Are you tired of lower quality breakfast sides? Look no further. RDM International is your top choice for excellent IQF Hashbrown Patties. They make these from the best potatoes, ensuring a homemade flavor in every patty. As a top seller, RDM promises great taste and top-notch quality in every patty.

But what makes RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties stand out? How do these frozen potatoes make your meals better and excite your diners? We’re diving into what makes RDM a favorite for high-quality IQF hashbrowns, frozen potato products, foodservice potatoes, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the leading distributor of premium IQF Hashbrown Patties
  • These patties are made from the finest potatoes, delivering a homemade taste
  • RDM International promises exceptional flavor and quality in every hashbrown patty
  • The IQF Hashbrown Patties can elevate your menu and delight your customers
  • RDM International offers a wide range of frozen potato products for foodservice operations

Introducing RDM International’s Premium IQF Hashbrown Patties

RDM International is proud to offer the top-notch IQF Hashbrown Patties. They combine the convenience of frozen food with the flavor of fresh foodservice potatoes. Perfect for quick breakfasts or as side dishes, these patties are both tasty and easy to use. They fit many cooking methods, making your menu more exciting for customers.

Convenience and Homemade Taste Combined

The IQF Hashbrown Patties from RDM International merge ease with homemade flavor. They taste like they were just peeled and fried, yet are simple to prepare. Made with top-quality iqf vegetables, they offer the same comfort as homemade commercial french fries. Now, you can meet the demand for quick meals without sacrificing taste.

Versatile for Breakfasts, Sides, and More

These IQF Hashbrown Patties from RDM International are super versatile. They’re great for adding to your breakfast lineup, serving as institutional food distributors sides, or getting creative in your kitchen. Plus, their size and shape fit well with diverse meal types. They’re a must for restaurant supply distributors and commercial kitchen suppliers.

High Quality IQF Hashbrowns Distributor

RDM International is a top distributor of high-quality IQF Hashbrown Patties. They select the best potatoes from reliable areas. This action guarantees their frozen potato products and foodservice potatoes taste amazing.

Sourced from Premium Potatoes

RDM International chooses potatoes with care. They partner with well-known farmers to get the best premium potatoes. These potatoes give commercial french fries, iqf vegetables, and bulk frozen foods the right flavor and feel.

Meticulously Prepared for Consistent Quality

After picking the potatoes, RDM International uses advanced methods to make IQF Hashbrown Patties. Their detailed process makes sure every restaurant supply distributor, commercial kitchen supplier, and institutional food distributor gets a top-notch product. It’s quality that goes beyond what people expect.

high quality iqf hashbrowns distributor

Benefits of IQF Hashbrown Patties for Operators

RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties bring many perks to foodservice operators. They are high-quality and come in variety of flavors and sizes. This makes them a perfect match for many food menus.

Superior Hold Time

Their thick shape keeps them warm and fresh longer. This makes every bite delightful. With a great hold time, serving them during busy times is easy.

Portion Control and Reduced Waste

The patties are the same size, making portion control simple. This cuts down on waste and saves you money. You’ll serve just the right amount every time.

Microwave-Friendly for Back-of-House Flexibility

They heat up well in the microwave, offering great back-of-house flexibility. This makes making commercial hashbrowns quick and easy. It helps your kitchen run smoothly and meet orders fast.

Choosing RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties brings many advantages. They are perfect for your restaurant supply or commercial kitchen. Experience the difference of using top-notch, frozen potato products.

Nutritional Facts and Ingredients

RDM International makes top-notch IQF Hashbrown Patties. They use the best potatoes, vegetable oil, and other great ingredients. Each serving (57g) has only 90 calories, 4.5g of total fat, 1g of saturated fat, and more. These frozen potato products are a tasty and smart choice.

These hashbrown patties stand out with their Halal certification. This means they meet many dietary needs in foodservice and commercial kitchens. If you cook for a lot of people or a restaurant, they’re perfect. They bring you the ease of frozen foods and the flavor of homemade.

Nutritional Information (per 57g serving) Amount
Calories 90
Total Fat 4.5g
Saturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 220mg
Total Carbohydrates 12g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Total Sugars less than 1g
Protein 1g

RDM International cares a lot about the quality and health of their IQF Hashbrown Patties. They’re a great choice for your foodservice and commercial kitchen. These patties make sure your customers enjoy good taste and health. It’s a win-win.

Nutritional Facts of IQF Hashbrowns

Cooking Methods for IQF Hashbrown Patties

RDM International’s premium IQF Hashbrown Patties work great with different cooking ways. You can use a convection oven, a conventional oven, or deep frying. They will come out crispy, well-cooked, and tasty. Your customers will surely enjoy them.

Convection Oven Instructions

Use a convection oven? No problem! Put the IQF Hashbrown Patties on a baking sheet. Set the temperature to 400°F. Then, bake for 13-15 minutes. Remember to turn them over once. These steps keep the frozen potato products crispy and golden-brown.

Conventional Oven Instructions

Got a conventional oven instead? Bake the IQF Hashbrown Patties at 400°F for 20-25 minutes. Turn them over in the middle of cooking. This way, your foodservice potatoes will be tasty and cooked just right.

Deep Fry Instructions

Prefer a deep-fried texture? You can deep fry the IQF Hashbrown Patties straight from the freezer. Fry them at 345-350°F for 3-3.5 minutes. They will turn out crispy and golden-brown, like the best commercial french fry. Your customers will love them.

Regardless of which method you pick, RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties make cooking easy. They taste homemade and blend well with iqf vegetables and bulk frozen foods in your menu. As a top restaurant supply distributor and commercial kitchen supplier, RDM International helps you offer a top-notch institutional food distributor experience.

