Looking for top-notch canned tomatoes with unmatched flavor and uses? Look to RDM International. They’re the go-to for food makers, sellers, and chefs. RDM‘s tomatoes bring rich, bold flavors, thanks to careful selection and packing.

Beefsteak tomatoes stand out for their big size, rich red color, and juiciness. These vine-ripened tomatoes burst with flavor all year. But, they’re best in summer and early fall. RDM makes sure you get the best with their canned versions, perfect for any dish.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a premier canned tomatoes supplier known for quality products
  • Beefsteak tomatoes are a prized variety with exceptional size, color, and flavor
  • Vine-ripened tomatoes offer unparalleled taste and versatility year-round
  • RDM’s canning process preserves the natural richness and freshness of their tomatoes
  • Customers can trust RDM to deliver consistent, high-quality canned tomato products

What makes RDM the top choice for canned tomatoes? Learn their secret to top-notch tomato goods. And find out how they can make your meals even better.

The Art of Canning Tomatoes

At the heart of canning is the top quality of the tomatoes. Beefsteak tomatoes are a top pick. They’re large, deep red, and juicy. These vine-ripened tomatoes are grown with care. This captures their best flavor and nutrients. So, in every can, you get a rich, bold taste.

Vine-Ripened Beefsteak Tomatoes

The process starts with choosing the best beefsteak tomatoes. These tomatoes ripen slowly on the vine. This makes them sweet and colorful. They have a taste you don’t find in other canned tomatoes.

Preserving Nature’s Bounty

RDM International works hard to keep the tomatoes in their natural state. They use careful steps to maintain color and texture. This keeps the tomatoes tasting fresh in every can.

Freshness Sealed in a Can

The last step is sealing the cans at RDM International. This step keeps the canned tomato quality high. It makes sure you can enjoy fresh taste all year round.

Premier Canned Tomatoes Supplier: RDM International

RDM International leads in canned tomatoes for food distributors and makers. Since 1942, they’ve been producing top tomato products on Midwest Family Farms. Their goal is clear: to make the freshest tasting tomato goods worldwide. This comes from making everything with high quality, great service, and the best operations.

RDM is known as a premier canned tomatoes supplier. They’re famous for giving unmatched food manufacturing solutions. Their dedication to being innovative and always getting better shows in what they offer. Each canned tomato is made with the latest tech and checked for top quality. This makes sure they’re always a great choice.

Many in the food manufacturing world turn to RDM for their canned tomatoes. They offer a wide range, perfect for making dishes stand out. Their range includes sauces for pizzas and pasta, as well as soups and salsas. Chefs and food makers pick RDM for the best tasty creations.

The Ciao Difference

Ciao Tomatoes are not just any canned tomatoes. They are carefully grown and picked at their peak. Planted in the rich soil near Mount Vesuvius, these tomatoes are full of flavor. The area’s sunshine adds even more health benefits. You’re getting the best when you choose Ciao Tomatoes.

From Farm to Factory

The journey from farm to factory is quick for Ciao’s tomatoes. They are canned within 6 hours of being picked, keeping them fresh and full of nutrients. This special process ensures you get the tastiest and healthiest tomato products out there.

Rich Soil, Robust Flavor

The soil around Mount Vesuvius is the key to Ciao’s tasty tomatoes. This special soil gives the tomatoes a flavor you won’t find elsewhere. Ciao Tomatoes stand out as a unique and delicious choice in every meal.

Antioxidant-Rich Tomatoes

Thanks to plenty of sunshine, Ciao’s tomatoes are packed with antioxidants. These Ciao Tomatoes aren’t just great tasting, they’re also good for you. Enjoy the fresh, high-quality taste and health benefits they bring.

Ciao Tomatoes

Featured Canned Tomato Products

RDM International has a big selection of top-notch canned tomatoes. They aim to meet their buyers’ different needs. You can pick from the tasty whole peeled tomatoes to the easy diced tomatoes, tomato puree, and tomato sauce. They are chosen and made carefully to keep the flavor of real whole peeled tomatoes, diced tomatoes, tomato puree, and tomato sauce.

Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Our whole peeled tomatoes are great for making rich sauces, stews, and soups. They are picked ripe for a natural, balanced flavor that makes your food stand out.

