Looking for high-quality frozen blackberries to enhance your dishes? RDM International is your top pick. They offer superb IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) blackberries. Their blackberries are fresh and packed with flavor and nutrients.

RDM International carefully picks and processes their wholesale blackberries and bulk blackberries. This keeps the true fruit essence. They are great for making blackberry puree, blackberry concentrate, or blackberry jam.

What makes RDM International stand out in supplying top berries? Read our article to learn about their exceptional individually quick frozen blackberries. Find out why they should be your first choice for all things blackberry.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a trusted supplier of high-quality IQF blackberries
  • Their blackberries are carefully harvested and processed to preserve freshness and flavor
  • RDM International offers a wide range of blackberry products, including puree, concentrate, and jam
  • The company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the industry
  • RDM International’s blackberries are perfect for a variety of culinary applications

Introducing IQF Blackberries

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) blackberries are a game-changer in the frozen fruit world. These IQF blackberries keep their natural flavor and texture well. This makes them great for all kinds of recipes.

What are IQF Blackberries?

IQF blackberries are individually quick frozen blackberries. They freeze one berry at a time. This method helps each berry keep its shape and taste, unlike traditional frozen berries that get mushy. Thanks to the IQF method, they look fresh and stay full of nutrients even when frozen.

Benefits of IQF Blackberries

The frozen blackberry benefits of IQF blackberries are vast. They keep the fruit’s nutrition and flavor well. They are also super handy and work well in many recipes. Even though freeze dried blackberries and flash frozen blackberries are good too, the IQF way keeps the berries top-notch.

Benefit Description
Freshness IQF blackberries are frozen at just the right time. This locks in their great taste, smell, and nutrients.
Convenience Freezing each berry separately makes them easy to use without wasted pieces. They are a smart pick for many recipes.
Versatility IQF blackberries fit in lots of dishes. They keep their quality and feel, whether in baking or making smoothies.
Nutrition The IQF process saves the blackberries’ good stuff, like antioxidants and vitamins. They are a healthy choice for any meal.

IQF blackberries are a tasty way to eat blackberries all year. They don’t lose quality or nutrition in the freezing process. This makes them key for everyone from chefs to folks cooking at home.

Quality IQF Blackberries Supplier

RDM International shines as a top quality iqf blackberry supplier. They are dedicated to top-notch quality and making customers happy. For years, they’re known for their tasty and healthy blackberry products. Their commitment to quality, fresh ideas, and excellent customer care makes them a trusted and reliable source. They are the go-to for those needing blackberries, like food makers and sellers.

Being experts in berries, RDM International is very proud. They make sure to always offer top iqf blackberries that meet what their clients need. By choosing the best blackberries from the top places in the world, they guarantee fresh and tasty berries.

Knowing the blackberry world well has made RDM International a favorite worldwide. They win over food experts everywhere with their quality items and service. This has made them a go-to trusted blackberry brand and quality iqf blackberry supplier for all kinds of businesses.

Key Attributes RDM International
Quality iqf blackberry supplier
Reliable blackberry supplier
Trusted blackberry brand
Professional berry distributor

quality iqf blackberry supplier

Sourcing and Harvesting

At RDM International, we are proud to get our high-quality IQF blackberries from top growing spots worldwide. This way, we always have the best blackberries for our customers.


Serbia is a top spot for blackberry harvesting at RDM International. It’s known for the perfect weather and rich soil that grow tasty and healthy IQF blackberries. Our friends in Serbia work hard to pick and prepare these blackberries for everyone to enjoy.


Chile is another key international blackberry supplier for us. It has many different places to grow blackberries, thanks to its varied climates. Our partners in Chile use the best farming methods and quality checks. This means the IQF blackberries we get from there are top-notch.


In China, RDM International also finds some of its IQF blackberries. The growers there are very skilled and use the latest technology. They make sure we always have lots of tasty and nutritious blackberries to share with our clients worldwide.

With a mix of these great blackberry harvesting regions, we provide our customers with the best IQF blackberries all year. This means our global blackberry supply is both varied and dependable.

Processing and Packaging

At RDM International, we work hard to keep our IQF blackberry products super fresh. We follow a detailed plan for processing and packaging. This ensures you get the best individually quick frozen blackberries we can offer.

Washing and Grading

First, we wash blackberries with care. Then, our experts check and grade them. Only the top IQF blackberries move forward. This way, we make sure you enjoy top-notch fruit each time.

Individual Quick Freezing

Freezing blackberries fast keeps their great taste. This process locks in flavor, texture, and nutrients. It’s the secret to our IQF blackberry processing success.

