Looking for the top individually quick frozen (IQF) strawberries supplier with unmatched quality and freshness? Your search ends with RDM International. They are a trusted source for premium IQF strawberries. For any culinary requirement, RDM International has you covered.

RDM International offers a wide selection of IQF strawberries, including options for organic strawberry growers. Their focus is on delivering the freshest and highest quality berries. As a leader in the field, they provide IQF strawberries that are sweet and colorful.

RDM International is all about quality and safety in food. For businesses looking for frozen fruit products and the best farm-to-table strawberries, they are an ideal choice. Their knowledge in handling fresh strawberry processing can make your recipes stand out, pleasing your customers.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading global frozen strawberry supplier offering premium IQF strawberries.
  • The company caters to both conventional and organic strawberry grower preferences, ensuring the highest quality and peak freshness.
  • RDM International’s fresh strawberry processor expertise and commitment to food safety make them a trusted partner for businesses.
  • Their premium fruit supplier offerings include a wide range of IQF strawberries that maintain the fruit’s natural sweetness and vibrant color.
  • RDM International is a renowned strawberry exporter and provider of farm-to-table strawberries.

Understanding IQF Strawberries

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) strawberries are a top-notch frozen fruit. They go through a special freezing method. This keeps their freshness, flavor, and nutrition. The IQF process quickly freezes each iqf strawberries or whole berries. This step locks in their best taste and stops big ice crystals from forming. These individually quick frozen strawberries keep their sweet taste, bright color, and soft texture. So, they’re perfect for many recipes.

What are IQF Strawberries?

IQF strawberries are a high-quality frozen fruit. They’re made with a special freezing method. This locks in their peak taste and stops ice crystals from harming the fruit. So, these frozen fruit processing technique keeps them tasty and fresh.

Benefits of Individually Quick Frozen Process

The benefits of iqf are big. They help fruit last longer, reduce waste, and you can enjoy them any time. By freezing them quickly, these strawberries keep their sweet taste, bright color, and soft texture. This makes them great for lots of dishes.

Sourcing Premium IQF Strawberries

Getting premium IQF strawberries is key. RDM International’s a top choice. They keep quality super high. And they follow strict food safety rules. This ensures their products are always top-notch.

Importance of a Trusted Supplier

RDM International is a top-notch global supplier. It’s trusted by customers worldwide. They’re known for their excellent frozen fruit. Thanks to their years of experience, you get top-quality strawberries. They keep the fruit sweet and colorful as nature intended.

Evaluating Quality Standards

At RDM International, every strawberry batch gets a close look. They check the size, color, taste, and feel. Only the best fruits make the cut. This means you always get top-quality strawberries, every time.

Ensuring Food Safety Compliance

Food safety is a big deal at RDM International. They have HACCP certifications and follow strict rules. Your health is their priority. So, you can enjoy their premium strawberries knowing they’re safe and delicious.

Premium IQF Strawberry Supplier

RDM International is a top global source for premium IQF strawberries. It’s known for top-notch excellence and for providing top-quality frozen fruit. The company has years of experience and is highly respected for its strawberry processing skills. It always delivers great results.

About RDM International

RDM International has the best facilities with the newest tech. They have skilled pros making sure every IQF strawberry is high quality and safe. The company invests a lot in research and development. It also cares about getting strawberries in a way that’s good for the earth and people.

Commitment to Excellence

Being a leading IQF strawberry provider, RDM International really aims for the best. Their commitment to quality shines through. They always meet their customer’s needs worldwide. Their strawberry processing is top-tier and they work in a way that’s kind to the planet and ethical. This makes them a reliable choice for everyone from food services to the end consumer.

premium iqf strawberry supplier

Varieties of IQF Strawberries

RDM International has a lot of IQF strawberry varieties. This lets customers choose what fits them best. They offer everything from regular IQF strawberries to organic ones.

Conventional vs. Organic Options

Like conventional vs. organic strawberries? RDM International has both. Their regular IQF strawberries keep their natural sweet taste and bright look. And their organic strawberries are grown using eco-friendly methods for top quality and nutrition.

Popular Strawberry Cultivars

RDM International has favorites like Sweet Charlie, Monterey, and San Andreas. Each has its own taste, size, and texture. This means you can find exactly what you need for cooking among the fruit diversity.

Applications and Uses

RDM International’s premium

IQF strawberries

are perfect for many jobs. They work well in different industries. In the

food service sector

, chefs and caterers love RDM’s

IQF strawberries

. They are easy to use and stay tasty and looking good, even when cooked or baked.

In the

bakery and confectionery industries

, RDM International’s

IQF strawberries

are top picks for making desserts. Their sweetness and color make pies, tarts, and pastries extra yummy. They are also perfect for making

jams, preserves, and other fruit-based condiments

Handling and Storage

Proper handling and storage of IQF strawberries are a must to keep them fresh. IQF strawberries by RDM International stay colorful and firm, even if stored for a long time.

Maintaining Freshness

Keeping these strawberries at 0°F (-18°C) or colder is important. This helps keep their taste and texture just right. It’s good advice for food makers, sellers, and anyone who loves these premium IQF strawberries.

Proper Storage Conditions

For the best freshness, follow the storage guidelines. RDM International’s IQF strawberries should be in a freezer at 0°F (-18°C) or lower. This keeps them looking and tasting great, perfect for any dish you’re making.

iqf strawberry handling

Sourcing and Distribution

RDM International is a top global supplier of premium IQF strawberries. It has a huge network for sourcing and distributing across continents.

