Imagine a burst of tangy-sweet flavor that boosts your food to the next level. Dive into RDM International’s premium dried cranberries, where only the best fruit is used. It’s all about careful harvest and drying to keep the goodness. But what makes ours stand out?

Enjoy the great taste and health benefits of cranberries. With RDM International’s Premium Dried Cranberries, you get top-quality. Our cranberries are gently dried to keep their natural taste and nutrition. They’re mixed with sugar, making them hard to resist. Each one is hand-packed for maximum freshness. Item Number: 82009. Shipping Weight: 12lbs. Packed in bulk. $31.00 Available.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers premium-quality dried cranberries made from the finest fruit
  • Our gentle drying process preserves the natural flavor and nutrition of the cranberries
  • Cranberries are gently infused with sugar, creating a delightfully sweet-tangy taste
  • Hand-packaged to ensure the highest quality and freshness
  • Competitively priced at $31.00 for a 12lb bulk pack

Introducing RDM International: Premier Dried Cranberry Supplier

RDM International offers top-quality dried cranberries. We work with the best cranberry growers cooperative. So, we make sure the cranberries are fresh and tasty.

Harvesting the Finest Cranberries

Our work starts with trusted cranberry processors and cranberry exporters. They send us the best cranberries. Thanks to these partners, we always meet our high quality standards.

Gentle Drying Process to Preserve Natural Flavors

We dry our organic dried cranberries and sweetened dried cranberries with care. This keeps their natural sweetness and nutrition. Our process makes sure the fruit keeps its great taste and texture.

Dried Cranberry Varieties: Conventional and Organic

RDM International is a top choice for premium dried cranberries supplier. We offer a wide range of dried cranberries, from classic to organic. Everyone can find a tasty fit for their meals.

Whole, Sliced, and Diced Options

Our conventional dried cranberries come in whole, sliced, and diced forms. This makes them perfect for many dishes. Use them in everything from treats to healthy salads.

Infused with Natural Sweeteners

For those watching their diet, we have sweetened dried cranberries with natural sweeteners. These no sugar added cranberries are tasty and good for you. They are perfect for a healthier choice.

Organic Dried Cranberries for Health-Conscious Consumers

We also offer organic dried cranberries. Made by cranberry growers cooperative and cranberry processors. They are for people who want pure and sustainable food.

At RDM International, you’ll find the right dried cranberries for your needs. Whether you’re looking for cranberry exporters or cranberry distributors, we have what you need. Enjoy making dishes that your customers will love.

Premium Dried Cranberries Supplier: Quality Assurance

At RDM International, we promise top-notch premium dried cranberries to all. We use strict checks to make sure our cranberries are perfect. We watch over the drying closely to keep the taste and natural form just right.

Stringent Quality Control Measures

Our team at RDM International is all about high standards. We go from picking the best organic dried cranberries to the last packaging step with great care. Every detail is looked after for the best outcome.

Maintaining Optimal Moisture Levels

We focus on keeping our sweetened dried cranberries and no sugar added cranberries fresh. Our advanced drying spots help us control the moisture. This makes sure our cranberry growers cooperative and cranberry processors offer top taste and feel.

Abiding by these high-quality rules, RDM International always serves top premium dried cranberries. It’s what cranberry exporters and cranberry distributors can trust for great food. Discover what true dedication to quality brings.

Versatile Applications: From Bakery to Trail Mixes

RDM International’s premium dried cranberries are super flexible in many dishes. Bakers, salad lovers, and drink fans can all enjoy these dried fruits. They bring a new, tasty twist to your foods and drinks.

Enhancing Flavors in Baked Goods

Premium dried cranberries are perfect for bakers and chefs. They add a tangy-sweet flavor to cakes, cookies, and more. Besides their taste, they also make your treats look great. Our dried cranberry wholesaler goods are sweet, fitting well with many ingredients.

Adding Zest to Salads and Toppings

Love salads? Try our bulk cranberry supplier dried cranberries on top. They add zest and color to your greens. Our organic dried cranberries make your salads pop and taste amazing.

Cranberry Infusion for Beverages and Smoothies

Mix our sweetened dried cranberries or no sugar added cranberries in drinks or smoothies. This adds a special, refreshing twist. Enhance your meals with our cranberry growers cooperative products. Discover new ways to use cranberries in your food.

Customized Solutions for Your Business Needs

At RDM International, we know every business is different. Whether you’re a premium dried cranberries supplier, dried cranberry wholesaler, bulk cranberry supplier, organic dried cranberries, sweetened dried cranberries, or no sugar added cranberries business, we have unique solutions for you. We offer personalized services to suit your needs.

Our team can help with choosing the right cranberry growers cooperative, cranberry processors, cranberry exporters, or cranberry distributors. Also, we can find the perfect size, flavor, or packaging for you. We’re here to work closely with you. Together, we’ll create the ideal dried cranberry plan for your line of work.

We’re dedicated to giving you personal service and exact solutions. Turn to RDM International for the very best dried cranberries. We’re committed to fulfilling your special business needs.

Sourcing Dried Cranberries from Trusted Growers

RDM International works closely with known cranberry farms. We choose them for their top-notch sustainable farming practices. This helps us make sure our dried cranberries are always high quality and meet our standards.