Packaging Options

RDM International gives you many ways to package blackberries. Whether you need small pouches or big containers, we have you covered. Your IQF blackberries will be in perfect shape for your recipes. We’re here to help you pick the right packaging for your needs.

Applications and Uses

RDM International’s IQF blackberries are key for many foods. You can use them in baking, drinks, and for making jams. Food makers, chefs, and people at home love their quick freeze and great taste.

Baking and Desserts

RDM’s IQF blackberries add fun to cakes and pies. They are perfect for things like pie and tarts. They stay juicy and colorful, making your treats a hit.


Use RDM’s blackberries for tasty drinks. You can make smoothies and more. They bring a rich, sweet taste to any beverage they’re added to.

Jams, Sauces, and Preserves

For jams and sauces, RDM blackberries are amazing. They work great with breakfast or on toast. Their quality makes your products stand out.

Quality Assurance

At RDM International,

iqf blackberry quality assurance

is a top priority. Their IQF blackberries come from facilities with top

blackberry certifications

and standards. This makes sure the blackberries are safe and dependable.

Certifications and Standards

Their processing places have got the thumbs up from big groups. They include the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These fancy names mean they focus on food safety, quality, and being green.

Freshness and Shelf Life


blackberry freshness and shelf life

is top-notch at RDM International. Why? They use cool freezing tech and handle the berries with care. The IQF method keeps the berries tasting great and full of good stuff for a long time.

Certification Description
GFSI The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a leading certification program that ensures the implementation of robust food safety management systems and practices.
ISO 22000 The International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) food safety management system standard, which sets stringent requirements for food processing facilities.
Kosher Certification RDM International’s IQF blackberries are certified as Kosher, meeting the dietary requirements for Jewish consumers.

iqf blackberry quality assurance

Why Choose RDM International?

Choosing RDM International for top-notch IQF blackberries brings many benefits. Their expert knowledge, fair prices, and great service have won over clients worldwide. They are the go-to for those in the food business.

Expertise and Experience

For many years, RDM International has led as a IQF blackberry supplier expert. They deeply understand the berry world. Their skilled team uses this knowledge to provide high-quality why choose rdm international berries that meet customer’s needs.

Competitive Pricing

RDM International offers top-of-the-line IQF blackberries at great prices. They achieve this through an efficient supply and large-scale business. This means you get quality berries without breaking the bank.

Customer Service

Customer care is at the heart of RDM International’s approach. Their team goes the extra mile, offering personalized and quick support from ordering to delivery. They strive to make your experience flawless.

Feature RDM International Competitor A Competitor B
IQF Blackberry Expertise Decades of industry experience Limited expertise Moderate experience
Pricing Competitive and transparent Higher prices Inconsistent pricing
Customer Service Responsive and personalized Limited support Inconsistent service levels


RDM International is the best place to get top-quality IQF blackberries. They offer a wide variety of fresh and tasty berry products. Their commitment to being the best, a big global sourcing network, and focus on quality make their blackberry products stand out.

RDM International is known for being experts in the industry. They work hard to get the best RDM International blackberry products from top areas worldwide. Their modern ways of handling and packing mean you get the freshest and tastiest blackberries out there.

Picking RDM International as your IQF blackberry supplier means working with folks you can trust. They always offer great quality, good prices, and amazing service. With RDM International, your food and products are sure to impress.


What are the key benefits of using RDM International’s IQF blackberries?

RDM International’s IQF blackberries keep their fresh taste and nutrients, perfect for many meals. The way they freeze the berries lets them keep their quality and shape well.

Where does RDM International source its IQF blackberries from?

RDM International gets its IQF blackberries from top places worldwide. Places like Serbia, Chile, and China. This means they always have the best berries.

How are RDM International’s IQF blackberries processed and packaged?

RDM International takes great care in preparing and packing their IQF blackberries. They wash, sort, freeze, and pack them carefully. This process keeps the berries fresh and top-quality.

What are some of the common applications for RDM International’s IQF blackberries?

RDM International’s IQF blackberries are perfect in many dishes and drinks. You can use them in baking, desserts, drinks, and even in sauces and jams.

What certifications and standards does RDM International adhere to for quality assurance?

RDM International meets the strictest safety and quality standards in their facilities. This ensures their products are safe and reliable.

Why should I choose RDM International as my supplier of IQF blackberries?

RDM International stands out as your best pick for top-notch IQF blackberries. They offer delicious, fresh, and healthy berries. They also prioritize quality and have a broad sourcing network.