In the exciting world of top-quality frozen berries, one name shines – RDM International. This leading distributor of premium IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) red raspberries serves customers around the world. They are known for their amazing quality and top-notch service. One thing that makes them special is how they always work to provide the best IQF red raspberry products to their customers.

RDM International’s IQF raspberries are truly special. Let’s look into what makes these frozen berries so great. Many food makers, bakeries, and ice cream brands love working with them.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading premium IQF red raspberries distributor with over 29 years of industry experience
  • They partner with well-qualified and professional frozen food suppliers to offer a diverse range of high-quality IQF red raspberry products
  • RDM International’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a trusted supplier of premium IQF red raspberries
  • Their IQF raspberries are perfect for a wide range of applications, from baked goods and frozen desserts to sauces and preserves
  • RDM International is dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices, ensuring that their supply chain aligns with the values of environmentally-conscious and socially responsible businesses

Discover the Exceptional Taste of RDM International’s IQF Red Raspberries

RDM International’s IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) red raspberries are known by chefs worldwide. They use these premium raspberries for food manufacturing, raspberries for bakeries, and raspberries for the ice cream industry. These special raspberries keep their flavor and texture because they are quickly frozen.

A Chef’s Secret Ingredient for Culinary Perfection

RDM International finds the best premium iqf red raspberries. They freeze them using top tech to keep their natural taste. As a major frozen raspberry exporter, they care a lot about offering premium raspberry wholesaler chefs and cooks only the best.

Elevate Your Creations with Nature’s Finest

If you love baking, making desserts, or making frozen treats, RDM International’s raspberries are a great pick. They are very careful to keep their raspberry cold chain logistics top-notch. So, every bit of your creation will taste amazing with these fresh berries.

Premium IQF Red Rasberries Distributor: The Key to Consistent Quality

As a top IQF red raspberries distributor, RDM International follows high standards. They pick the best ingredients at the start. Quality checks happen carefully through freezing and packing. This way, every IQF red raspberries batch is top-notch.

Uncompromising Standards from Farm to Freezer

RDM International stays true to quality. This shows in the delicious, fresh taste of their premium raspberry items. They use the best iqf raspberry supplier and modern freezing methods. So, the real fruit taste stays, giving an amazing frozen raspberry exporter snack.

Meticulous Quality Control at Every Step

RDM International is a key raspberry processing company. They ensure top quality through a strict system. Each step, from picking to packing, is carefully watched. This dedication to excellence makes RDM the go-to premium raspberry wholesaler for many, including food makers, bakeries, and the raspberries for ice cream industry.

Varieties and Grades: Tailored to Your Needs

At RDM International, we know every customer is different. That’s why we have a big selection of IQF red raspberries. You’ll find the right kind for your cooking needs.

Heritage, Fertodi, and More: A Diverse Selection

Our top-quality IQF red raspberries include types like Heritage and Fertodi. They come from our trusted processing partners. This keeps the taste and quality the same every time.

Brokens, Wholes, and Crumbles: The Perfect Fit

No matter what you need, we have it at RDM International. Looking for whole IQF raspberries, fancy brokens, or crumbles? We’re here to help, offering the right kind for your project. From baking to sauces, we got you covered.

Variety Grade Application
Heritage Whole Baked goods, frozen desserts
Fertodi Brokens (80/20) Sauces, jams, and preserves
Autumn Bliss Crumbles Toppings, fillings, and garnishes

We have a wide choice of high-quality IQF raspberries. It’s perfect for making your dishes stand out. Whether it’s for food making, baking, or ice cream, we’ll meet your needs.

Flexible Packaging Solutions for Convenience

As a top premium IQF red raspberries distributor, RDM International meets varied customer needs. They provide flexible packaging solutions. This ensures ease and efficiency for their customers. They offer many IQF raspberry supplier products in different pack sizes. These include 4×2.5kg/carton, 5x1kg/carton, and 10x1kg/carton, among others. They can also create custom packaging based on client needs.

This approach lets customers, like food manufacturers, bakeries, or distributors, choose the best package sizes. RDM International is dedicated to offering frozen raspberry exporter solutions that match their clients’ diverse needs. This shows their focus on great customer service and meeting customer requirements.

With several pack sizes available, RDM International helps their premium raspberry wholesaler customers. They can use IQF red raspberries easily in their businesses. This is true for those in the raspberries for food manufacturing, raspberries for bakeries, or raspberries for ice cream industry markets.

Thanks to their flexible solutions and dedication to top quality, RDM International is a top pick. They are the trusted source for customers wanting a reliable raspberry cold chain logistics supplier for high-quality IQF raspberries.

Certifications: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

At RDM International, quality is our top priority when it comes to premium IQF red raspberries. We make sure our products are safe and meet all standards. Our IQF raspberry supplier facilities have top certifications. This means our frozen raspberry exporter products are known for their safety and quality.

Our premium raspberry wholesaler has earned certifications like ISO, HACCP, and BRC. This shows we work hard to keep our berries safe. Plus, our raspberry processing company is KOSHER and HALAL certified. We want everyone to enjoy our raspberries, no matter their dietary needs.

