Looking for top-notch black raspberry juice concentrate? You’re in the right place with RDM International. They have over 20 years of expertise. Their vast network brings you over 2500 choices of fruit concentrate, gourmet beverage ingredients, and clean-label fruit extracts.

RDM stands out as the top-of-the-line black raspberry juice concentrate supplier. They offer exceptional taste and quality. Plus, their artisanal juice production and antioxidant-rich superfood concentrates open new doors. Ready to make natural raspberry flavors that wow your crowd?

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is an industry-leading wholesale ingredient supplier with over 20 years of experience
  • The company offers a complete product line of more than 2500 premium food and beverage ingredients
  • RDM International specializes in providing customers with unparalleled industry knowledge and personalized supply chain solutions
  • The company is committed to creating unsurpassed value in the ingredient distribution business
  • RDM International is positioned as the top-of-the-line supplier of black raspberry juice concentrate

Unlock the Extraordinary Flavor with RDM International’s Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate

Get ready for the amazing taste of RDM International’s black raspberry juice concentrate. It’s a true masterpiece for drinks and food. It comes from the best premium berry juices and artisanal fruit purees. This concentrate brings the flavor and health benefits of black raspberries right to you. Enjoy your dishes with gourmet flavors and the power of antioxidant-rich superfoods.

Crafted from the Finest Black Raspberries

RDM International picks only the best black raspberries from top craft beverage ingredient growers. They are juicy and full of life. These berries are picked and handled carefully. They use special methods to keep the flavor and goodness of the berries just for you.

A Culinary Masterpiece for Beverages and Recipes

Give your drinks and dishes a twist with RDM International’s black raspberry juice concentrate. It makes what you create stand out. You’ll feel like a top chef. No matter what you make, this concentrate makes black raspberries shine.

Depth and Richness in Every Drop

Fall in love with the taste of black raspberries with each sip or bite of RDM’s black raspberry juice concentrate. They make it with skill, keeping the best parts of the fruit while making it tasty and healthy. So, every drop is full of depth and richness.

The Benefits of Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate

RDM International’s Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate is packed with good stuff. It’s full of antioxidants, like a antioxidant-rich superfood. You can use it in drinks, foods, and even beauty or cleaning products.

Antioxidant-Rich Superfood

This concentrate comes from the best black raspberries. They have lots of natural berry extracts bursting with antioxidants. These antioxidant-rich superfoods fight free radicals, helping people stay healthy.

Versatile Ingredient for Diverse Applications

The concentrate from RDM International is perfect for many things. It makes drinks and foods better for you. Food and drink companies use it to catch the eye of health-minded buyers.

Clean-Label and Natural Goodness

RDM International promises natural and clean products. They make their black raspberry juice concentrate with care. That’s why it’s great for brands that want to be part of the health trend.

Top of the line Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate Supplier

RDM International is a top black raspberry juice concentrate supplier. They get their ingredients from the best berry growers. This shows in their quality and fresh concentrates.

Sourced from the Finest Black Raspberry Growers

RDM has a network of top black raspberry growers. This means they get the best berries. The team carefully picks the best black raspberries. This ensures top beverage quality in every drop.

Advanced Processing Techniques

RDM uses the best ways to process. They aim to keep the flavor and nutrients. This special process makes their concentrates the best in the industry.

Uncompromising Quality and Freshness

RDM truly cares about quality and sustainability. Every black raspberry in their juice meets high standards. They are the best black raspberry juice concentrate supplier.

top of the line black raspberry juice concentrate supplier

RDM International: Your Trusted Partner

RDM International is a top partner in the food and drink world. They’ve worked for over 20 years, connecting with leading makers worldwide. This lets them offer more than 2500 top-notch ingredients. They’re famous for their Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate.

Over 20 Years of Industry Experience

For more than 20 years, RDM International has been a top choice for food and drink makers. They blend years of inside knowledge with deep expertise. This means you get unbeatable help and advice when getting ingredients.

