Ever think about what makes the best dried peaches stand out? The answer is at RDM International. They offer top-notch, high-quality dried peaches. These peaches are exceptional because of a few key reasons.

RDM International’s dried peaches are truly delicious. They are made from the finest fruits. Plus, they’re vegan, gluten-free, and without added sugar. This is because they are sun-dried. This method keeps all the natural goodness in the peaches.

The peaches they sell are thicker and meatier. They’re even cut in half and have low sulfur for their color. You can get these top-quality dried peaches in 10 oz bags. They are just moist enough, making every bite a joy.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers the finest quality dried peaches, sourced from the best fruit
  • Their dried peaches are vegan, gluten-free, and have no added sugar
  • The peaches are sun-dried to preserve their natural flavor and nutrition
  • RDM International’s drying process results in meatier, thicker peach slices
  • Low sulfur preservation maintains the vibrant color of the dried peaches

Introducing RDM International: The Premier Dried Peaches Supplier

RDM International is a top supplier of high-quality dried peaches. They use family farming knowledge and a focus on excellence. Their all-natural, organic dried fruits help food makers, chefs, and those needing fine dried fruit.

Finest Quality Dried Peaches from Farm to Table

The dried peaches from RDM International come from the best peach orchards. They pick them at the perfect time, so they taste great. They use eco-friendly ways to make sure their dried peaches are the best you can get.

Preserving the Natural Flavor and Nutrition of Fresh Peaches

RDM International is careful to keep the taste and goodness of their fresh peaches. They use the sun and a special way of adding sulfur to dry the peaches. This lets the dried peaches keep their color, softness, and sweet flavor like they were just picked.

What Makes Our Dried Peaches Stand Out?

Our dried peaches at RDM International are different. We use a special approach to dry and preserve them. Our secret is a detailed sun-drying method and a unique low-sulfur way to save them.

Sun-Drying Process for Superior Taste and Texture

We choose sunlight over machines to dry our organic dried peaches. The natural warm sun keeps the peaches sweet and soft. This makes them juicier and more delicious than regular dried fruit.

The slow sun-drying keeps the peaches bright and tasty. Their natural characteristics stay, making them a real treat.

Low Sulphur Preservation for Vibrant Color and Freshness

Our sun-dried peaches stay colorful and tasty thanks to low-sulfur. This method keeps them fresh and nutritious. They look and taste like they are fresh from the peach orchard.

By using the sun and this special method, our dried peaches are amazing. They are loved by people who enjoy healthy snacks. RDM International’s dried peach products are something special among dried fruit suppliers.

Best Dried Peaches Supplier: A Commitment to Excellence

RDM International is the top dried peaches supplier because they aim for the best. They use strict quality checks and eco-friendly farming practices. This way, they provide unbeatable dried peaches.

Stringent Quality Controls and Food Safety Standards

RDM International makes sure their dried peaches are safe to eat. They test them a lot to guarantee no harmful stuff is in there. This makes their high-quality dried peaches the safest and best around.

Sustainable Farming Practices and Eco-Friendly Production

RDM International farms their peaches in ways that help the Earth. They do everything with the environment in mind. This means their dried peaches are not just delicious but also good for our planet.

best dried peaches supplier

Versatile Applications: From Snacks to Culinary Delights

RDM International offers premium organic dried peaches. They are perfect for snacks or in dishes. These dried peaches are a top choice.

RDM’s dried peaches suit many uses. They bring sweetness and color. Add them to snacks or recipes for a special touch.

With RDM’s peaches, you can make amazing snacks and meals. They are from the best orchards. Use their peaches to make your dishes stand out.

RDM’s bulk dried peaches are great for kitchens or restaurants. They boost flavor and nutrition in every dish.

Healthy and Delicious: The Benefits of Dried Peaches

RDM International makes dried peaches that are tasty and good for you. They are a top dried fruit supplier known for high-quality, nutritious, and organic dried peaches.

Rich in Antioxidants and Essential Nutrients

These dried peaches are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. They contain vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium. It’s a great choice for those who want to snack healthy.

Using a natural dehydration process, RDM International keeps the peaches full of good plant compounds. These compounds fight off harmful free radicals and support your health.

Convenient and Portable Snacking Option

RDM International’s dried peaches are a perfect snack for busy people. You can take them anywhere, like in your lunch or on a hike. They are small, easy to carry, and need no added sugars or preservatives.

This makes organic dried peaches a delicious, guilt-free indulgence you can enjoy anytime.

If you’re looking for a delicious, nutritious snack, try RDM International’s dried peaches. They offer a great mix of taste and health in each bite.

Sourcing the Finest Peach Varieties for Drying

At RDM International, we look for the best peaches from top orchards. They’re not just dried. They’re selected for their great taste and nutrition. Our close connections with peach producers mean we get only the best, most nutrient-rich peaches for our dried fruit.

Carefully Curated Peach Orchards for Premium Quality

RDM International takes choosing peaches very seriously. Each peach orchard is checked by our team for its soil, how the peaches are grown, and their overall quality. We only pick the best to make our organic and bulk dried peaches.

