many applications, including frozen entrees, fast food restaurants, and freezer to-go dishes.

Buy bulk frozen IQF french fries wholesale from RDM International, where you can get your frozen french fries as close to the source as possible at a great price. Learn more about this wholesale product or other products from RDM International by contacting us today!

What Are IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) French Fries?

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) fries are simply frozen separately before being bagged together, making them a lot easier to handle. This is a unique process that ensures your fries stay crispy, have no freezer burn and require less time in your fryer.

They’re also ready for you to customize: season with salt and pepper or use as ingredients in signature recipes like Poutine. Talk to an expert at (818) 985-7654 or click here to learn more about our IQF french fries.

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Serving Customers Across All 50 States Including NYC NY Area, Chicago IL Area, Washington DC Metro Area, Los Angeles CA Area, San Francisco Bay Area CA. IQF Frozen Food Distributors in Boston MA area serving all cities in Massachusetts.

Why Use an Industrial Freezer?
Buying frozen fries in bulk and in IQF form will save you time and money. Industrial freezers are large enough to store your bulk order efficiently and help maintain a constant temperature that keeps your fries crispy. The quality of ingredients matter when it comes to making great french fries.

Buying bulk french fries allows you to use higher-quality potatoes, which is an important aspect of french fry preparation, since they take longer to cook than many other vegetables or side dishes.

With an industrial freezer at your disposal, you’ll be able to keep these frozen IQF french fries fresh for a long time so you can serve them anytime customers walk into your foodservice business or grocery store, making customers happy with top-quality flavor no matter what time of year it is!

Ordering bulk IQF french fries is simple when you buy them wholesale from RDM International. We work directly with growers around the world to bring you a variety of high-quality frozen french fries including cut and peeled, par fried, and skin on varieties.

You’ll also have access to cutting boards designed specifically for potato peeling, along with packaging options like paper boxes and poly bags. Whether you’re serving customers daily or stocking up for special events like football games or church picnics, buying wholesale IQF french fries will ensure your operation stays efficient all year round!

Frozen French Fry Benefits

Our frozen french fries are frozen immediately after cutting, which gives them a high quality and taste like you bought them fresh. They are pre-cooked with a special recipe of canola oil, meaning they have no need for further cooking; all you need to do is bake or fry them to your desired crispness.

Enjoy french fries any time of year – simply keep some in your freezer for when that craving strikes! We offer bulk wholesale IQF french fries at a great price. Call (818) 985-7654 now to speak with one of our professionals about wholesale french fry prices, bulk pack sizes and shipping options. Buy bulk frozen IQF french fries wholesale from RDM International today!

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French Fry Packaging & Shipping Options: Frozen IQF french fries are packaged using corrugated boxes designed specifically for freezing food products such as our IQF fries.

The Right Way to Store Frozen Vegetables

When it comes to frozen vegetables, it’s all about finding a way to maximize space and minimize waste.

From bulk frozen onions and frozen bell peppers to bulk potatoes, retailers across all industries can easily find space for frozen produce in their stores by storing in an upright position on open wire shelving.

With these vertical displays, less room is required because product stacks are shorter, making them easier to reach for customers at retail counters or behind display cases. iqf french fries distributor like RDM International can provide you with more information on how to get started with wholesale frozen french fries today! Call us today at (818) 985-7654!

How to Find a Distributor

Finding a wholesaler like RDM International that carries bulk IQF french fries is easy using our global listing of local distributors. You can also visit our products page online and use our interactive global map tool to find distributors close by in your area!

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