Diced Tomatoes

RDM’s diced tomatoes are perfect for giving dishes more texture and taste. They hold their shape well. With every bite, you get a fresh, tomato flavor.

Tomato Puree

Our top-quality tomato puree is key for sauces, soups, and marinades. It adds a deep tomato taste to your recipes.

Tomato Sauce

RDM’s tomato sauce is a quick, tasty choice for meals. It’s made from the best canned tomato products. This means every dish will have the same great taste and quality.

Buyers trust RDM’s canned tomatoes for their cooking. They’re sure they’re getting the best whole peeled tomatoes, diced tomatoes, tomato puree, tomato sauce.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

RDM International is known for top-quality canned tomatoes. Happy customer reviews show why. Many chefs love the balanced flavors and firm textures of RDM’s products.

People love RDM’s canned tomato products for their convenience. They work great in many recipes without needing extra spice. They’re a top pick for chefs and anyone cooking at home.

“RDM’s canned tomatoes changed my pizza game. Their rich flavor and perfect texture don’t need extra effort to stand out.”
– Sarah, Pizzaiola

“RDM’s canned tomatoes make my restaurant life easier. Their quality and convenience are unbeatable. We use their puree in our famous sauce.”
– Michael, Restaurant Owner

The great customer feedback for RDM says it all. It shows their dedication to quality and pleasing customers. RDM is well-loved by chefs, food makers, and distributors for their canned tomato products.

Versatility in the Kitchen

RDM International’s canned tomato products are great in the kitchen. You can easily add them to many dishes. This includes pizza and pasta sauces, soups and stews, and salsas and dips. RDM’s tomatoes add rich and tasty flavors to your cooking.

Pizzas and Pasta Sauces

RDM’s tomatoes work perfectly for pizza sauce and pasta sauces. With their just right acid and full tomato taste, they make Italian dishes better. Every good kitchen should have them.

Soups and Stews

RDM’s canned tomatoes are key for tomato soups and tomato stews. From a simple tomato bisque to a big veggie stew, RDM’s tomatoes start these meals right. You can make great, tomato-rich food without trouble.

Salsas and Dips

RDM’s diced tomatoes and puree are perfect for tomato salsas and tomato dips. Their natural sweet and tart mix makes tasty party food or snacks. They’re great for any special time or just at home.

Private Label and Bulk Options

RDM International knows each business is unique. We offer tailored solutions for your private label canned tomatoes and bulk tomato products needs. Our experienced team will help you create your very own custom tomato processing and food manufacturing partnerships. These will perfectly match your brand and recipes.

Need whole peeled tomatoes, tomato puree, or sauce? We’ve got you covered at RDM. Our advanced processing plants and efficient distribution network ensure consistent, top-tier tomato products. This means you can shine in the kitchen, delighting your customers.

Product Customization Options Minimum Order Quantity
Whole Peeled Tomatoes Can size, label design, flavor profiles 20,000 cans
Tomato Puree Brix level, packaging, branded labeling 10,000 cases
Tomato Sauce Seasoning blends, can size, nutritional profile 15,000 cases

Interested in our private label and bulk options? Please get in touch with our sales team. They are ready to show how RDM International can boost your food creations. Let’s raise your food manufacturing business together.

Quality Assurance and Food Safety

At RDM International, quality control and food safety are top priorities. Our canned tomato processing operations follow strict food manufacturing standards. This ensures our vine-ripened tomatoes are carefully checked and processed. They meet the highest industry rules.

Our dedication to being the best is key. It drives us to always improve. This commitment ensures we deliver safe, high-quality canned tomato products. From picking the tomatoes to packing the cans, our experts watch over everything. They make sure we meet the toughest standards. This way, our customers can trust what they eat.

Quality Assurance Measure Description
Raw Material Inspection Every batch of tomatoes gets a close look. We check size, color, and ripeness. They must hit our high quality marks.
In-Process Quality Checks Our staff does detailed inspections as we can the tomatoes. They look at color, texture, and how consistent things are.
Rigorous Testing We test samples in the lab from each batch. This is to make sure they’re safe and meet rules.
Traceability and Accountability We keep detailed records and a strong tracking system. This makes it easy to know where and how good our canned tomatoes are.

Thanks to our strict quality control and food safety steps, RDM International offers top-notch canned tomato products. They always live up to your standards. This gives you the trust to focus on making tasty, quality dishes.

