Looking for top-tier beet puree to spice up your dishes? RDM International is your go-to source. They offer the finest beet puree and ingredients. Their beet puree, crafted from fresh beets, keeps the beet’s natural taste and color alive.

RDM International doesn’t just sell beet puree; they master in it. With the ability to produce a lot, they meet any bulk order easily. Plus, their prices are competitive. So, you don’t just get quality; you get great value too. They aim to be your reliable source for beetroot solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading bulk beetroot puree supplier offering premium-quality products
  • Their beet puree is made from the finest beets to capture natural flavor and vibrant color
  • RDM has large-scale production capabilities to meet the demands of food manufacturers and distributors
  • Competitive wholesale pricing ensures customers get the best value for their money
  • RDM is committed to providing consistent, reliable, and sustainable beetroot puree solutions

Wondering why RDM International shines as the top beet puree provider? Keep reading to uncover their unmatched beet puree secret.

What is Beetroot Puree?

Beetroot puree is a smooth, bright paste from beetroot roots. It has a deep red color and a sweet, earthy taste. This puree is great for many dishes.

Vibrant Color and Earthy Flavor

The bright color of beetroot puree is from betalains, found in beets. These natural pigments make the beet puree look rich. They also give it a special earthy flavor. So, this beetroot paste is not only beautiful but tastes great too.

Versatile Ingredient for Culinary Applications

Beetroot puree fits well in many dishes, from sweet to savory. It boosts color and flavor in baked items, soups, sauces, and dressings. In drinks like juices and smoothies, it adds a tasty and healthy punch.

Why Choose RDM International as Your Bulk Beetroot Puree Supplier?

RDM International is a top pick for bulk beet puree. They are known for their dedication to quality. The premium quality beet puree they offer captures the beets’ true flavor and color.

Premium Quality from Freshest Beets

RDM International carefully selects their beets. They partner with reliable farmers. This ensures their beet puree is full of nutrients and tastes great. Their premium quality beet puree is the best you can find.

Large-Scale Production Capabilities

RDM International has advanced facilities for large-scale beet puree production. Thanks to their top-notch equipment and processes, they can keep up with big orders. This means they can provide RDM International beet puree consistently.

Competitive Wholesale Pricing

Even with their commitment to excellence, RDM International keeps their prices competitive. This mix of quality and affordable wholesale beet puree pricing attracts businesses. They are a top choice for those looking for savings without sacrificing quality.

Bulk Beetroot Puree Supplier for the Food Industry

RDM International is a top bulk beet puree supplier. They provide high-quality beetroot puree for various food uses. This puree is great for adding taste and color to soups, sauces, and dressings. It’s also perfect as a natural color for baked items.

Applications in Soups, Sauces, and Dressings

As a bulk beet puree supplier, RDM enables food makers to integrate this rich, sweet ingredient into many dishes. It enhances the flavor and look of soups, sauces, and dressings. The puree’s deep red color makes these dishes visually appealing.

Natural Coloring Agent for Baked Goods

Bakers and confectioners love RDM’s beetroot puree for its natural color. It turns pastries and desserts a bold, natural red. This puree means you don’t have to use artificial colors for beautiful baked items.

Healthy Addition to Juices and Smoothies

For healthy drinks, RDM’s bulk beetroot puree is a star. Its sweet, earthy taste mixes well with fruits and vegetables. It adds vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for a nutritional boost in juices and smoothies.

How is RDM’s Beetroot Puree Produced?

At RDM International, making top-quality beetroot puree is key. They start by picking the best beets from local farmers. Then, they use careful steps to keep all the good stuff inside.

Meticulous Selection of Raw Materials

RDM chooses fresh, tasty beets from nearby. They team up with farmers who grow them well. By doing this, the beets are full of flavor and nutrition. This careful picking makes their RDM beetroot puree production top-notch.

Gentle Processing to Preserve Nutrients

After handpicking, RDM uses modern ways to make their beetroot puree. They do it gently, keeping the good vitamins and minerals. This ensures the beetroot puree nutrient preservation.

Quality and keeping the nutrients safe are RDM’s goals. They start with the best beets and handle them carefully. This makes their beetroot puree the best in taste and health.

RDM beetroot puree production

Bulk Beetroot Puree Manufacturer: Our Facilities

At RDM International, we’re proud of our top-notch beetroot puree facility. It’s a modern plant with cutting-edge equipment for making our RDM beetroot puree.

State-of-the-Art Production Plant

Our RDM beetroot puree production plant is top-of-the-line. We use the freshest RDM beetroot puree ingredients with great care. This ensures we can make lots of beetroot puree without sacrificing quality or speed.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

We take quality control seriously, from start to finish. Our team carefully chooses raw materials and checks every step until packaging. This means our RDM beetroot puree is always safe, pure, and delicious.

