Ever wonder why the best boysenberry juice concentrate stands out? Meet RDM International, a top source for premium boysenberry puree and natural boysenberry extract. Their organic boysenberry juice is a cooking gem. It’s made with care and top-notch boysenberry fruit processing.

What makes RDM’s boysenberry flavor concentrate and boysenberry concentrate wholesale so good? In this piece, find out how they use top facilities and know-how. This lets them offer a top premium boysenberry juice concentrate. It upgrades drinks and dishes every time.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a leading supplier of premium boysenberry juice concentrate.
  • Their expertise in fruit processing and strong relationships with growers ensure a consistent, high-quality product.
  • RDM’s state-of-the-art facilities transform freshly harvested boysenberries into a culinary masterpiece.
  • Rigorous quality control and regulatory compliance set RDM’s boysenberry juice concentrate apart.
  • Their concentrate elevates the flavor and nutritional profile of a wide range of food and beverage products.

What is Boysenberry Juice Concentrate?

Boysenberries mix the tasty bits of blackberries, raspberries, and loganberries. They are rich in antioxidants. This makes them a key player in the food and drink world.

Nutritional Profile of Boysenberries

Boysenberries carry lots of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They top up your vitamin C for a healthier immune system. Plus, these berries have good amounts of vitamin K, manganese, and copper. Their deep purple color shows they’re full of polyphenols too. These fight off harmful substances in the body.

Harvesting and Processing of Boysenberries

Boysenberries are picked in the summer when they’re just right. RDM International and local growers work together. They make sure the berries are picked at the best time. This keeps their flavor and nutrients high.

The picked berries head to RDM’s modern processing centers. There, they are gently washed, pressed, and filtered. Next, the juice is pasteurized and made thicker using a special process. This gives us a boysenberry juice concentrate that’s flavorful, colorful, and packed with nutrients.

Premium Boysenberry Juice Concentrate Supplier

RDM International is a top supplier of boysenberry juice concentrate. They have many years of experience in processing fruits. They work closely with boysenberry growers to always have the best ingredients. Their facilities use modern technology to make the concentrate flavorful and safe to use.

Benefits of Using Boysenberry Juice Concentrate

Adding RDM International’s boysenberry juice concentrate to your items is a wise move. Boysenberries are packed with antioxidants, kept in the concentrate. Its deep, purple color shows it’s full of polyphenols. These can boost health and make your products appealing to the health-conscious.

Rich in Antioxidants

Boysenberries are loaded with antioxidants, and RDM keeps all this goodness in their concentrate. By using this in your products, you give your customers a natural boost for their health.

Vibrant Color and Bold Flavor

RDM captures boysenberries’ intense, unique taste in their juice concentrate. It adds a bold, slightly sour flavor with sweet notes. Ideal for drinks, treats, and yogurt, it makes your products not just taste good, but also look great with its purple-red color.

Applications of Boysenberry Juice Concentrate

RDM International’s boysenberry juice concentrate is ready for use in any recipe. It can make your drinks and foods delicious. Think of the many tasty things you could make with it.

Beverages and Smoothies

Add RDM’s boysenberry juice concentrate to your drinks for a big taste and health boost. Mix it with water or other juices for thirst-quenching drinks. It makes smoothies even better, adding sweetness and health benefits.

Baking and Yogurt

Put RDM’s boysenberry juice concentrate in your baked treats for a fruity kick. It works in muffins, cakes, and more. You can also use it to flavor yogurt, offering a tasty and healthy snack.

Nutraceutical Beverages

RDM’s boysenberry juice concentrate helps you meet the demand for healthy drinks. It’s packed with antioxidants and looks great. Blend it into your drinks to give customers a flavorful way to boost their health.

Sourcing and Quality Control

At RDM International, your trust is key. Our focus is on delivering top-notch boysenberry juice concentrate. Every batch undergoes strict testing to ensure it’s free from harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.

Our advanced lab uses special tools to check each batch thoroughly. This means you get a pure and safe product with every purchase.

Preserving Freshness and Nutrients

We don’t just check for safety; we also care about keeping the juice fresh and full of nutrients. Our process aims to keep the antioxidant, vitamin, and other good compounds in the juice.

Thanks to our methods, the boysenberry juice concentrate stays delicious and good for you. You can trust in the quality for all your recipes.

Versatile Product Range

At RDM International, we know customers have different needs for boysenberry juice concentrate. So, we offer many options to suit you.

Organic and Natural Options

We have more than just the usual boysenberry juice concentrate. Our collection includes organic and all-natural types. These are great for brands wanting to meet the demands of health-conscious buyers.

Variety of Concentrations and Formats

Our boysenberry juice comes in various strengths and packages. You can find the right choice for any use. Need a high Brix level or want aseptic packaging? We’ve got what you need.

Concentration Packaging
15 Brix Aseptic Drum
40 Brix Non-Aseptic Bag-in-Box
65 Brix Aseptic Tote

boysenberry juice concentrate

Expertise in Fruit Processing

RDM International is known for processing fruit. They work closely with boysenberry growers worldwide. Their team helps the growers know the best ways to grow and pick the fruit. This way, they get the best fruit for their products.

