Ever thought about why the best canned blueberry distributor is so amazing? Get ready to be pleasantly surprised. Meet RDM International. They offer top-quality wild and organic blueberries. These berries are perfect for your cooking needs. They’ve been bringing us quality for over 70 years, from canned fruit to wholesale blueberry products.

Key Takeaways:

  • RDM International is the top canned blueberry distributor, providing premium quality berries.
  • The company sources its wild and organic blueberries from the finest growers, ensuring peak ripeness.
  • RDM International offers a wide range of canned fruit and wholesale blueberry products, including preserves, frozen berries, puree, and concentrate.
  • With a focus on quality and sustainability, RDM International has been a trusted supplier for leading food distributors and manufacturers for decades.
  • Discover how RDM International’s commitment to excellence can elevate your blueberry-based offerings.

What makes RDM International stand out as the top canned blueberry distributor? Learn about what makes their products amazing. See why they’re the favorite among the best food distributors and makers.

Discover RDM International: The Premier Canned Blueberry Supplier

RDM International is well-known as the premier canned blueberry supplier. It stands out for quality, sustainability, and great service. They offer a wide selection of canned blueberry products. This includes purees and preserves up to frozen berries. Their focus is on top-notch, preservative-free, non-GMO ingredients.

They lead as a canned fruit supplier and wholesale blueberry products provider. Quality is their top priority. Every blueberry preserve, blueberry puree, and frozen blueberries are made with care. They meet the high-quality standard of the best canned blueberry distributor.

RDM International is also a top canned blueberry supplier for its environmental efforts. They use sustainable methods and work with eco-friendly farmers. This way, they offer great blueberry products while protecting the environment for the future.

For food distributors or manufacturers looking for wholesale blueberry products, RDM International is the go-to. They’re focused on making customers happy and bringing new ideas. Their goal is to be the best canned blueberry distributor out there.

Unmatched Quality: Our Wild and Organic Blueberry Selection

At RDM International, we choose only the finest wild blueberries and organic blueberries. Our berries are picked by the top growers. They are picked at their best time to keep their sweetness and flavor.

Harvested at Peak Ripeness

Our farm-fresh blueberries are picked just right, thanks to our close work with growers. They’re picked when they’re sweet and colorful. This makes our canned blueberry products taste great. They are loved by our canned fruit supplier and wholesale blueberry products customers.

Preservative-Free and Non-GMO

We go further than just picking the best blueberries. Our preservative-free and non-GMO options are there. They let you give your customers the healthiest canned blueberry choices. This focus on quality makes RDM International stand out in the best canned blueberry distributor world.

Best Canned Blueberry Distributor: Why RDM International Stands Out

RDM International is known as the best canned blueberry distributor. They focus on quality and sustainability. Every can is made with care. From picking the best blueberries to packing them, they do their best.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

RDM International cares a lot about quality. Their team checks every batch of blueberries. They make sure the blueberries are fresh and tasty. This effort means customers get top-notch blueberries every time they buy from this canned fruit supplier.

Sustainable Farming Practices

RDM International also helps the environment. They work with farms that use sustainable farming practices. These farms protect the land and help the local area. This work shows their commitment to good farming and quality blueberries.

sustainable farming practices

Versatile Canned Blueberry Products for Every Need

At RDM International, we know our partners have different needs. So, we offer a wide selection of canned blueberry products. This range is perfect for any food use or customer preference. You can add the wonderful taste of blueberries to your recipes or pick from our top-quality blueberry preserves and jams.

Canned Blueberry Puree

Our canned blueberry puree is perfect for many dishes. It’s made from top-quality blueberries. This puree adds a rich, fruity taste to foods like baked treats, sauces, or smoothies. It’s a go-to for distributors or makers wanting new tastes in their foods.

Blueberry Preserves and Jams

Try our delicious blueberry preserves and jams. They are made with the best premium-quality blueberries. Great on toast, pancakes, or by itself. They bring a real, freshly-picked blueberry flavor to any dish.

