Looking for top-notch pear puree to boost your dishes? RDM International is your go-to. We are a premier dedicated to top quality and innovation. Our uses the best fresh pears and modern tech to make top-grade pear puree. This puree will elevate your dishes like never before.

RDM International’s is a must-have in every kitchen. It comes as pure, top-quality pears in a convenient frozen form. This makes it easy to use in many recipes. As a , we’re known for our commitment to quality and using the best pears. We mix this with advanced processing to make sure you always get a great product. Your customers will love it.

So what makes RDM International special as a provider? Find out by enjoying our superb pear puree. It’s unmatched for quality, versatility, and perks.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading supplier of top-quality pear puree, with a focus on excellence and new ideas.
  • Our pear puree is crafted from the finest fresh pears, ensuring a consistently high-quality and tasty product.
  • RDM International’s modern processing plants keep the pears’ natural taste, smell, and nutrients intact.
  • We offer pear puree in organic and non-GMO options, meeting the trend for clean label and healthy goods.
  • Adding RDM International’s pear puree to your dishes brings both nutrition and flavor to your menu.

Pear Puree: A Delectable Fruit Concentrate

Looking to make your food and drinks tastier and healthier? RDM International has the right choice. They make a top-notch pear puree concentrate from fresh, ripe pears. This concentrate is full of nutrients and has a strong, natural scent.

Nutrient-Rich Composition

Pears are packed with good stuff for our bodies, and this nutrient-rich pear puree shows it. Each serving is loaded with potassium, calcium, and many vitamins. It’s a wise pick for your health-focused products.

Intense Flavor and Aroma

What makes our flavorful pear concentrate so good? It starts with choosing the best, ripe pears. Then, we process them with skill to create a pear puree concentrate that bursts with taste and scent. Use it in your cooking to add amazing fruit flavor.

Premium Pear Puree Supplier: RDM International

RDM International is a top supplier of premium pear puree. They’re known for their quality and new ideas. They make fruit concentrates and purees. RDM is famous for its high-quality products that meet food and drink makers’ needs. They use top-notch facilities and the best fresh ingredients. This makes them the top choice for leading pear puree supplier and trusted pear puree brand.

RDM is an expert in pear processing. They use the best materials. This makes them a trusted source of premium pear puree. Companies rely on RDM’s RDM International pear puree for its great taste, consistent use, and on-time delivery.

RDM’s success comes from its love of new ideas and getting better. Their experts always look for new ways to make their pear puree better. They focus on taste, texture, and being healthy. This makes their puree a top pick for all. Customers love it for the quality and variety.

If you want to make your drinks, foods, or sauces better, use RDM International’s premium pear puree. It’s very dependable. RDM is the top pear puree supplier you can rely on for great outcomes.

Versatile Applications of Pear Puree

RDM International’s pear puree is very versatile. It’s great for a variety of food and drinks. You can use it in juices, smoothies, and cocktails. It also makes cakes, pies, and pastries moister and tastier.

Beverages and Drinks

Pear puree is perfect for making drinks. It makes juices, smoothies, and cocktails taste amazing. Your drinks will be unique and fruity. Everyone will love them.

Bakery and Confectionery

In baking, pear puree is a big help. It can make cakes, pies, pastries, and other sweets better. You can even use it for fillings and glazes. Your baked goods will look and taste fantastic.

Dairy and Ice Cream

Pear puree is also key in dairy and ice cream. It improves taste and texture, making everything creamy and delicious. Ice cream and yogurt will be much more enjoyable. It’s truly a star ingredient.

Sauces and Jams

Pear puree is great for sauces and jams too. It can be in anything from savory sauces to sweet jams. It adds a lovely, light sweetness. Your sauces and jams will be extra special with it.

Sourcing and Processing of Premium Pear Puree

RDM International focuses on quality when making our premium pear puree. We pick the finest, freshly harvested pears from trusted areas. This ensures that our puree is top-notch every time with the highest-quality raw materials.

Careful Selection of Fresh Pears

Getting the right pears for our puree is key at RDM International. Our dedication leads us to work closely with good growers. We choose the most flavorful and nutrient-rich pears. Each batch is inspected carefully, guaranteeing the pear puree production process starts with only the best.

State-of-the-Art Processing Facilities

The selected pears then go to our modern processing facilities. Here, we use top equipment designed to keep the pears’ natural qualities. This gives us a premium-quality pear puree that’s always the same.

high-quality pear processing

Benefits of Using Pear Puree

RDM International’s top-notch pear puree brings many advantages to your products. Its unmatched quality and taste come from strict quality control. This makes it a trusted choice for your food and drinks.

