Close your eyes and imagine drinking a cool, tangy beverage. It’s filled with the bold taste of pomegranates. Can you see how this might make your product stand out or draw in customers? If you make food or drinks and need top-quality pomegranate juice concentrate, you might be in the right spot.

We’ve got news for you. There is a top supplier for fruit juice concentrates. They make their products using 100% natural fruits for both their NFC and concentrate items. This means the juices are at their purest, and making them involves a strong focus on being eco-friendly, offering high quality, and building solid partnerships. Ready to meet RDM International? They are changing the game in premium pomegranate juice concentrate.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading fruit juice concentrate supplier in the region.
  • They use 100% pure fruit to create their NFC and juice concentrate products.
  • RDM International is committed to sustainability, quality, and strong partner relationships.
  • Their premium pomegranate juice concentrate offers a unique flavor profile.
  • RDM International is a trusted global supplier, approved by major brands worldwide.

Unlock the Rich and Tart Flavor of Pomegranates

RDM International offers a top-notch premium pomegranate juice concentrate. It is made from the best organic pomegranates. This concentrate lets you enjoy the rich and tart taste of pomegranates. It makes your drinks and recipes more flavorful and sweet.

Crafted from the Finest Pomegranates

RDM International is serious about quality. They pick only the best, ripe pomegranates. This way, every drop of their pomegranate concentrate is full of superfruit flavor.

A Culinary Masterpiece

Bring your cooking to a new level with RDM International’s bulk pomegranate puree. It’s an excellent pomegranate antioxidant concentrate. It makes your drinks, sauces, and marinades taste amazing with its bold pomegranate flavor.

Adds Depth and Natural Sweetness

RDM International’s pomegranate concentrate manufacturer turns drinks into something special. You get depth, complexity, and a bit of natural sweetness in your drinks. It’s a key ingredient for anyone who loves pomegranate.

RDM International: A Leading Fruit Juice Concentrate Supplier

RDM International is a top premium pomegranate juice concentrate supplier. They are well-known for providing top-notch fruit juice concentrates. This is thanks to their use of 100% pure fruit in everything they make, whether it’s NFC (Not From Concentrate) or concentrate.

100% Pure Fruit for NFC & Juice Concentrate

The core of RDM International’s work is in using only the best, organic pomegranate concentrate and other high-quality fruits. They make sure every product has a pure taste and is rich in nutrients. This dedication shows in the amazing taste and health benefits of what they offer, all thanks to their careful pomegranate juice extraction methods.

Commitment to Sustainability, Quality, and Partnerships

Over at RDM International, they put a strong emphasis on sustainability, top-notch quality, and building strong relationships. As a major pomegranate concentrate manufacturer and pomegranate extract supplier, they aim for a positive impact. They focus on the environment and community. Plus, they always exceed their clients’ needs with outstanding pomegranate antioxidant concentrate and other fruit-based solutions.

Premium Pomegranate Juice Concentrate Supplier

At RDM International, we’re proud to offer the best premium pomegranate juice concentrate. It comes in NFC (Not From Concentrate) and concentrated forms. You’ll find our products help make your drinks and dishes better with real pomegranate taste.

Offering NFC and Concentrate Forms

Do you like the pure taste of NFC pomegranate juice or find using concentrate easier? We have what you need at RDM International. Our process keeps the nutrients and flavors of the organic pomegranate concentrate intact, offering top-quality options for you.

Industrial and Commercial Packaging Options

We know every client may need something different. That’s why we have many pomegranate juice extraction and bulk pomegranate puree options. You can choose from big industrial drums to smaller bottles. Our packaging aims to meet your needs and ensure our products arrive safely.

Price Promise to Beat Competitors

Getting good value is crucial in the pomegranate extract supplier and pomegranate antioxidant concentrate market. At RDM International, we guarantee the best prices worldwide. This way, you can enjoy our high-quality pomegranate juice concentrate without overpaying.