Personalized Supply Chain Solutions

RDM International cares about its clients, showing it with custom supply chain plans. They work one-on-one to get your needs and then provide smooth, smart ingredient distribution. It makes sure you get just what you need.

Extensive Product Line of Premium Ingredients

Besides their famous Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate, RDM International has over 2500 other top ingredients. This huge collection lets makers find what they need, whether it’s for classic tastes or new, creative flavors. They make sure you have the best ingredients at hand.

Fruit Juice Concentrate Pricing and Inquiries

At RDM International, we know how important it is to get the right fruit juice concentrate. Whether you want Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate or others, we’re here to help. Our team works hard to give you all the info you need.

Price Request Form

Want a price for our fruit juice concentrates? Just fill in our online form. Our sales team will quickly get back to you. They’ll give you the details you need for your business.

Technical Specifications and Support

We also have an expert team ready to explain the technical stuff. They can tell you all about our fruit juice concentrates. From ingredients to processing, we’re here for you. Got questions about our ingredient inquiries? Feel free to ask, and we’ll answer.

RDM International is a top food and beverage supplier. We aim to give you the best fruit juice concentrates and service. Check out our info and tell us how we can help with your needs.

Innovating with Fruit Concentrates

RDM International is devoted to being at the forefront of innovation. Alongside our famous Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate, we have various other fruit products. These meet the changing needs of those in the food and drink sectors.

Wide Range of Fruit Varieties

Our collection includes many different fruit types. This allows food makers to try new, delicious flavors. They can also give traditional flavors a new twist. RDM International’s broad range of fruit concentrates lets you be creative with your products.

Essential Oils, Pulp Cells, and Purées

We don’t only have juice concentrates. We have essential oils, pulp cells, and purées from many fruits too. These add-ins work well in your beverage and food mixes. They offer plenty of ingredient options for your creativity.

Constantly Expanding Product Offerings

RDM International is always looking out for new trends and ideas. Our experts regularly add to our product variety. This means we always offer the most innovative fruit concentrates. They can give you an edge in the food and drink market.

fruit concentrates innovation

Tapping into Consumer Trends

RDM International makes fruit concentrates aiming to help companies follow the latest trends. They offer many options to meet the needs of people who care about health and brands that want to stay ahead.

Immunity-Boosting and Sugar-Reducing Options

RDM’s portfolio includes items for those wanting to boost immunity and cut sugar. They can assist in making drinks and solutions that taste great and are good for you.

Bold Flavors and Vibrant Colors

To catch consumers’ eyes, products need bold flavors and bright colors. RDM’s fruit concentrates, like the Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate, add exciting tastes and colors. This helps products stand out and please customers.

Formulation Expertise for Product Success

RDM’s experts help ensure your product is a hit. They use their knowledge and creativity to guide you towards products that are on trend. This establishes your brand’s strength in the food and drink sectors.

The Agro-Supply Chain Expertise

RDM International is successful because of its deep knowledge in the agro-supply chain. The focus on quality and sustainability shows in strong ties with growers worldwide. It also shines through in its modern facilities and strict quality checks.

Relationships with Global Growers

RDM works closely with trustworthy growers from around the globe. This ensures a steady supply of top-quality black raspberries and more. Such global grower relationships help the company get the best raw materials. This is key to their top-notch agro-supply chain expertise.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Processing

State-of-the-art facilities and top processing capabilities at RDM help get maximum flavor and nutrients from each fruit. They maintain the fruits’ natural aspects. RDM constantly innovates to ensure products, like the Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate, meet the highest quality standards.

Dedicated Quality Control and Compliance

RDM is serious about regulatory compliance and ingredient traceability. Their quality team watches every supply chain step. This ensures their sustainable sourcing gives customers safe, dependable ingredients.