With all these certifications, our raspberry cold chain logistics customers can trust us. Our high-quality IQF raspberries are made in the best conditions. Whether you make food, work at a bakery, or in the ice cream world, you can rely on us. RDM International’s raspberries for food manufacturing, raspberries for bakeries, and raspberries for ice cream industry are of top quality and safety.

Global Reach: Trusted by Clients Worldwide

RDM International is known worldwide for top-notch IQF red raspberries. They export their frozen raspberry goods to Europe, North America, and Australia among others. By always providing high-quality IQF raspberries, they’ve become a top pick in the global raspberry processing scene.

Serving Europe, North America, and Beyond

RDM International is the go-to premium raspberry wholesaler everywhere. Thanks to their cutting-edge raspberry cold chain logistics and focus on high-quality IQF raspberries, they’ve made solid ties with companies and ice cream makers. Their commitment to quality has made them a trusted name worldwide.

premium iqf red raspberries distributor

Why Choose RDM International?

Choosing RDM International means you get top-quality IQF red raspberries. They have over 29 years of expert experience. Their team is committed and skillful.

unparalleled expertise and industry experience

At RDM, you’ll find a strong commitment to

customer satisfaction

They focus on quality, offer great packaging, and care about you. Plus, they act responsibly towards the planet and society too. This means their actions match their words.

dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices

, ensuring that their supply chain aligns with the values of environmentally-conscious and socially responsible businesses.

Applications and Inspiration

RDM International’s premium IQF red raspberries are great for many dishes. They make all kinds of food better, from bakeries to the frozen dessert market. Food makers, bakers, and chefs love using these high-quality raspberries.

Elevate Bakery Creations with Our IQF Red Raspberries

In baking, RDM’s IQF red raspberries bring a lot to the table. They add natural sweetness and a pop of color to cakes and pastries. With their great taste and texture, they lift your baked goods to a whole new level.

Indulge in Premium Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts

RDM’s IQF red raspberries are perfect for top-notch ice creams, sorbets, and more. Being quick-frozen, they keep their sweetness and color intact. This gives your customers an indulgent treat with every bite.

Enhance Sauces, Jams, and Preserves with Natural Flavors

These raspberries are not just for baking and desserts. They’re also great for making sauces, jams, and preserves better. Adding these raspberries to your recipes gives a natural flavor everyone will love.

Partnering with the Best in the Industry

RDM International’s success comes from working closely with a top-notch IQF red raspberries distributor. They partner with a network of elite frozen food suppliers. This ensures they can offer their customers the best raspberries consistently.

Our Trusted Network of Suppliers

RDM International partners with the best raspberry processing companies and frozen raspberry exporters. These suppliers care about quality, eco-friendly practices, and being fair. This shared commitment allows RDM to deliver top-notch IQF red raspberries all over the world.

Collaborative Relationships for Seamless Operations

Working together is key at RDM International. They and their suppliers make a smooth and reliable supply chain. This teamwork ensures a steady flow of high-quality IQF raspberries to various places. This includes food makers, bakeries, the ice cream industry, and premium raspberry wholesalers. By doing so, they offer excellent service to their customers.

Premium IQF raspberry distributor

Conclusion: Your Trusted Source for Premium IQF Red Raspberries

RDM International is your go-to for the best IQF red raspberries. They are committed to top quality, with years of experience and a global presence. If you’re in the food manufacturing, bakery, or distributor field, using their raspberries will make your foods taste better and fresher. Your customers will be truly delighted.

The premium raspberry wholesaler work and expertise of RDM International mean top-notch IQF raspberries for your business. Whether you need them for bakeries, the ice cream industry, or food manufacturing, they’ve got you covered. Their keen focus on keeping raspberries fresh and delivering quality make them a trusted IQF raspberry supplier.

Choosing RDM International as your frozen raspberry exporter means you’re choosing a leader. They deeply care about making their customers happy in eco-friendly ways. As the premium IQF red raspberries distributor, they open the door for your products to shine. Try their IQF red raspberries and see your food products at a new level of greatness.


What makes RDM International’s IQF red raspberries premium quality?

RDM International’s IQF red raspberries are top-notch. They pick only the best raw materials. They use cutting-edge freezing tech. Plus, they check the quality every step of the way.

What varieties of IQF red raspberries does RDM International offer?

RDM International has many types of IQF red raspberries. You can choose from Heritage, Fertodi, Autumn Bliss, and more. This way, they make sure to have something for everyone.

What packaging options are available for RDM International’s IQF red raspberries?

There are several packaging options at RDM International. You can get them in 4×2.5kg or 5x1kg cartons. They also offer 1x10kg cartons. If you need something special, they can create custom packaging too.

What certifications do RDM International’s IQF red raspberries hold?

RDM International’s berries come from facilities with top certifications. These include ISO, HACCP, BRC, KOSHER, and HALAL. This means their berries are safe and match the strictest food standards.

What culinary applications are RDM International’s IQF red raspberries suitable for?

RDM International’s IQF red raspberries are great for many dishes. They are perfect for baked goods and desserts. You can also use them in sauces, jams, and preserves.

How does RDM International ensure a consistent supply of high-quality IQF red raspberries?

RDM International works closely with their suppliers. This helps them always have the best raspberries. They are experts in keeping the berries fresh during transportation.