Ever wonder what makes the best dried cranberries shine? RDM International introduces our top-tier dried cranberries. They’re made with great attention to detail, capturing the rich taste and goodness of this superfruit. As a reliable high-quality dried cranberry distributor, we get our cranberries from the best sources. This ensures every piece bursts with tasty, natural flavor and health benefits.

Our dried cranberries come from the finest fruit, dried carefully to keep their natural taste. If you love to snack healthily, bake with precision, or create new recipes, RDM International’s organic dried cranberries and bulk dried cranberries are ideal. Check out our wide range and find amazing prices from the reliable cranberry suppliers, cranberry wholesalers, cranberry exporters, and cranberry importers.

What makes the perfect dried cranberry so special? Find out why RDM International shines as the go-to premium supplier for cranberry procurement and cranberry trading.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is a trusted high-quality dried cranberry distributor offering premium cranberries.
  • Our dried cranberries are made from the finest fruit, carefully dried to preserve their natural flavor and nutrition.
  • Explore our extensive selection of organic dried cranberries and bulk dried cranberries at unbeatable prices.
  • We source our cranberries from trusted cranberry suppliers and cranberry wholesalers.
  • RDM International is a reliable partner for cranberry procurement and cranberry trading.

Organic California Sun Dried Cranberries

Get ready for a yummy treat with our Organic Domestic Dried Sweetened Cranberries. These organic dried cranberries have the right mix of sweet and tart. Their bright red color will catch your eye. They come from California’s sunny fields, perfect for baking and granola.

Sweet, Tart Flavor and Vibrant Red Color

Enjoy the mix of sweet and tart in our organic dried cranberries. They taste just right. Plus, their red color makes any dish look good. Bakers and food lovers love them.

Excellent for Baking and Signature Granolas

Add our top-notch organic dried cranberries to your baking and granola. They go well with many recipes, like muffins and cranberry granola. Let the cranberry flavor profile brighten your dishes.

Organic Ingredients: Cranberries, Evaporated Cane Sugar, Sunflower Oil

Our organic dried cranberries are made with care. They have three ingredients: cranberries, organic sugar, and organic sunflower oil. This mix brings you natural flavors. There are no artificial things in them.

Versatile Snack Ideas with Dried Cranberries

Dried cranberries are super flexible and tasty. You can add them to many snacks. Use them in savory mixes or sweet bars. There’s a lot you can do with dried cranberries in the kitchen.

Edamame and Cranberry Trail Mix

Make an awesome snack with edamame and dried cranberries. Roast edamame until crunchy. Mix it with our top-quality dried cranberries. You get a snack that’s both savory and sweet, perfect for munching.

Dried Cranberry Energy Bars

Our dried cranberry bars are great for busy days. They’re sweet and healthy. Made with oats, nuts, and nut butter. A snack that really boosts your energy.

High-Quality Dried Cranberry Distributor

RDM International is your trusted high-quality dried cranberry distributor. We offer top-notch cranberries from cranberry suppliers and cranberry wholesalers. Our products are known for being reliable and meeting all standards. We put a strong focus on both quality and making our customers happy.

At RDM International, we’re proud to provide the best dried cranberries worldwide. We work closely with the best growers and processors. This ensures we always have a supply of the most high-quality dried cranberries. And this keeps our prices competitive for you.

If you’re in the food business, RDM International is here for you. We’re ready to help with all your high-quality dried cranberry needs. Reach out to us to see our range of products. Let us show you how we can make your cranberry buying process easier.

high-quality dried cranberry distributor

Variety of Dried Fruits for Sale

Meduri Farms has a wide range of top-notch dried fruits for sale. They offer natural and organic dried fruit. This is great for food makers everywhere, chefs with big ideas, and anyone needing dried fruit ingredients.

Product Developers: Adapt Our Products for Innovations

Meduri Farms is known for always coming up with new dried fruits. They can also quickly change what they offer. This helps your new tasty creations. Even though they operate globally, they’ve been sending out quality dried fruit exports for over 20 years. They make sure all their deliveries are just right all over the world.

Buyers & Distributors: Local Business with Global Reach

Meduri Farms is a big name in dried fruit supply around the world. But, they stay nimble like a small business. Their big network makes them fast at getting their many kinds of dried fruits to buyers and sellers all over.

Importers: Quality Dried Fruit Exports for Over 20 Years

For more than 20 years, Meduri Farms has shipped out top-quality dried fruits all over. They really focus on making sure their shipments follow all the rules. This makes life easier for companies that bring in dried fruits from them.

Why Use Our Dried Fruit Ingredients?

Looking for the perfect mix of flavors? Meduri Farms has you covered with their dried fruit ingredients. These unsweetened fruits add subtle, balanced sweetness for the ideal flavor blend. Say hello to the perfect taste harmony.

Perfectly Balanced Flavor Profiles

Meduri Farms knows the value of dried fruit flavor profiles in what you create. Their blend of dried fruits hits just the right spots, offering a seamless taste journey. So, if it’s sweetness or a dash of savory you need, Meduri Farms is your go-to guide.

Customizable Dried Fruit Pieces and Combinations

Let your creative juices flow with Meduri Farms’ custom dried fruit pieces. They can prepare anything you need, from single fruits to large variety blends. This ensures you get the ideal dried fruit quality and feel for your products.

