Jujube fruit monitoring

Jujube fruit monitoring

Fruit fracturing . typically occurred in the fruit begins to full red coloring to red crisp ripe stage, . mostly the fruits that developed by very early maturing varieties blossoms in mid-September. . The early, mid and late varieties developing in very early September as well as the late-maturing . varieties develop in October and mid-mature numerous later blossom form fruits are . hardly ever fracturing. Happens cracking year are the rainy period ends early, . mid-August to very early September with the drought year. Rainy season ends late, mid-August . to early September with dry spell years, even if the simple cracking varieties are . seldom splitting, or does not occur cracking.The .

major actions to avoid breaking: ‘chosen anti . fruit breaking varieties, which is an essential step to resolve splitting; a from late July, as soon as every 15 days spray 3g/kg calcium chloride solution once until the . harvest, or 8 months late, in the fruit surface area spray 50 to 100 times lime . service; b very early August to early September .
watering when drought, dirt wetness progressively continued to be at 12% to 14%, can . through cover movie, straw or straw crown to decrease water dissipation, and also . prompt drainage to stop waterlogging, make the soil water-containing . remained secure, can greatly lower the splitting price; c very easy breaking varieties can be timely harvesting and handling in . mature duration in order to stay clear of fracturing losses.After .

the jujube start coloring usually occurs immature fruit drop sensation, recognized as . preharvest fruit drop. To avoid this phenomenon can be splashed naphthalene . acetic acid. Use method is in 10 to 15 days of late mature and before mature . splashing 50 to 70 mg/kg concentrations of naphthalene acetic acid or pimacol service one time. When splashing, it calls for fruit . surface, track packed with medications, delaying stalk abscission cell disintegration . time, make the fruit gets to maturity and afterwards typical harvest. After spraying naphthalene . acetic acid, there are no damaging effects on fruit high quality. Naphthalene acetic . acid can not straight soluble in water, prior to using, you need to use a tiny of . alcohol or boiling water to totally dissolved naphthalene acetic acid, then . diluted with water to the use focus. For instance, 5g naphthalene acetic acid plus 50ml of 95% . ethanol, drinking to dissolve totally, after that poured into 100 kg water, mix well that was 5mg/kg . concentrations of naphthalene acetic acid solution. Naphthaalene acetic acid . liquified with alcohol can be kept, when spraying, directly take a certain . amount of naphthalene acetic acid mother liquor thinned down with water. Dissolved naphthalene . acetic acid with alkali option, initially placed the naphthalene acetic acid right into . beaker, add a little water and also heated up to the boil, then slowly include a tiny . amount food base, as well as continue mixing up until totally liquified naphthalene . acetic acid, quit home heating, after cooling down can be watered down with water. Include alkali . have to not place right into boiling water at as soon as, to prevent a great deal of carbon . dioxide bubbles launched, the fluid overflow beaker. Pimacol can be directly dissolved . in water and salt, much more convenient than naphthalene acetic acid. Naphthalene . acetic acid as well as pimacol can be combined with neutral pesticide and also urea, yet can not . be used with alkaline pesticides, such as Bordeaux.In .

enhancement, it can utilize the spray PCPA. Apply 10 to 20 mg/kg focus of . PCPA (ie chlorinated acetic acid) for stopping preharvest jujube fruit decline likewise . have a good result, spraying time is the very same as naphthalene acetic acid.Finally

ripening harvest, after spraying naphthalene acetic acid and also various other plant development regulatory authorities, the jujube harvest would certainly be suitably delay, track with sticks, . raised harvesting challenging. If it takes place, can properly delay the .
harvest timeScience Articles< img src="https://rdmintl.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/c9nVuj.gif" alt="Science Articles" boundary="0"/ >, or spray 200 mg/kg ethephon ripening harvest.Source: http://www.cospcn.com

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