Working with these orchards means our dried peaches are not just delicious but also really good for you. Our dedication to finding the best peaches makes us the top supplier of dried peaches. Our process really makes a difference.

Bulk and Wholesale Options for Food Businesses

At RDM International, we get what food businesses need. That’s why we have flexible options for premium dried peaches. You can find what you need, whether you make a lot, have a special store, or make by hand.

Customizable Packaging and Labeling Solutions

We don’t just sell top-notch dried peaches. We help show off your brand with special packages and labels. We’ll work with you on bags and labels. Your dried peaches will catch everyone’s eye and click with the people you want to reach.

Reliable and Efficient Supply Chain Management

Sending out our organic dried peaches on time, every time, matters a lot to us. Our system is dependable and quick, making sure your orders arrive just right. This lets you use our delicious dried fruit in your business without a worry.

Packaging Options Minimum Order Quantity Delivery Timeframe
10 oz Resealable Bags 50 cases 2-3 business days
20 lb Bulk Boxes 10 boxes 5-7 business days
Custom Labeling 100 cases 7-10 business days

Choosing RDM International means reliable, top-notch service for your dried peach needs. Our range of options is designed to help boost your dried fruit sales. Let us show you how.

Customer Testimonials: Raving About Our Dried Peaches

At RDM International, excellence is our goal. Our customers notice and love it. They include food makers, chefs, and health fans. All rave about the quality, taste, and uses of our high-quality dried peaches. Their great reviews prove our constant commitment to top-quality dried fruit products.

“RDM International’s sun-dried peaches are truly exceptional. The natural sweetness and vibrant color are unparalleled, and they add a delightful touch to all of my baked goods and desserts. I can always count on their consistency and reliability.”

– Ella, Artisan Baker

Our organic dried peaches are also hitting the high notes.

“As a busy mom, I love having RDM International’s dried peaches on hand. They’re the perfect healthy snack option for my family. I feel good knowing they are made with care.”

– Sarah, Health-Conscious Consumer

Our bulk dried peaches are winning over food makers, too:

“RDM International’s dried fruit suppliers are key to our success. Their sun-dried peaches offer unmatched flavor and quality. Having them as a reliable partner is vital for us.”

– Michael, Food Production Manager

These amazing reviews show our dedication to excellence and top-notch dried peaches. When you pick RDM International, you pick the best.

Partnering with RDM International for Your Dried Fruit Needs

RDM International is the top choice for those seeking a dried fruit supplier. Their team specializes in giving you exactly what you need. They offer support to fit your needs. This means you’ll get help and solutions to make using dried peaches in your products easy and top-notch.

Dedicated Account Managers for Personalized Support

Working with RDM means having support from account managers who really get your goals. They’re there to make sure your dried peach orders are just right. They offer advice and help every step of the way.

Seamless Ordering and Delivery Process

With RDM, ordering and getting your dried peach products is stress-free. Whether you need a lot or just a bit, they make sure you’re taken care of. Your peaches will arrive fresh and on time. This way, you can keep your business growing with ease.

bulk dried peaches

Conclusion: Experience the Best in Dried Peaches with RDM International

RDM International is the go-to for great dried peaches. They work hard to get the best peaches. Then they dry them perfectly. This makes their peaches tasty and healthy for everyone. If you need awesome dried fruits for your recipes, RDM International has you covered.

Try RDM International’s dried peaches. They are great for all kinds of dishes. Their peaches make cooking more fun. Or, they can upgrade your snacking game. RDM International is the name to trust for top-notch dried peaches.

RDM International’s dried peaches taste like fresh ones. They are sweet and full of color. Only RDM International’s peaches offer this. Enjoy their top-tier peaches in your recipes or just for a snack. They make every dish better.


What makes RDM International’s dried peaches stand out?

RDM International’s dried peaches are special because of how they dry them in the sun. This process gives the peaches a better taste and texture. Sun-drying them keeps their sweetness and juiciness. Also, they use a way to keep the peaches bright and full of flavor without using a lot of sulfur.

Are RDM International’s dried peaches organic and free from additives?

Yes, RDM International’s dried peaches are good for anyone who is vegan or avoids gluten. They are made by drying the peaches under the sun. This keeps them as close to the fresh fruit as possible, avoiding added sugar and also nasty chemicals. This way, they are safe and healthy to eat.

What are the health benefits of RDM International’s dried peaches?

RDM International’s dried peaches are not just tasty; they are good for you too. They are full of good stuff like antioxidants and important vitamins. Plus, you can take them with you on your busy days. They are perfect for anyone who cares about what they eat.

Does RDM International offer bulk and wholesale options for food businesses?

Yes, RDM International has big amounts of dried peaches for food businesses. They help by offering to put your logo on the packaging. This makes your product look good. And, they make sure the dried peaches get to you on time and with care.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and sustainability of their dried peaches?

RDM International works hard to make sure their dried peaches are top-notch and safe. They check the peaches a lot, even using outside labs. This makes sure they are clean of bad stuff. And, they grow the peaches in ways that are kind to the earth. This makes the peaches good for you and for the planet.