Looking for high-quality blueberry juice concentrate? RDM International is your go-to. They are top-notch in blueberry concentrate manufacturing and exporting, with a supply of the best blueberry juice ingredients.

RDM’s blueberry juice concentrate is made from the best blueberry farms. It brings a rich, sweet taste of fresh blueberries to your products. They offer bulk blueberry concentrate and wholesale blueberry concentrate, perfect for enhancing your recipes.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the leading supplier of premium blueberry juice concentrate
  • Their concentrate offers a vibrant, sweet flavor and retains the nutritional goodness of fresh blueberries
  • RDM International sources their blueberries from premium farms, ensuring consistent quality and traceability
  • Food and beverage manufacturers can benefit from RDM’s versatile, cost-effective, and healthy blueberry concentrate
  • RDM International offers a variety of blueberry concentrate formats to meet the diverse needs of their customers

RDM International shines as the best pick for blueberry juice concentrate. Their focus on quality, traceability, and customer needs makes them stand out. See how RDM’s knowledge can improve your goods and make the most of blueberries.

What is Blueberry Juice Concentrate?

Blueberry Juice Concentrate is a highly condensed form of blueberry juice. It’s made by taking out a lot of the water from fresh blueberries. This makes a concentrated blueberry juice. It’s much smaller but still keeps the blueberries’ good stuff.

Highly Concentrated Blueberry Juice

This blueberry concentrate is super strong. Most of the water is gone. But, it still has all the goodness and flavor of fresh blueberries. It’s perfect for many types of foods and drinks.

Retains Nutritional Goodness

Even after the process, blueberry juice concentrate keeps the vitamins and antioxidants. This means you still get the health perks of blueberries. And it’s in a handy, powerful form.

Distinct Sweet Blueberry Flavor

The blueberry concentrate keeps the fresh, sweet taste of blueberries. It’s great for many recipes. You can add it to juices, smoothies, and more. You’ll love the real blueberry flavor it gives.

Benefits of Using Blueberry Juice Concentrate

Adding Blueberry Juice Concentrate to your products has many upsides. It’s cost-effective and convenient. You save on storage and transport costs because you need less space than with regular juice.

Cost-Effective and Convenient

Blueberry Juice Concentrate is packed with blueberry flavor and goodness. Yet, it doesn’t need the space of liquid form. This saves you money and space.

Versatile Ingredient

It’s a highly versatile ingredient. You can use it in many foods and drinks like smoothies and baked goods. This lets you bring blueberry benefits to a lot of products.

Healthy and Natural

Blueberry Juice Concentrate is a healthy, natural way to flavor your products. It doesn’t need artificial additives or preservatives. This meets the demand for clean, better-for-you items.

Using blueberry concentrate can make your products more appealing. It lets you meet what customers want and helps your business succeed in the market.

Leading Blueberry Juice Concentrate supplier

RDM International is the top source for high-quality Blueberry Juice Concentrate. They get their blueberries from top farms, which means they always have the best fruit. By choosing only the best ingredients, RDM International is known as the best in the market for blueberry concentrate.

Sourced from Premium Blueberry Farms

They make their Blueberry Juice Concentrate from top-level blueberries. These come from the finest farms. This way, they can provide the best blueberry juice concentrate to their customers.

Variety of Formats Available

RDM International has many options for their Blueberry Juice Concentrate. You can choose from bulk tanks, 52-gallon drums, or 5-gallon pails. This makes it easy for any business, big or small, to get the amount they need. With a wide range of options, RDM International supports all their customers’ needs.

leading blueberry concentrate supplier

Quality and Traceability

At RDM International, making sure the quality of the blueberry concentrate is the best is key. They watch closely all steps of making it to be sure every batch is top-notch. From choosing the blueberry farms to packing, RDM International works hard for perfection.

Buyers can trust in the traceability of RDM blueberry products. The company offers clear farm-to-table traceability. This openness and honesty let makers of food and drinks know exactly where the RDM blueberry concentrate came from. It helps them use it in their mixes with peace of mind.

RDM International stands out as a reliable source of high-grade blueberry concentrate. They focus heavily on quality standards and traceability. This effort makes sure you get something consistent and top-quality every time. It keeps the real blueberry taste and good stuff in their product always.

Applications and Uses

RDM International’s Blueberry Juice Concentrate works great in many food and drink types. It lets you add the taste and goodness of blueberries to your items. You can make drinks, sweets, or healthy products that people will love.

Juices and Smoothies

It’s perfect for drinks like juices and smoothies. The blueberry concentrate gives a bold, sweet blueberry taste that people trying to be healthy will enjoy. This makes your drinks not only tasty but also nutritious and unique.

Baked Goods and Confectionery

It’s also good for making treats like muffins, cakes, and candies tastier. Adding this concentrate makes them smell and taste more like real blueberries. This meets the demand for treats that are both tasty and a bit healthier.

Nutraceuticals and Supplements

Moreover, the concentrate’s high nutritional content is perfect for health supplements. It packs the goodness of blueberries into easy-to-use products. This gives your customers a natural way to get antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Organic and Conventional Options

At RDM International, we know our customers have different tastes. Some prefer organic blueberry concentrate while others go for conventional blueberry concentrate. That’s why we offer both.