Shipping, Storage, and Handling

RDM International is very careful when shipping and storing its top-quality IQF Hashbrown Patties. They make sure these frozen potato products stay fresh for a long time. You can keep them for up to 720 days at 0°F or below. Each case weighs 30 lbs net and 32 lbs gross, and takes up very little space at just 1.28 case cube. Always remember to keep the foodservice potatoes frozen. Treat them gently, like you would fragile eggs.

Shipping and Storage Information

At RDM International, their commercial french fries and IQF vegetables are sent and stored just right. The bulk frozen foods are tough enough for travel. They get to your restaurant supply distributors or commercial kitchen suppliers in great shape. Then, they’re good to serve your important institutional food distributors.

Handling Instructions

It’s key to handle RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties with care. These frozen potato products are not for rough handling or warm places. Follow the easy tips for handling. That way, your customers will get the excellent taste and feel they expect from RDM International.

Variety of Frozen Potato Products

RDM International offers top-notch IQF Hashbrown Patties and more. They have frozen potato products that can make your menu better. These include everything from frozen baked potatoes to crinkle cut fries. You can try new and fun food ideas with this big range. Your foodservice operation can become more exciting for customers.

Looking for IQF vegetables or bulk frozen foods? RDM International is your go-to for commercial french fries and foodservice potatoes. They lead as a top high quality IQF hashbrowns distributor. From commercial kitchen suppliers to frozen potato products, they aim to please your customers.

Frozen Potato Product Description
Whole Frozen Baked Potatoes Fluffy, fully cooked baked potatoes ready to serve
Frozen Half Shells Potato shells filled with creamy mashed potatoes
Frozen Wedges Thick-cut potato wedges, perfect for frying or baking
Frozen Mashed Potatoes Smooth, creamy mashed potatoes, great for sides or recipes
IQF Shreds Individually quick frozen shredded potatoes for hashbrowns
IQF Dices Frozen potato cubes for soups, casseroles, and more
Frozen/Straight Cut Fries Classic straight-cut french fries, ready for frying
Crinkle Cut Fries Wavy-edged fries with a crispy, crunchy texture
Loop/Curly Fries Spiraled, twisting fries with a fun, unique shape
Lattice/Basket Weave Cuts Intricately patterned fries with a visually appealing look

RDM International lets you be creative with their frozen potato products. They help you improve your foodservice. Need high-quality IQF hashbrowns or commercial french fries? RDM International is there for you, as your reliable food distributor.


RDM International leads in making top-grade IQF Hashbrown Patties. They blend the ease of frozen items with homemade flavors. These patties are ideal for quick breakfasts and tasty sides. As a key provider of frozen potato products, foodservice potatoes, and commercial french fries, they promise quality ingredients and variety. This helps your food business stand out.

By picking RDM International, cooking becomes easy and dishes taste great. Their wide array of IQF vegetables, bulk frozen foods, and restaurant supply distributors and commercial kitchen suppliers gives you what you need. You can make delicious and creative meals for your institutional food distributors.

Looking for top-quality IQF Hashbrown Patties or other frozen potato options? RDM International is the name to trust. They help improve your menu and make your customers happy with every bite. This is through combining ease with the flavors of homemade food.


What makes RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties stand out?

RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties are cooked from great potatoes. They add a homey touch to your meals. As a leading supplier, RDM International ensures great taste and quality. This makes them a perfect pick to make your menu better and please your customers.

How versatile are RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties?

RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties fit many meal needs. They are great for quick breakfasts or tasty side dishes. They are easy to use and delicious, making each bite delightful. You can use them in many ways to surprise your guests with fresh ideas.

What makes RDM International’s potatoes and processing methods stand out?

RDM International picks its potatoes carefully from trustworthy areas. This ensures a better taste in their final products. The potatoes are processed with up-to-date techniques. This keeps the quality high for bulk IQF hashbrowns and frozen hashbrown patties. That’s why RDM International is a top pick for wholesale potatoes.

What benefits do RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties offer foodservice operators?

RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties come in many flavors and sizes. This meets a wide range of menu needs. Their unique, thick shape keeps them warm and fresh longer. This brings joy to your guests with every bite. The uniform size helps control portions, cutting waste and costs. These patties also heat up nicely in the microwave. This gives your kitchen quick options for serving up commercial hashbrowns and potatoes smoothly.

What are the nutritional facts and ingredients of RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties?

RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties use top-quality potatoes and vegetable oil. They are also seasoned with salt and other ingredients. Each serving has 90 calories and 4.5 grams of total fat. There’s 1 gram of saturated fat and no cholesterol. You get 220 milligrams of sodium and 12 grams of carbs. Also, there’s 1 gram of dietary fiber, less than 1 gram of sugar, and 1 gram of protein. The patties are Halal certified, meeting many dietary needs.

How can RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties be cooked?

You can cook RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties in a few ways. Try a convection oven, conventional oven, or deep frying. Each way makes the patties crunchy and evenly done. They turn out a delicious golden-brown.

How should RDM International’s IQF Hashbrown Patties be stored and handled?

RDM International ensures its IQF Hashbrown Patties are well-preserved. They should be kept frozen at 0°F or below. They can last for up to 720 days this way. Always handle them with care to keep their quality high.

What other frozen potato products does RDM International offer?

Besides their top-notch IQF Hashbrown Patties, RDM International has many frozen potato options. You can find whole baked potatoes, frozen half shells, and potato wedges. There are also frozen mashed potatoes, shreds, dices, and more. This big range lets you get creative in your foodservice business.