This means they get the best strawberries from the best places in the world. They always have a reliable supply for their clients. Their strong supply chain and partnerships help them reach customers everywhere.

Global Reach

RDM has partners all over, making it a top choice for those who want the best frozen fruit. They can get strawberries from many places. This lets them offer a big variety of options to their clients.

Reliable Supply Chain

RDM International is serious about keeping their supply chain strong. Because of this, they are always on time and efficient in getting their strawberries to customers. They are a trusted option for those looking for steady frozen fruit supply.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability and caring for the environment matter a lot to RDM International. They make sure to use ways of producing food that do not harm the planet. Their places where they make processed strawberries are made to use less energy and create less waste.

Environmental Responsibility

RDM International takes looking after the world seriously. They have special places to make strawberries that try to be kind to the planet. These places use less energy and make less trash. So, they are working hard to do their job well without hurting the Earth.

Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing

RDM International also focuses on treating people and the Earth right. They work with farms that use earth-friendly ways and treat their workers fairly. This means the strawberries they make are not only good but are also made in the right way. By doing this, they show others how to make yummy fruit without hurting the Earth or people.

Customer Support and Services

At RDM International, we put great effort into customer service and customized solutions. Our dedicated account managers team up with each client. They aim to understand what you need. They offer advice based on their industry expertise. This way, we make sure you have the best experience.

Dedicated Account Managers

The RDM International team are pros at creating customized frozen fruit solutions. They do things like making special fruit mixes, arranging quick deliveries, and helping with the best ways to use IQF strawberries. We keep close ties and talk a lot with our clients. This is how we go beyond what’s expected. And, we keep our name as a premium IQF strawberry supplier.

Customized Solutions

Getting personalized support from RDM International means you’re in good hands. Our account managers really get to know what you need. Then, they offer solutions that are just right for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a food service provider, a maker of goods, or if you’re shopping for yourself. We are dedicated to meeting your needs with our top-notch service and customized frozen fruit solutions.

Recipes and Culinary Inspirations

RDM International makes using IQF strawberries fun in cooking. Their website has yummy recipes. These recipes show how you can use IQF strawberries in many ways. You can make classic dessert like strawberry shortcake or try smoothies and salads. They are great for pros, bakers, and home chefs.

Want a special dessert or to make your food more delicious? Look into RDM’s IQF strawberry recipes. They have ideas for any meal. This means you can use frozen strawberries all day long.

Start using RDM’s premium IQF strawberries in your meals today. There are so many ways to enjoy them. Use these recipe ideas and be your own chef.


In conclusion, RDM International is a top supplier of premium IQF strawberries. They serve food service providers, manufacturers, and consumers, offering a trusted source for top-quality frozen fruit. This is thanks to their commitment to excellence, eco-friendly practices, and great customer service. RDM International is a leading name in the frozen fruit world.

RDM gets the finest strawberries from the globe and uses the latest processing tech. This means their IQF strawberries always bring unmatched freshness, flavor, and versatility. Whether you need conventional or organic, RDM International has a wide array of IQF strawberry types. It meets your culinary needs all year round, making it the number one choice for premium frozen fruit.

RDM International is all in on sustainable frozen fruit making and top-notch customer help. They stick to quality, new ideas, and making customers happy. This Redefines the benchmark for the frozen fruit sector. Thus, they make sure you get the best IQF strawberries any time.


What are IQF Strawberries?

IQF strawberries are a special kind of frozen fruit. They keep their fresh taste, color, and nutrition very well. By freezing the strawberries quickly, this method stops big ice crystals from forming. This keeps the fruit’s texture great.

What are the benefits of the IQF process?

With the IQF process, strawberries taste sweet, look bright, and stay firm. This makes them perfect for many recipes. Also, their shelf life gets longer, waste is less, and you can have top-quality strawberries any time of the year.

Why is it important to partner with a trusted IQF strawberry supplier?

Working with a trusted supplier like RDM International is key for high-quality IQF strawberries. They follow strict quality checks and food safety rules. This guarantees their products are always safe and tasty.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and safety of their IQF strawberries?

RDM International carefully picks strawberries for quality. Only the best are chosen for processing. The company also meets food safety standards, which keep their products safe for us to eat.

What types of IQF strawberry varieties does RDM International offer?

RDM International has many kinds of IQF strawberries, both organic and regular. This meets the different tastes of their customers. You can find varieties like Sweet Charlie, Monterey, and San Andreas, each with its own special taste and look.

How should RDM International’s premium IQF strawberries be stored?

Storing RDM International’s strawberries correctly keeps them fresh. They should be kept in a freezer at 0°F (-18°C) or colder. Always limit air exposure and keep the storage conditions steady.

What makes RDM International a global leader in premium IQF strawberry supply?

RDM International’s strong network lets them get high-quality strawberries from many parts of the world. This ensures they always have top products to offer their customers everywhere.

How does RDM International prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility?

RDM International cares deeply about the planet. They use eco-friendly ways to make their strawberries. They also support fair trade and ethical sourcing. This makes their strawberries good for the environment and for people.

How does RDM International provide exceptional customer support and tailored solutions?

RDM International is dedicated to helping their customers. They work closely with each one to meet their specific needs. This includes offering advice and solutions to ensure a great experience.

How versatile are RDM International’s premium IQF strawberries?

RDM International’s strawberries work in a lot of dishes, from desserts to meals. Their website has many recipes that show how flexible their strawberries are. This makes them perfect for chefs, bakers, and anyone cooking at home.