Our RDM blueberry concentrate organic is great for those into organic foods. It’s made from top-quality, organically grown blueberries. It keeps the fresh fruit’s taste and nutrients, without any harmful chemicals. It’s a hit with health-focused people and those who love organic products.

Then, we have the RDM blueberry concentrate conventional. It offers the same quality without the organic label. This is more budget-friendly. It suits makers who need flexibility in their recipes but still want the great taste and nutrition in our concentrate.

Both options meet strict quality checks for purity and safety. Choosing the right one depends on your product’s aim and market. Rest easy knowing RDM International supports you, no matter which you pick, to make the most of blueberries.

Customized Blends

At RDM International, we know every food and drink maker is different. We give you the chance to make blueberry blends just for you. Our experts work closely with you. They learn your wants, who you sell to, and what your product needs.

Tailored to Your Needs

Want a blend that’s just yours? We can help. Whether you need a special taste, more nutrients, or a specific look, our blends are perfect. We work with you to make sure it’s exactly right. This way, your final product will be just as you imagined.

Unique Flavor Profiles

Imagine what you can do with blueberry. With us, you can create unique blueberry concentrate blends. Our team is great at making flavors that make your products stand out. Step into the world of blueberry concentrate customization. Use your imagination to catch your customers’ attention.

Bulk and Wholesale Supply

RDM International sells bulk blueberry concentrate and wholesale blueberry concentrate. These are for food and drink makers. They get good prices and always have enough in stock. You can buy a lot, like big tanks and 52-gallon drums, for less money.

Cost-Effective Bulk Pricing

Buying in lots lets you pay less and make more money. RDM’s RDM blueberry concentrate bulk pricing is cheaper than small buys. This puts more money in your pocket.

Reliable and Consistent Supply

RDM always has RDM blueberry concentrate ready for you. This helps your business keep going smoothly. They promise to always be there for your bulk blueberry concentrate and wholesale blueberry concentrate needs.

Industry Expertise and Support

At RDM International, our team knows a lot about the industry. We offer help for your business needs. Our customer service team is ready to help you, whether you’re choosing products or have questions about our RDM blueberry concentrate. We give advice on how to use the RDM blueberry concentrate best in your work.

Knowledgeable Customer Service

Our team is expert in the RDM blueberry concentrate world. They want to understand what you need and offer the right solutions. They can answer your technical questions or share the latest news. Our experts aim to be your go-to for using RDM blueberry concentrate.

Technical Assistance

RDM International also has strong technical support. Our pros can help you get the best from our RDM blueberry concentrate. They offer advice on how to use it, solve issues, and find new ways to benefit. Our team is here for whatever you need.

RDM blueberry concentrate expertise


RDM International is top-notch in providing Blueberry Juice Concentrate of the finest quality. Their concentrate is rich, flavorful, and packed with nutrition. You can easily add it to many food and drink items. They promise high quality, complete traceability, and the chance to customize. As a go-to for those who want to use blueberries in their products, RDM International is unbeatable.

RDM’s Blueberry Juice Concentrate is perfect and cost-friendly. It lets you bring out the best of blueberries in what you make. You might want to enrich the taste of drinks and smoothies with a burst of blueberry. Or add a health boost to your baked snacks and supplements. Trust in RDM’s strict quality checks and the ability to know where each blueberry comes from.

When wrapping up what makes RDM’s Blueberry Juice Concentrate special, think of these points. It’s rich in flavor, nutrition, and easy to use in many ways. Having RDM International by your side increases your product’s value. It meets the demands of people looking for natural, healthy, and tasty options with blueberries. Choose RDM International for a great blueberry experience in your products.


What is Blueberry Juice Concentrate?

Blueberry Juice Concentrate is made by removing most of the water from blueberry juice. This makes it a small, powerful liquid. It keeps the good stuff from blueberries, like antioxidants and vitamins. Plus, it holds the sweet taste of real blueberries.

What are the benefits of using Blueberry Juice Concentrate?

Blueberry Juice Concentrate is great for making foods and drinks. Since it’s concentrated, you can save money on storage and shipping. It fits easily into many products without adding unnatural stuff. So, you get all the good parts of blueberries in your creations.

Where does RDM International source their Blueberry Juice Concentrate?

RDM International gets their blueberries from quality farms. This brings a steady quality from the fields to the table. This guarantees you’re getting pure blueberry concentrate you can trust.

What formats does RDM International offer for their Blueberry Juice Concentrate?

RDM International sells Blueberry Juice Concentrate in various options. You can choose from large tanks to small pails. This makes it easy for any food or drink maker to pick the right amount for their needs.

Can RDM International create customized blueberry concentrate blends?

RDM International can make special blueberry blends just for you. They work with you to design exactly what you want. This helps you make products that stand out and meet your goals.

Does RDM International offer both organic and conventional Blueberry Juice Concentrate?

Yes, RDM International has both organic and regular Blueberry Juice Concentrate. This gives you choices based on what your customers like. It lets everyone find the best fit for their products.

What level of technical support and expertise does RDM International provide?

RDM International has a smart team ready to help. They know a lot about using Blueberry Juice Concentrate. They can help with how to use it best, and they’re there for any questions.