Beetroot Puree Wholesale: Ordering and Delivery

At RDM International, we know how vital it is to be flexible and reliable in beetroot puree wholesale. We provide many ordering options for our customers’ needs, such as one-time big orders or frequent RDM beetroot puree delivery. Our worldwide shipping network and logistics guarantee the prompt, secure delivery of our top-notch RDM beetroot puree to clients globally.

Flexible Ordering Options

We strive to make beetroot puree wholesale ordering easy and stress-free. Choose from a range of flexible solutions, such as:

  • One-time large orders for special projects or new product launches
  • Regularly scheduled shipments for ongoing production requirements
  • Customized delivery schedules to match your production timelines
  • Expedited shipping for time-sensitive orders

Global Shipping and Logistics Solutions

Using our vast RDM beetroot puree global shipping experience, we efficiently reach customers all over. Our modern logistics ensure your RDM beetroot puree arrives on time, wherever you are. We collaborate with you to create shipping and delivery plans that suit your unique demands.

beetroot puree wholesale

Ordering Option Delivery Timeline Minimum Order Quantity
One-time Large Order 2-3 weeks 1,000 kg
Regularly Scheduled Shipments 1-2 weeks 500 kg
Expedited Shipping 5-7 business days 250 kg

At RDM International, we aim to simplify beetroot puree wholesale ordering and delivery. We promise to offer the finest RDM beetroot puree and excellent customer support throughout the process.

Best Beet Puree Supplier

RDM International stands out as the best beet puree supplier. They offer top-notch beetroot puree to food makers worldwide. By using fresh beets and modern methods, they are recognized as the leading beet puree supplier.

Why Choose RDM’s Beetroot Puree over Competitors?

RDM International is the top pick for high-quality beetroot puree. They are known for their commitment to quality and consistency. This separates them from other brands.

Commitment to Quality and Consistency

RDM picks the best beets from trusted farmers. This ensures each RDM beetroot puree is top-notch. Their modern facility maintains strict quality control leading to RDM beetroot puree consistency. Your product will always be of the best quality.

Transparent Pricing and Ethical Business Practices

RDM is also praised for their transparent pricing and ethical business practices. They aim to form honest, reliable ties with clients. This involves clear pricing and a commitment to integrity. Choosing RDM’s beetroot puree ensures a partnership based on trust and openness.

Industrial Beetroot Puree: A Sustainable Choice

RDM International is serious about sustainable industrial beet puree. They partner with farmers for eco-friendly practices. These ways help protect the earth, save water, and keep the ecosystem safe. So, RDM’s environmentally responsible beet puree is a wise, ethical pick for food makers and sellers.

Environmentally Responsible Farming

RDM focuses on RDM sustainable beet puree production by teaming up with farmers. Their methods help the land, use less water, and keep ecosystems healthy. This keeps the beet supply strong and lowers the effect on the environment.

Minimizing Food Waste

RDM also works hard to reduce waste. They use the whole beet, meaning less goes to waste. This strong effort in making sustainable industrial beet puree shows RDM as a top choice for eco-friendly products.


RDM International stands out as the top beetroot puree supplier. They offer premium-quality products at great prices. Their commitment to the best beets, top production methods, and focus on quality, consistency, and sustainability is unmatched.

Looking for beetroot puree for various uses? RDM International has you covered. They make sure their farming, producing, and business ways are sustainable and clear. This makes them a go-to for beet puree.

RDM International shines with their premium beet puree. It adds rich color and flavor to your meals. Their focus on top quality and being eco-friendly stands out. To get the best puree, talk to RDM International.


What is the best beet puree supplier?

RDM International is at the top for beet puree. They provide top-notch beetroot puree to those in the food industry worldwide.

What makes RDM International’s beetroot puree stand out?

RDM International is known for their high-quality beetroot puree. They make sure each batch meets their high standards. This is done by choosing the best beets and using strict quality control.

Is RDM International’s beetroot puree sustainable?

Yes, RDM International focuses on sustainability. They support eco-friendly farming and reduce food waste in their production.

What are the benefits of using RDM International’s beetroot puree?

RDM International offers top quality at great prices. They stand out by using excellent beets and the latest facilities. This means quality, consistency, and sustainability for their customers.

How can RDM International’s beetroot puree be used?

RDM International’s beetroot puree is great for many uses. It adds flavor and color to soups, sauces, and dressings. It’s also perfect for coloring baked goods and is a healthy choice for juices and smoothies.

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