Partnering with Reputable Cranberry Farms

We pick our cranberry processors and exporters carefully. They help us make sure every batch of our dried cranberry wholesaler goods is handled well. This close work with top cranberry growers cooperative means we always get great care and attention to detail in our products.

Supporting Sustainable Farming Practices

Sustainability is very important to us. That’s why we team up with cranberry distributors who care about the environment. Together, we bring you organic dried cranberries and no sugar added cranberries. With these efforts, we offer bulk cranberry supplier options that taste great and are sourced responsibly.

Sourcing Dried Cranberries

Nationwide and Global Distribution Network

RDM International makes sure you can get our top dried cranberries in the US and worldwide. We are quick to fulfill orders, no matter where you are. Count on us for all your dried cranberry needs, whether in the US or overseas.

Reliable Delivery Across the United States

RDM International has distribution spots across the US, making it easy to reach any location. Our smooth process means your bulk cranberry orders arrive fast. This helps keep your work going and your customers happy with fresh organic dried cranberries or other types.

International Shipping Capabilities

We ship beyond the US, thanks to our group of cranberry growers, processors, exporters, and distributors. This network helps us send dried cranberries worldwide. From wholesalers to retailers, we meet your shipping needs and get orders to you on time.

Customer Testimonials: Taste the Difference

At RDM International, we take pride in our high-quality dried cranberries. Our customers love the taste and how they can use them. Many happy clients talk about the difference RDM’s premium dried cranberries supplier, dried cranberry wholesaler, and bulk cranberry supplier make in their cooking.

“The vibrant color and natural sweetness of RDM International’s organic dried cranberries have elevated our baked goods to a whole new level. We’ve received rave reviews from our customers, who can’t get enough of the delicious cranberry flavor.”

– Sara Johnson, Bakery Owner

“As a cranberry growers cooperative, we were thrilled to discover RDM International as our cranberry processors and cranberry exporters. Their commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices aligns perfectly with our values, and our customers love the sweetened dried cranberries and no sugar added cranberries we offer.”

– David Michaels, Cranberry Cooperative President

Our customer feedback shows RDM International’s premium dried cranberries are top-notch. Try them in your recipes. See how cranberry distributors from RDM International can make your business better. Your customers will love RDM International’s dried cranberries.

Innovating with Flavored Dried Cranberries

At RDM International, we work hard to make dried cranberries that are fun and delicious. We have our classic premium dried cranberries, but now we also have blueberry, cherry, and raspberry flavors. These different tastes make your food more exciting. You can use them in many ways to add a tangy-sweet kick.

Blueberry, Cherry, and Raspberry Infusions

Our dried cranberry wholesaler lineup will take your snacks and drinks to a new level. Blueberry cranberries add a burst of fruitiness. Cherry cranberries mix sweet and sour in a perfect way. And our raspberry cranberries offer a strong, bold berry taste that’s unique.

Exploring New Flavor Combinations

Our team is always looking for new flavors to share with you. As a bulk cranberry supplier or a organic dried cranberries fan, you’ll find our unique cranberries perfect for any recipe. They let you create amazing dishes and drinks that stand out.

flavored dried cranberries

Conclusion: Your Partner for Premium Dried Cranberries

Premium dried cranberries supplier RDM International is dedicated to high-quality, flavorful cranberries. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We use strict quality control and have a wide distribution network to serve you well. This ensures your customers will be thrilled.

Make RDM International your top choice for dried cranberry wholesaler. Discover the difference premium-quality cranberries can bring. Whether baking, loving salads, or enjoying drinks, our organic dried cranberries, sweetened dried cranberries, and no sugar added cranberries will enhance your recipes. They offer a sweet-tart taste and bright color.

RDM International is a trusted cranberry growers cooperative, cranberry processors, and more. We aim to be your go-to for the best bulk cranberry supplier. Let us help you enhance your products with our top-notch dried cranberries.


What makes RDM International’s premium dried cranberries stand out?

RDM International’s top-quality dried cranberries come from the finest fruit. They keep their natural taste and nutrients. A gentle process keeps them tangy-sweet.

What dried cranberry varieties does RDM International offer?

RDM offers a lot of types. You can get them whole, sliced, diced, or organic with sweeteners.

How does RDM International ensure the quality of their dried cranberries?

They watch the moisture closely. This keeps the cranberries tasty and healthy. Their method keeps the fruit’s natural quality.

What are the versatile applications of RDM International’s premium dried cranberries?

Their cranberries work in many foods. Use them in baking, salads, drinks, and more. They add a tasty sweetness and color.

Does RDM International offer customized solutions for businesses?

Yes, they make tailor-made products for any need. It could be size, taste, or packaging.

Where does RDM International source their dried cranberries from?

They work with trusted cranberry farms. This means the best quality and eco-friendly growing practices.

How does RDM International’s distribution network ensure timely delivery?

Their wide network gets cranberries to their customers fast. This includes the U.S. and beyond, with great shipping options.

What new and exciting dried cranberry products has RDM International introduced?

RDM now has special flavors like blueberry and raspberry. These new types make meals even more delicious.