Environmental Sustainability

At RDM International, we value sustainable tomato farming and eco-friendly food processing. We aim to protect the Earth for coming times. We work closely with Midwest Family Farms on this.

This means we focus on water conservation, soil management, and renewable energy sources. Our tomatoes come from farms using these smart methods. This reduces the harm of our canned tomatoes on the planet.

Also, our factories use the latest green tech to minimize waste. We want to make sure our work is kind to the environment. We use energy-saving tools and special ways to handle waste.

At RDM International, we don’t just talk about taking care of nature. We make it a key part of our work. We use sustainable tomato farming and eco-friendly food processing. This lets us provide top canned tomato goods while keeping Earth safe for the future.

sustainable tomato farming

Sourcing and Distribution Network

RDM International has a big tomato sourcing and distribution network. This network helps it send top-notch canned tomato products all over the U.S. and more. They work with several Midwest Family Farms to have lots of great tomatoes. This way, they always have what they need for their food supply chain.

Also, RDM has modern processing sites and strong ways to get their products out. They can send canned tomatoes quickly to many places, like food makers, sellers, and restaurants. With their wide national reach and friends around the world, RDM’s customers can count on finding their quality canned tomatoes any time.

Key Aspects of RDM’s Sourcing and Distribution Network
Tomato Sourcing: Partnerships with Midwest Family Farms for a reliable supply of premium tomatoes
Food Supply Chain: Efficient and dependable raw material procurement and inventory management
Distribution Capabilities: State-of-the-art processing facilities and robust logistics infrastructure
National Reach: Ability to deliver high-quality canned tomato products across the United States
Global Partnerships: Expanding international distribution and supply chain collaborations

Thanks to its wide tomato sourcing and distribution network, RDM International can always give its buyers first-rate canned tomato goods. This meets their needs, whether for business or just cooking.


As a premier canned tomatoes supplier, RDM International dedicates itself to giving the best quality tomato products. They work hard to find the finest vine-ripened tomatoes. They also make sure their process is kind to the environment. This makes people trust them for top-notch tomato products.

At RDM, customers get a wide range of canned tomatoes that are always reliable. These include whole peeled tomatoes and tomato sauce. They all offer great taste and are very useful for cooking. Their products help chefs, home cooks, and those in food manufacturing make delicious meals.

RDM is known for its commitment to bring the best premier canned tomatoes and quality tomato products. They are a top choice because they always exceed customer expectations. This puts RDM International at the forefront of the canned tomato market.


What makes RDM International a premier canned tomatoes supplier?

RDM International leads the way in premium canned tomatoes. They serve food makers and sellers. With a history dating back to 1942, they’ve focused on quality. Their tomatoes come from the Midwest Family Farms. The company aims to make the world’s best tomato products. They do this by focusing on top-notch quality and service.

What sets Ciao Tomatoes apart?

Ciao Tomatoes stands out with extra care. Their tomatoes grow near Mount Vesuvius, in rich soil. This location adds to their taste and health benefits. Being close to the factory means quick canning. This process helps keep their freshness and nutrition.

What are the different canned tomato products offered by RDM International?

RDM International has a wide variety of tomato products. They offer whole peeled, diced, and pureed tomatoes, and sauce. Each item is chosen to keep the natural taste of ripe tomatoes.

How do RDM International’s canned tomato products perform in the kitchen?

RDM’s tomato products are a chef’s best friend. They are perfect for many recipes. You can use them in sauces, soups, and dips. Their tomatoes bring rich flavor to every meal.

Does RDM International offer private label and bulk options?

RDM International does offer private label and buying in bulk. They work with partners to create custom tomato products. This includes peeled tomatoes, puree, and tomato sauce.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and safety of its canned tomato products?

RDM constantly checks its tomato products. They meet high quality and safety control measures. With a focus on getting better all the time, RDM makes sure they offer safe, top-quality tomatoes.

How does RDM International approach environmental sustainability?

RDM is serious about being green. They work with local farms for fresh tomatoes. They care about water, soil, and clean energy. Their factories also use tech to reduce waste.

How does RDM International’s sourcing and distribution network benefit its customers?

RDM reaches their customers all over, thanks to many partners. This network ensures they always have tomatoes. Their advanced processing and shipping mean quick, reliable service for customers.