Consistent Quality and Flavor

Thanks to careful sourcing and processing, RDM International’s pear puree always tastes great. You can be sure each serving will have the same wonderful flavor. This keeps your products at a high consistent pear puree quality.

Time and Cost Savings

Using RDM International’s pear puree saves your business money and time. You won’t have to spend hours peeling and pureeing. This lets you direct your efforts to making cost-effective pear puree treats.

Versatility in Recipes

RDM International’s pear puree is versatile, fitting into many recipes. You can use it in drinks, baked goods, or even sauces. With this top-grade puree, you can easily make dishes like pear smoothies and pear desserts taste amazing.

Organic and Non-GMO Pear Puree Options

RDM International doesn’t just offer pear puree. They also have organic and non-GMO options. These are for those looking for clean and healthy choices. Organic pear puree and non-GMO pear puree are top-quality but made without using genetically modified pears.

RDM’s organic pear puree and non-GMO pear puree are perfect for food and drink companies. They want ingredients that match the latest trends for clean label pear puree. These pear puree types taste great, just like RDM’s original, but they’re free of GMOs and chemicals.

Product Key Features Benefits
Organic Pear Puree – Made from certified organic pears
– No synthetic additives or preservatives
– Aligns with clean label trends
– Supports organic and health-conscious consumers
Non-GMO Pear Puree – Produced without genetically modified pears
– Transparent, natural ingredients
– Meets demand for non-GMO food products
– Provides a trusted, high-quality alternative

RDM International’s organic pear puree and non-GMO pear puree give choices to food and drink companies. This helps meet the needs of people wanting clean label pear puree. RDM’s purees are natural, high-quality, and delicious, setting them apart as a reliable choice.

Organic and Non-GMO Pear Puree

Pear Puree: A Nutritious and Flavorful Addition

Pear puree tastes great and is good for you. It’s full of nutritional benefits that complement many foods and drinks. Pears have antioxidant properties that fight off damage and lower the risk of health problems.

Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidants like vitamins C and E in pear puree help keep your cells healthy. They fight off free radicals that can harm your body. This means you get a tasty and antioxidant-rich boost when you use RDM International’s pear puree in your products.

Dietary Fiber Content

Pear puree is packed with dietary fiber, perfect for your digestive system and making you feel full. The dietary fiber in pear puree helps you stay regular, keeps your gut balanced, and might help with managing weight. Adding RDM International’s pear puree to foods and drinks means giving your customers something delicious and good for them.


RDM International’s top-notch pear puree is ready to boost your food and drink creations. It’s packed with nutrients and a strong taste. This pear puree can be used in many ways, making it a great pick for food makers who want top-notch fruit essence. You can add it to drinks, baked goods, dairy, or even jams and sauces. What’s more, it always brings great quality and taste.

RDM International gets its quality from using the best fresh pears and modern processing tech. By adding their pear puree to what you make, you’re choosing something versatile, always high-quality, and good for health. Your products will taste better and be more nutritious than before.

This pear puree is more than just a flavor booster. It’s good for you, too, with antioxidants and lots of fiber. This means health-focused eaters will love it. Try RDM International’s top-grade pear puree and see new food and drink ideas come to life. It’s a win for flavor and health.


What is the key benefit of using RDM International’s premium pear puree?

RDM International’s pear puree is top quality and adds great taste to many foods and drinks. They choose the best pears and process them with care. This makes a pear puree that is always delicious for your dishes.

How is RDM International’s pear puree made?

RDM International makes their pear puree by selecting the finest fresh pears. Then, they use advanced methods to keep the pears’ natural taste and nutrients. This dedication results in a superior pear puree.

In what types of products can RDM International’s pear puree be used?

Their pear puree can go in many foods and drinks, making it very flexible. You can use it in juices, smoothies, and cocktails. It also works well in baked items, dairy foods, and spreads like jams and sauces.

Does RDM International offer organic and non-GMO pear puree options?

Yes, RDM International provides organic and non-GMO pear puree too. They understand the need for pure products with a healthy conscience. These pear purees are crafted with the same quality approach, but focusing on the best, non-GMO pears.

What are the nutritional benefits of pear puree?

Pear puree comes packed with nutrition, thanks to the pears’ natural goodness. Pears are rich in antioxidants and fiber. So, using RDM International’s pear puree helps food makers offer tasty, healthy choices to consumers.

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