Looking for the top blackberry juice concentrate supplier? Choose RDM International for the best. We are the top distributor of natural, food-grade blackberry juice concentrate. With over 50 years in the industry, we’ve gained trust by offering the highest quality and service. We are the number one choice for those needing blackberry concentrate for beverages and food production.

What makes RDM International stand out as the best blackberry juice concentrate supplier? Our secret is in our high-grade, food-grade blackberry concentrate. It improves the flavor of drinks and dishes significantly.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International offers top-quality, natural blackberry juice concentrates for all your beverage and food production needs.
  • We’re the leading distributor of high-quality blackberry juice concentrate, serving the industry for over 50 years.
  • Our aim is to provide the best blackberry concentrate quality and service, making us the go-to supplier for many.
  • RDM International is your trusted source for premium blackberry concentrate suppliers and bulk blackberry concentrate.
  • Unlock the rich, intense flavor of blackberries with our top-notch food-grade blackberry concentrate.

Unlock the Rich, Intense Flavor of Blackberries

Discover the wonder of blackberry juice concentrate with RDM International’s top-notch product. It comes from the best blackberries, handpicked to keep their natural sweetness. With this premium concentrate, your recipes and drinks will taste better.

Crafted from the Finest Blackberries

RDM International makes its concentrate from only the juiciest blackberries. These berries are carefully chosen to keep their sweet, intense flavor. Our special process ensures every drop is packed with the true blackberry taste.

A Culinary Masterpiece for Beverages and Recipes

RDM International’s concentrate lets you do more in the kitchen and behind the bar. Create cool drinks or add a burst of flavor to your cooking. It’s perfect for crafting cocktails, blending smoothies, or making your recipes stand out with delicious blackberry flavor.

High-Quality Blackberry Juice Concentrate Distributor

RDM International is top at giving out high-quality blackberry juice concentrate. We supply premium blackberry concentrates all over. Our focus is on offering great quality and service. That’s why so many pick us for their blackberry concentrate needs. Looking for top-notch blackberry juice concentrate or a great supplier

Key Differentiators

At RDM International, we’re known for top-quality blackberry concentrate. Clients love our premium juice. Our dedication to excellence truly stands out.

RDM International

We’re proud to have over 50 years in the industry. Our expertise in making blackberry concentrate is unmatched. We always aim to bring the best to our customers.

Industry Experience

Our years in the business have taught us a lot. We know the blackberry concentrate market inside and out. This knowledge helps us make products that food and drink makers worldwide love.

Blackberry Concentrate Expertise

We know how to pick the best blackberries. Then we use top-notch processing to make the perfect concentrate. Our skill leads to concentrates that taste amazing, meeting the high standards of customers.

Client Relationships

Our strong partnerships with clients are key to our success. Knowing what they need helps us provide just the right solutions. We always aim to go beyond what’s expected.

Logistic Solutions

Getting our concentrate to clients is very important. We provide the best logistic solutions so your order arrives on time. Every order, every time.

blackberry concentrate

Product Specifications

At RDM International, we focus on the details of our Blackberry Juice Concentrate. It has an acidity of 9.0 to 13.0. This gives it a sharp, tangy taste perfect for many foods and drinks.

Acidity: 9.0 – 13.0

Our blackberry concentrate has a perfect acidity level. It boosts the fruit’s natural tartness. This makes it ideal for various dishes and drinks.

Brix Level (Refractometric): 64-66

Along with a balanced acidity, our concentrate has a brix level of 64-66. This means it’s very sweet and flavorful. It makes your meals and drinks taste even better.

Specification Value
Acidity 9.0 – 13.0
Brix Level (Refractometric) 64-66

Versatile Packaging Options

RDM International understands your need for varied packaging. We provide many choices to keep your blackberry juice concentrate fresh. You can pick aseptic or frozen, whichever you prefer.

Aseptic or Frozen Concentrate

Choose our blackberry concentrate in aseptic or frozen types based on your needs. The aseptic type keeps the taste and nutrients fresh. The frozen one lasts longer for storage purposes.

Bags, Boxes, Bins, Drums, or Tankers

We also have different ways to package your concentrate. Pick bags, boxes, bins, drums, or tankers. This ensures your concentrate arrives safely and conveniently.

With us, you can find the perfect blackberry concentrate packaging. This choice makes your production and delivery smooth. It leads to a great supply chain for your business.

Worldwide Distribution and Compliance

RDM International is a top supplier worldwide. We deliver high-quality blackberry juice concentrate all over. Through our vast network and skilled delivery options, we send products everywhere, like North America, Europe, and Asia.

Compliance Certifications

We’re proud to provide premium blackberry concentrate that meets top industry standards. Our products have important certifications like FDA, FSSC 22000, Kosher, and Halal. So, you can trust us as your reliable supplier.

Shipping Options

Understanding your specific transportation and storage needs for blackberry concentrate is vital to us. We offer many ways to ship, from aseptic or frozen to flexible packaging. Your order will arrive perfect, getting your business running smoothly.