All-Natural and Organic Dried Fruit Production

Meduri Farms is all about making top-notch organic dried fruit and all-natural dried fruit. The secret? Farming that keeps the fruit’s natural taste, look, and feel. We grow our fruits with expert care. This means a sustainable dried fruit production. Plus, it keeps our chemical-free dried fruit free of bad pesticides and fake stuff.

Nurtured with Professional Care from Seed to Harvest

Our quality quest starts way before the drying. We watch over our fruit plants as they grow. We blend old and new farming ways to do this. It helps us offer organic dried fruit and all-natural dried fruit that truly celebrates nature.

No Chemical Pesticides or Artificial Additives

At Meduri Farms, we’re truly into making chemical-free dried fruit. We don’t use toxic pesticides or fake junk. Our defense? Natural methods and safe organic stuff. It’s how we keep our sustainable dried fruit production pure and safe.

Globally Recognized Dehydrated Fruit Manufacturer

Meduri Farms is a top dehydrated fruit manufacturer worldwide. They are known for helping partners well and for their reliable large-scale distribution. Dealing with dried fruit production and distribution in the USA boosts their control over quality.

Meduri Farms goes past top food safety rules. They are certified by many groups. Plus, every batch of their products gets checked by third-party labs to confirm its quality. They take great care in making sure that their dried fruit quality standards are always top-notch.

Partner for Dried Fruit Brand Innovation

Meduri Farms is a top maker of dried fruits. They love working with partners to make amazing product designs. Besides making your flavors pop, they craft custom dried fruit brands. These brands help bring more customers in and make food more exciting.

Research and Development Assistance

The team at Meduri Farms is all about giving you top-notch help. They talk with you to learn just what you want for your brand. Then, they use their big know-how and cool ideas to make your dried fruit brand innovation happen.

Tailored Dried Fruit Brands for Broader Markets

Want to start a new custom dried fruit brand? Or maybe spruce up one you already have? Meduri Farms is the perfect partner. They put in a lot of effort to make dried fruit that your customers will love. This helps your brand stand out and grow.

Reliable and Compliant Dried Fruit Suppliers

Partnering with Meduri Farms means getting dried fruit you can rely on. Your dried fruit orders come with all the right paperwork. Their dried fruit store ships worldwide, making sure your dried fruit delivery arrives on schedule. Plus, they keep the conversation flowing with their dried fruit supplier friends.

Real-time Tracking and Delivery Estimates

Meduri Farms keeps you in the loop with up-to-the-minute delivery info. This means knowing everything about your dried fruit order. Their focus on being open and clear helps you get ready for your dried fruit, knowing it’s coming.

Responsive Customer Support and Development Assistance

Need help or advice? Meduri Farms’ team is ready to answer your questions or offer a hand with your dried fruit. They’re all about top-notch dried fruit customer support, whether you’re ordering, curious about new items, or working on fresh ideas.

Simplified Online Ordering and Transparent Pricing

Ordering from Meduri Farms is simple, thanks to their easy-to-use website. They tell you clearly how much everything costs. This makes picking what you want, checking out, and getting your dried fruit a smooth process, exactly when you expect it.

Dried fruit suppliers


RDM International and Meduri Farms are here for top-quality dried cranberry distributor needs and more. We offer the finest organic dried fruit, like California sun dried cranberries. Also, we have unique dried fruit ingredients that can be tailored. Our team is all about all-natural dried fruit to suit what you’re looking for.

Choose a well-known dehydrated fruit maker that values quality, rules, and making you happy. Picking us means having faith in premier dried goods. We bring years of experience and a promise to push your success forward.

Check out our big range, enjoy our great prices, and see how our items can boost your business. Get in touch now for the best info on improving your dried fruit game for your customers.


What makes RDM International’s dried cranberries premium?

RDM International’s dried cranberries come from the best fruit. They are dried with care to keep their taste and health benefits. They get their cranberries from top suppliers. This means they are tasty and good for you.

What are the benefits of RDM International’s Organic Domestic Dried Sweetened Cranberries?

Their sweetened cranberries are full of flavor with a bright red color. Perfect for baking and in granolas, they use organic ingredients. This includes cranberries, organic sugar, and organic sunflower oil.

How can I use RDM International’s dried cranberries in snacks?

You can use their dried cranberries in many snacks. Try mixing them with roasted edamame for a tasty trail mix. Or add them to Energy Bars for a sweet and wholesome snack.

Why should I choose RDM International as my dried cranberry distributor?

Choosing RDM International means getting top-quality dried cranberries. They are known for offering reliable products that meet high standards. They always put the customer first.

What other dried fruit products does Meduri Farms offer?

Meduri Farms has a wide range of dried fruits. They are all-natural and organic. Their products support food producers around the world and anyone needing quality dried fruits.

How does Meduri Farms ensure the quality of their dried fruit products?

Meduri Farms is careful about how their fruits are grown. They make sure their fruits keep their natural flavors and colors. They use professional farming practices without adding harmful chemicals.

What makes Meduri Farms a globally recognized dehydrated fruit manufacturer?

Meduri Farms is known worldwide for their dried fruits. They provide strong support to their partners and have reliable supply chains. Operating in the USA, they maintain high standards of quality.

How does Meduri Farms support its partners in developing dried fruit products?

Meduri Farms helps partners create new and enticing dried fruit products. They enhance flavors and work closely to design brands that stand out. This opens up new market opportunities and improves product offerings.

What can I expect from RDM International and Meduri Farms as a customer?

You can trust RDM International and Meduri Farms for top-notch dried cranberries and more. They offer premium products and help with developing brands. They aim to meet all your dried fruit needs effectively.