Relationships with Growers

RDM helps boysenberry farmers worldwide with their fruit. Their team shares tips and support to make the fruit better. Thanks to this work, RDM gets top-quality boysenberries for their juice concentrate.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

RDM has top-notch places to process fruit. These are in the best growing spots. They use the newest tech and follow strict safety rules. This means they always make high-quality juice concentrate.

Regulatory Compliance and Safety

At RDM International, we deeply value your trust and your customers’ safety. Our premium boysenberry juice concentrate is made following strict food safety rules. When you pick us as your supplier, you get a top-notch, safe ingredient for your items.

Our facilities are cutting-edge, and we have intense quality checks. Every batch of boysenberry juice concentrate meets very high standards. We do thorough tests for harmful elements and carefully watch how it’s made. We’re committed to making sure our product is excellent.

Choosing RDM International means you’re choosing safe boysenberry juice concentrate for your products. With us by your side, you know your customers are getting something reliable. Our focus on quality and following the rules brings you peace of mind.

Exploring New Flavor Combinations

RDM International offers many fruit juice concentrates, including a top-quality boysenberry one. This gives food and drink makers the chance to get creative. They can mix boysenberry with lots of flavors to make new and amazing tastes.

Unleashing Creativity

Using RDM’s boysenberry concentrate lets you make exciting blends. Mix its bold, slightly tart flavors with other fruits, herbs, or spices. This creates unique drinks, desserts, and more. With RDM’s boysenberry, your options are vast.

Staying Ahead of Trends

RDM keeps up with what people like and what’s new in the industry. This helps you be trendsetters. By mixing new flavors, you can offer what customers want – something unique. Add RDM’s boysenberry to stand out.

Boysenberry concentrate

Customer Support and Collaboration

RDM International is dedicated to top-notch customer support and forming collaborative partnerships. Our informed team partners with you to grasp your needs. We offer advice and custom options to reach your development goals.

Building strong ties is vital in our business. We are committed to making you satisfied. For new products or efficient processes, our team is here for you.

Services Offered Benefits to Customers
Technical guidance and support Streamlined product development and seamless integration of our ingredients
Customized solutions and formulations Tailored products that meet your specific requirements
Collaborative product ideation Innovative and market-leading products that captivate consumers
Regulatory compliance support Confidence in the safety and legality of your finished products

RDM International is more than a seller; we are your partner in success. We ensure you can smoothly use our high-quality boysenberry juice concentrate. Our customer support is ready to help at every turn.


RDM International proudly offers top-quality boysenberry juice concentrate. This shows their amazing skills in processing fruits and their dedication to quality. They work closely with growers, have advanced facilities, and use strict measures to ensure the best concentrate. This improves the taste and health benefits of many foods and drinks.

RDM International is a reliable source for those wanting unique and health-friendly ingredients. They aim to help their customers succeed by being innovative, meeting all rules, and providing great customer service. They are ideal for companies looking to stand out and please their customers.

Use RDM International’s boysenberry juice concentrate and see your products shine. Treat your customers to a blend of rich flavor and good health that will win them over. This is a great way to move your business ahead.


What is RDM International’s specialty?

RDM International specializes in boysenberry juice concentrate. They make it from top-quality boysenberries.

What makes RDM International’s boysenberry juice concentrate stand out?

RDM has great know-how in processing fruits. They have strong ties with growers. This leads to very good concentrate. Their modern facilities turn fresh boysenberries into top-quality juice. This preserves the fruit’s natural goodness perfectly.

What are the nutritional benefits of boysenberries?

Boysenberries contain many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They are very good for you. The deep purple color means they are rich in polyphenols. These help with health and well-being.

How does RDM International ensure the quality of their boysenberry juice concentrate?

RDM makes sure their boysenberry concentrate is the best. They have lots of experience in fruit processing. They are close with the boysenberry growers. Also, they use the latest tech in their facilities.Their process turns fresh boysenberries into a concentrated, flavorful product. This meets very high quality and safety rules.

What are some of the applications of RDM’s boysenberry juice concentrate?

RDM’s concentrate is great for making drinks, smoothies, and more. It’s also used in baking, yogurt, and health products. The concentrate’s taste and color make it great for many uses.

How does RDM International ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of their boysenberry juice concentrate?

RDM makes its products following safety laws. This means customers can trust it as a safe ingredient. They do careful tests for pesticides and more. They use the best technology for this.

What makes RDM International’s boysenberry juice concentrate a versatile ingredient?

RDM offers many fruit juice concentrates, including their boysenberry one. This helps food and beverage makers get creative. The boysenberry concentrate mixes well with other flavors. This creates new and exciting tastes.

How does RDM International support its customers?

RDM is all about great customer support and working together. Their team helps clients with technical advice and custom solutions. They want to help achieve product development goals.