Product Form Packaging Price
Pomegranate Juice Concentrate NFC 20L Drums $4.50/L
Pomegranate Juice Concentrate Concentrate 200L Barrels $3.75/L
Organic Pomegranate Concentrate Concentrate 1000L IBC $3.25/L

From Fruit to Juice: Our Manufacturing Process

At RDM International, we’re proud of our top-notch manufacturing. It ensures the best premium pomegranate juice concentrate, organic pomegranate concentrate, and not from concentrate juices. We carefully select and extract fruit. This keeps the natural taste and nutrients in our pomegranate juice extraction and bulk pomegranate puree.

State-of-the-Art Facility

We pick the ripest pomegranates by hand at our facility. Then, we use cutting-edge techniques to extract the juice. This gives our customers the best natural pomegranate flavoring and pomegranate concentrate. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology and machinery. It helps us maintain high quality and efficiency.

FSSC 22000 Certified

Our commitment to excellence is also shown through our FSSC 22000 certification. It ensures we follow the highest food safety and quality standards. This proves our dedication as a pomegranate concentrate manufacturer and pomegranate extract supplier. We aim to offer products that are safe and meet tough industry rules.

Explore Our Product Range

At RDM International, we’re excited to share our top-quality fruit juice concentrates. We offer a variety, including pomegranate juice concentrate, along with top-notch apple and white grape options.

Apple NFC and Concentrate Juice

Our apple juices are unbeatable, coming in both NFC and concentrate types. They’re made from the best apples around. The juice is fresh and sweet, with all the natural goodness. And, our apple juice concentrate is loved by top beverage makers for its quality and taste.

White Grape NFC and Concentrate Juice

If you prefer something elegant, try our white grape juice concentrate and NFC juices. They have a subtle sweetness and floral hint. These white grape products are perfect for many drinks and dishes. Made without compromise, our white grape juice meets the high standards of global brands.

Pomegranate NFC and Concentrate Juice

Don’t miss our famous pomegranate juice concentrate when exploring our range. It’s made from the finest pomegranates. Whether you need a special drink or want to spice up your food, this juice is a game-changer. For something truly unique, our pomegranate juice is essential.

Product Form Key Benefits
Apple Juice NFC and Concentrate Vibrant color, natural sweetness, consistent quality
White Grape Juice NFC and Concentrate Delicate floral notes, elegant flavor profile, versatile ingredient
Pomegranate Juice NFC and Concentrate Rich, tart, and complex flavors, unique beverage and culinary applications

A Trusted Global Supplier

RDM International is a top supplier of pomegranate juice concentrate and other fruit concentrates. They are known for their quality. Major brands around the world trust them.

Approved by Major Brands

Their pomegranate juice extraction and bulk pomegranate puree have passed tests by top food and drink brands. This means your products can offer awesome natural pomegranate flavoring and health benefits.

Rigorous Auditing for Quality Assurance

RDM International checks their operations often to stay a top pomegranate concentrate manufacturer and pomegranate extract supplier. This keeps their products reliable. You can trust their premium pomegranate juice concentrate and more.

Premium pomegranate juice concentrate supplier

Our Drinks Range: From Exotic to Energizing

At RDM International, we’re known for our premium fruit juice. This includes our top-quality pomegranate juice concentrate and organic products. We have a wide range of fruit juices to meet all your needs.

Our variety includes exotic flavors that take you around the world. Enjoy our beverages with natural pomegranate flavoring. They mix sweetness with a bit of sourness perfectly. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, try our energizing drinks. They’re full of pomegranate’s antioxidants.

Our catalog also features products that can make your brand stand out. We offer unique pomegranate concentrate options. These can help you expand your range or launch a new drink. At RDM International, we’re ready to assist you in every way.

Visit our online store to see all that we offer. We have everything, from the classics to the newest trends. When you choose RDM International, you’re choosing quality. Let us be your pomegranate extract supplier and see how we can boost your brand with our outstanding products and service.

