Conventional & Organic Wholesale Fruit and Wholesale Vegetables 

Quality Bulk Food Ingredients Products – RDM International

At RDM International, we are your best choice for a conventional or organic wholesale fruit and wholesale vegetables distributor – canned, IQF frozen fruits, or dried as well as purees, concentrates, flakes and powders. We also have sweet potato (canned, flakes, powders) and a full line of coconut and pumpkin. All of our conventional and organic fruit and vegetables products are of exceptional quality.

Since were also processors, we can customize the cut of fruit, the mesh of powder, the brix of concentrates and purees of our organic fruit and vegetables to our customers’ needs.

Convenient Warehousing

RDM has warehouse locations throughout the United States and Canada. Combined with our low overhead, this allows us to give our customers quality organic wholesale fruit and wholesale vegetables at a fair price, delivered quickly and efficiently.

We warehouse organic wholesale fruit and wholesale vegetables food ingredients products from the domestic market, including Hawaii. We also import from Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, and Colombia. We also source from Chile, Argentina, England, Bosnia Block, Belize, Spain, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Costa Rica and other countries around the world. We are ready to serve you as your premier wholesale fruit and vegetables distributor.

Our Los Angeles warehouse facility is close to major ports, with easy access to major highways decreasing transit time. We’re also able to provide convenient and fast service to local markets.  Whether you use our freight service or your own carrier, our large truck yard offers plenty of space to maneuver. We have especially fast turnaround time of approximately 15-30 minutes to ensure the quality of our wholesale fruit and vegetables.

Fast Transport

Our freight company is designed to get your conventional or organic wholesale fruit and wholesale vegetables ingredients products moving as quickly as possible. With deep and unobstructed loading docks, products can be clearly staged while insuring their integrity. All loading docks are equipped with insulated doors and dock levers to maintain optimum temperature.

With years of expertise as a wholesale iqf frozen fruit and wholesale vegetables distributor, we can make your shipping experience run as smoothly as possible. No extra phone calls to book your inbound or outbound freight. With daily port pickups, we can deliver your container to our warehouse on the first free day instead of the last. In addition, our online tool lets you monitor your inventory levels, review invoices and generate new releases.