Endless Possibilities with Fruit Concentrates

RDM International has a wide range of fruit concentrates. This includes our well-known Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate. They create endless possibilities for food and drink makers. Whether you want a classic flavor or a new, bold taste, our products fit. They offer great flavor and nutrition balance.

Classic Taste Profiles and Innovative Combinations

Our fruit concentrates let you create known favorites or try something new. Enjoy the deep taste of our Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate. Or, find bright flavors in our premium berries and other fruits. The range is limitless for classic taste profiles and innovative flavor combinations.

Nutritional Boosts and Functional Trends

Today’s consumers want great taste that also helps their health. Our fruit concentrates meet this need. They add antioxidants, vitamins, and more to your drinks or food. This supports nutritional boosts and follows recent functional trends.

Explore the Complete Juice Concentrates Range

Our juice concentrates range offers endless options for your products. Whether you like classic or new flavors, we’ve got you covered. RDM International is here to help you create standout beverage and food formulations. These will stand out in the market.


RDM International is the best black raspberry juice concentrate supplier. They give you top-notch quality and bold flavor. With over 20 years of industry expertise, they offer personal supply chain solutions. Plus, a wide range of premium berry ingredients, like their famous Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate.

RDM International focuses on innovation and meets consumer trends. They care about the environment in their artisanal juice production. This makes them perfect for food and drink makers who want to shine. With RDM International, you’ll make products that people love.

Try RDM International’s black raspberry juice concentrate to boost your product. They have a full line of premium ingredients for you. Trust RDM’s skill and customized solution. They’ll help you lead the way in your field.


What is RDM International’s mission and expertise?

RDM International is a top wholesale ingredient supplier with over 20 years of expertise. It aims to bring unbeatable value to customers through strong partnerships with global manufacturers. This allows them to offer unmatched industry know-how, tailored supply chain solutions, and over 2500 food and drink ingredients.

What makes RDM International’s Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate exceptional?

RDM International’s Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate comes from top-quality black raspberries. These fruits are chosen with care from reliable growers. The concentrate enhances the flavor of drinks and dishes. It’s made with innovative methods to keep the fruit’s taste and goodness.

What are the benefits of RDM International’s Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate?

This concentrate is a rich source of antioxidants and it provides many benefits. It’s a great choice for use in drinks, food, cosmetics, and cleaning items. Made only from the best black raspberries, it’s processed to maintain the fruit’s natural state. This guarantees a healthy and pure product every time.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and freshness of its Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate?

RDM International gets its black raspberries from excellent growers to ensure quality and freshness. The company uses modern methods to get the best flavor and nutrients from the fruit. They also maintain the fruit’s natural state. This dedication to quality and the environment shows in their work with growers. They make sure each raspberry meets high standards for their concentrates.

How can customers inquire about pricing and technical specifications for RDM International’s products?

Customers wanting to know about pricing and specs for RDM International’s Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate can fill out a form or talk to sales. The company’s experts are ready to provide personalized help. They can answer any questions about RDM International’s top-notch ingredient range.

What other fruit products does RDM International offer?

Alongside the Black Raspberry Juice Concentrate, RDM International has a big selection of fruit products, like essential oils and purées. They keep bringing in new items to meet customer needs in the food and drink fields. Their wide fruit variety lets manufacturers try out new flavors or update classics.

How can RDM International’s fruit concentrates help manufacturers tap into the latest consumer trends?

RDM International’s fruit concentrates, like the Black Raspberry one, help manufacturers follow new consumer trends. They provide healthy and bold choices to meet market needs. The company’s experts also offer help in creating products that satisfy the changing food and drink market.

What sets RDM International apart in terms of its supply chain expertise?

RDM International stands out in the agro-supply chain with its global grower relationships and advanced processing. Its quality team keeps a close watch to ensure concentrates, including the Black Raspberry Juice, meet top standards. They prioritize sustainability and compliance. This lets customers rely on the quality and source of their ingredients.