Pomegranate Sparkling Drink: A Unique Taste Sensation

Get ready to impress your customers with RDM International’s fresh Pomegranate Sparkling Drink. This drink is a hit in Asia, known for its unmatched flavor. It’s made with top-quality pomegranate juice concentrate and bubbles, giving it a perfect mix of sour, sweet, and cool tastes.

What makes this drink special is RDM International’s focus on quality and new ideas. They are experts in making the best organic pomegranate concentrate. The outcome is not just a tasty drink but also a beautiful one.

Add this gem to your menu, and your guests will love it. The Pomegranate Sparkling Drink fits any occasion, from a cool summer day to special events. It will surely make your place stand out.

Pomegranate Sparkling Drink

Discover a new world of pomegranate juice extraction with RDM International’s creative drink. Use their bulk pomegranate puree to enrich your menu. It’s a great option supported by a top premium pomegranate juice concentrate supplier.

Try this Pomegranate Sparkling Drink to see pomegranates in a different light. Get ready to draw in new customers with its unique natural pomegranate flavoring.

Private Labeling: Empower Your Beverage Brand

RDM International offers you a chance to make your beverage brand exceptional. They have top-notch pomegranate juice concentrate, organic pomegranate concentrate, and more. As a top pomegranate concentrate manufacturer, they know what your customers want.

With RDM International’s private labeling, your product can be unique. This helps it stand out among others. They can help with pomegranate juice extraction or adding different natural pomegranate flavoring too.

Boost your brand with RDM International’s bulk pomegranate puree and pomegranate extract supplier options. They offer a big range of pomegranate antioxidant concentrate. This makes sure your drinks are noticed by consumers.

Join forces with RDM International, a top premium pomegranate juice concentrate supplier. They can change your brand’s future. Explore private labeling with them and open new doors for your business.


RDM International’s premium pomegranate juice concentrate is essential for anyone making food or drinks. They focus on quality, sustainability, and making customers happy. RDM International is a top pomegranate concentrate manufacturer. They can boost your brand and please your customers.

Do you need organic pomegranate concentrate, pomegranate juice extraction, or bulk pomegranate puree? RDM International has what you need. They are a top pomegranate extract supplier and offer pomegranate antioxidant concentrate. Their products meet different needs.

Working with RDM International gets you to their top-notch, FSSC 22000 certified factory. It’s all about reaching the best in food safety and quality there. They promise great prices and care for the environment. RDM International is your go-to for a premium pomegranate juice concentrate supplier. They help make your drinks and goods shine in the market.


What makes RDM International’s pomegranate juice concentrate a premium product?

RDM International makes its pomegranate juice concentrate from high-quality pomegranates. This method brings out the amazing sweet and tart taste of the fruit. They only use 100% pure fruit, making their juice concentrate perfect for any recipe. It adds natural sweetness and depth to your drinks and food.

What certifications and quality standards does RDM International adhere to?

RDM International’s manufacturing facility holds an FSSC 22000 certification. This means their products meet very high food safety and quality standards. They’ve passed strict audits to satisfy major global brands.

What packaging options does RDM International offer for their pomegranate juice concentrate?

RDM International provides their top-notch pomegranate juice concentrate in various packaging types. They have both NFC and concentrate options. These are available in different sizes to suit the customers’ needs.

How does RDM International’s pricing compare to their competitors?

RDM International guarantees the best prices compared to any competitors worldwide. They aim to offer superior value for their premium pomegranate juice concentrate.

What other fruit juice products does RDM International offer?

Aside from pomegranate juice concentrate, RDM International has apple and white grape juice in NFC and concentrate forms. These juices are known for their top quality, color, and flavor. Major brands approve of their products.

Does RDM International offer private labeling services?

Yes, RDM International does offer private labeling. This service lets you brand their superior fruit juice concentrates and drinks as your own. It’s a great way to make your products stand out and appeal to your customers.

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