Frozen Blueberries

RDM International also provides great frozen blueberry choices. Our frozen blueberries keep their bright color and flavor. Perfect for baking, making smoothies, or any recipe where you need blueberries.

Product Description Applications
Canned Blueberry Puree Concentrated, premium-quality blueberry puree Baked goods, sauces, smoothies, dressings
Blueberry Preserves and Jams Delectable, all-natural blueberry preserves and jams Toast, pancakes, standalone spread
Frozen Blueberries Carefully frozen to preserve freshness and flavor Baked goods, smoothies, standalone ingredient

Trusted by Leading Food Distributors and Manufacturers

RDM International is trusted by top food distributors and manufacturers. They are known for top-notch canned blueberries. The company offers great customer service and a steady supply chain. This makes them a favorite among the food industry leaders.

By working with RDM International, food distributors and manufacturers ensure quality in their blueberry products. They know their customers will enjoy the finest flavors.

RDM International puts customers first. They have won the trust of major canned fruit suppliers and wholesale blueberry products providers. With a focus on quality and new ideas, they are the top choice for best canned blueberry distributor.

Wholesale Blueberry Products: Competitive Pricing and Bulk Discounts

At RDM International, we deeply value providing competitive prices and bulk discounts to our wholesale buyers. We focus on efficiency and benefiting from producing a lot to offer top quality canned blueberry products at the best prices.

We’re a top canned fruit supplier and the best canned blueberry distributor because we believe in your achievement equaling ours. We offer wholesale buyers the chance to enjoy great savings. Adding our wholesale blueberry products to your business makes saving money simpler for your clients. This way, they get to relish in the tasty and healthy perks of our blueberry items.

At RDM International, we aim to be more than suppliers – we want to be your reliable partners. Our expert team is ready to help you expand your business and meet the growing need for quality, budget-friendly blueberry goods. So, whether you distribute food or manufacture it, we encourage you to see the benefits of our wholesale blueberry offerings. Let RDM International help bring more success to your business.

From Farm to Table: The RDM International Journey

RDM International’s tale is filled with love for the land. They’ve been a family-owned and operated business since 1949. The company is all about finding the best blueberries from local growers. They believe in supporting local agriculture and caring for the people who help them. This is what makes them who they are.

Family-Owned and Operated

RDM International’s way focuses on family and community. For more than seventy years, they’ve kept things personal. This helps ensure their canned blueberry products are top-notch. Plus, every product reflects their real, caring values.

Commitment to Local Communities

RDM International is all about its local friends. They go the extra mile for family farms and small-scale growers. This way, they get the best canned blueberry distributor and wholesale blueberry products. Their dedication to the community is a big part of their success story.

Exceptional Customer Service and Support

At RDM International, your joy is the main thing for us. Our expert team gives top-notch customer service and support. We aim to help food distributors and manufacturers excel. We offer the best customer service, from suggesting the right products to solving issues fast.

This dedication helps us be the best canned blueberry distributor around.

Customer Service Features Benefits to Food Distributors and Manufacturers
Customized Product Recommendations Tailored solutions to meet your specific needs
Responsive Order Fulfillment Timely deliveries and reliable supply
Dedicated Problem-Solving Support Quick resolution of any issues or concerns
Personalized Attention A trusted partner committed to your success

Choosing RDM International means getting top-tier service in the canned blueberry business. We’re devoted to going beyond your hopes. That’s what makes us stand out as the top canned fruit supplier and wholesale blueberry products provider.

Blueberry Recipes and Inspiration: Unleash Your Creativity

RDM International’s canned blueberry products spark a lot of culinary creativity. Their website is full of tasty blueberry recipes. This empowers food distributors and manufacturers to be creative. They can show off how versatile their blueberry offerings are.

You can find guides on making everything from blueberry pies to smoothies on RDM’s site. They help customers make unique blueberry-based products. This way, people can create desserts or main courses that stand out.

blueberry recipes

RDM International is all about quality and new ideas. Their website has a special area just for blueberry recipes. You’ll find plenty of meals to make your canned blueberry supplier stand out.