Preserving Natural Benefits

At RDM International, we focus on keeping the natural benefits of blackberries. Our Blackberry Juice Concentrate is top-quality. We use the latest tech and modern facilities.

This way, we carefully treat the blackberry concentrate. We keep all the good stuff – natural flavors, aromas, and textures.

Latest Technology and Modern Facilities

We use advanced processing techniques and equipment. Our approach preserves the authentic characteristics of the blackberries.

This means our Blackberry Juice Concentrate keeps its rich, intense flavor. You’ll truly taste the essence of this remarkable fruit.

Retaining Organoleptic Properties

Keeping the natural benefits of blackberries is vital to us. We work hard to keep the full range of their qualities. This includes the vibrant color, inviting aroma, and satisfying mouthfeel.

Our premium Blackberry Juice Concentrate lets you experience the real taste of fresh blackberries. You’ll taste it in every sip or bite.

Nutritional Powerhouse

Blackberries are super good for you. RDM International’s Blackberry Juice Concentrate is full of vitamins and minerals. It has vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, and more.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

RDM International’s concentrate is great for your health. It has lots of vitamin C, which fights off bad stuff. Vitamin K helps your bones get stronger too.

Potential Health Benefits

Drinking this juice may help in many ways. It could keep your blood sugar and inflammation in check. Some studies say it might even lower cancer risk.

Adding this concentrate to your diet is a simple step. It can help boost your well-being.

Premium Blackberry Juice Concentrate Supplier

RDM International is the top supplier for top-quality blackberry juice concentrate. We provide natural concentrates that bring out the best of blackberries. For all your food and beverage needs, count on our blackberry concentrate expertise. Our commitment ensures the best service worldwide.

blackberry concentrate

Enhance your products with our blackberry juice concentrate. From drinks to food, RDM International brings intense flavor. We are dedicated to meeting your customers’ high standards.

Product Attribute Specification
Acidity 9.0 – 13.0
Brix Level (Refractometric) 64-66

See the impact of our premium blackberry juice concentrate on your business. Contact us at RDM International. Let’s bring out the best of this superfruit together.

Experienced and Trusted Manufacturer

For over 50 years, RDM International has led in blackberry concentrate making. Our experience helps us make top-quality products continually.

Five Decades in the Industry

RDM International’s long history makes us experts in blackberry concentrate. We’ve spent five decades perfecting our methods. This means we can offer the best blackberry juice concentrate to people all over the world.

Strong Client Relationships

Building strong ties with our clients is key for us. We take time to know what they need. This approach helps us provide the right solutions, making us a top choice for premium blackberry concentrate.

Optimal Logistic Solutions

Ensuring your blackberry concentrate gets to you smoothly is crucial. We use advanced logistics and a big distribution network. This way, getting your premium blackberry concentrate is always stress-free with RDM International.


RDM International is your go-to for top-quality blackberry juice concentrate. We have 50+ years in the industry, making us experts. Our strong client connections and good logistics mean we’re the best choice for food and beverage makers who want rich, flavorful concentrate.

By choosing RDM International, you can have the bold taste of blackberries in your items. Our blackberry concentrate is known for quality, service, and new ideas. It’s a key ingredient for making your drinks and dishes taste fantastic.

Try RDM International’s superior blackberry concentrate for a real change in your products. Our concentrate offers amazing flavor, health benefits, and many uses. You can count on us for the best blackberry juice concentrate you need, with reliability and experience.


Where can I find a premium blackberry juice concentrate supplier?

RDM International is your top pick for high-quality, natural blackberry juice concentrates. They meet all your beverage and food production needs. With over 50 years in the industry, they are a trusted name in blackberry concentrates.

What makes RDM International’s blackberry juice concentrate premium?

RDM International’s concentrate uses carefully selected blackberries. They’re processed to keep their natural sweetness. This makes your recipes and drinks taste amazing.

What are the key specifications of RDM International’s blackberry juice concentrate?

RDM International’s concentrate is bold and tangy with an acidity of 9.0 to 13.0. It has a sweet brix level of 64-66, adding great flavor to your creations.

What packaging options does RDM International offer for their blackberry juice concentrate?

They offer aseptic or frozen concentrate in various types of packaging. This includes bags, boxes, bins, drums, or tankers. They provide options that are suitable for your needs.

Does RDM International distribute their blackberry juice concentrate globally?

Yes, RDM International sends their concentrate worldwide, meeting all shipping rules. They reach customers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Their service is truly global.

What makes RDM International’s blackberry juice concentrate a nutritional powerhouse?

RDM International’s concentrate contains vitamins A, C, E, K, and more. It also includes minerals like potassium and calcium. It’s good for your health, possibly helping with blood sugar and more.

Why should I choose RDM International as my premium blackberry juice concentrate supplier?

Choose RDM for their 50 years of experience, deep knowledge, and great service. They are the best choice for any food or drink company looking for top-notch blackberry concentrate.