Blueberry Recipe Difficulty Level Prep Time Servings
Blueberry Cobbler Intermediate 45 minutes 8
Blueberry Smoothie Easy 10 minutes 2
Blueberry Salsa Intermediate 20 minutes 6
Blueberry Muffins Intermediate 30 minutes 12

Check out RDM International’s blueberry recipes. They’re ready to help you get creative with the best canned blueberry products. With their inspiration, you can make amazing dishes. Your wholesale blueberry offerings will wow everyone with their uniqueness.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Industry Trends and Innovations

RDM International is all about being the best canned blueberry distributor. They always keep up with what’s new in the food industry. This means understanding what people like to eat and where the market is going.

They work hard to bring fresh blueberry-based products and solutions to the market. This makes sure food distributors and manufacturers have what they need. They can keep up with the demand for tasty and trendy blueberry offerings.

RDM International knows the importance of staying on trend. They watch how people act, what flavors they like, and how their diets change. This helps their canned fruit supplier and wholesale blueberry products match what people are looking for.

By doing this, RDM can offer new and interesting blueberry products. This grabs the attention of distributors and manufacturers. They get to be leaders in bringing new flavors to our tables.

Industry Trends RDM International’s Innovations
Increasing demand for clean-label, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients Expansion of RDM’s organic and non-GMO blueberry product line, including canned purees, preserves, and frozen berries
Growing interest in functional and nutrient-dense superfoods Development of high-antioxidant, vitamin-rich blueberry concentrates and powders for use in various food and beverage applications
Demand for on-trend, versatile blueberry products Introduction of innovative blueberry-based sauces, marinades, and culinary bases to inspire creativity in the kitchen

RDM International stands out by always being on top of the latest industry trends and innovations. They help food distributor and manufacturer partners get ready for the needs of today’s health-minded consumers. With their focus on quality and thinking about the planet, RDM International is the top choice as a canned blueberry distributor.


RDM International is the top choice for those wanting the finest canned blueberries. They are known for quality, innovation, and great customer service. They use the best wild and organic blueberries to make their products. Their blueberry solutions are the most dependable and innovative in the industry.

RDM International is also a respected canned fruit and wholesale blueberry leader. They focus on always improving by investing in research and development. This means their customers get the newest and best blueberry products and solutions.

RDM International really cares about their customers. They provide top-notch service and resources to help them do well. Their commitment to quality and innovation makes them a valued partner. So, if you’re in the market for canned blueberries, they are your go-to.


What makes RDM International the premier canned blueberry distributor?

RDM International stands out as the top canned blueberry distributor. They focus on quality, sustainability, and amazing service. They pick the best berries from top growers. This ensures they have wild and organic blueberries picked at perfect ripeness.

What types of canned blueberry products does RDM International offer?

Their product list is large, with many options. You can find purees, preserves, and frozen berries. This meets the needs of food makers and sellers everywhere.

How does RDM International ensure the quality of its canned blueberries?

To ensure high quality, RDM International uses strict checks all the way from harvesting to canning. They stick to sustainable farming, which helps them lead the way in fruit distribution.

What makes RDM International’s canned blueberry products unique?

Their blueberry items are special because they use wild and organic berries. These are preservative-free and non-GMO. This means your food business can offer natural and healthy blueberry products.

How does RDM International support its local communities?

Since 1949, this family business has been a big part of local blueberry growing areas. They have strong ties to these communities. RDM’s work shows they care and take their role seriously.

What kind of customer service and support does RDM International provide?

The team at RDM International is there for you, with lots of knowledge. They’re ready with help for food makers and sellers. This includes personalized tips and quick order fixes when needed.

How does RDM International stay ahead of industry trends and innovations?

RDM International is always looking forward. They put lots of effort into research and development. This lets them offer the best and newest blueberry products and ideas. It keeps their customers doing well in their businesses.