Bulk IQF Melon Frozen Canteloupe Distributor

Bulk IQF Melon Frozen Canteloupe Distributor

Bulk Frozen IQF Cantaloupe – Conventional & Organic IQF Melon Suppliers


Our Conventional and organic IQF melon means succulent sweet taste. Frozen IQF melon balls are extraordinary all alone and simple to join with different organic products, nourishments, and flavors.

Natural cantaloupe becomes IQF melon and is a superb fixing in yogurt, smoothies, salsa, soup, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet, organic product bars, jams, even mixed drinks and prepared merchandise!

The succulent freshness of melon makes it exceptionally appropriate for savoring any structure. A main melon

Frozen Cantaloupe - Organic IQF Melon

Frozen Cantaloupe – Organic IQF Melon

balls provider, RDM International offers exceptionally tasty solidified melon balls to worldwide customers.IQF Melon.

Otherwise called muskmelon, has been called one of the world’s most beneficial nourishments because of its amounts of nutrients, minerals, cancer prevention agents, and fiber. Individually Quick Frozen natural IQF melon purees and IQF melon balls can give the new taste of summer to your nourishment and drink items throughout the entire year.

With our IQF melon balls, you can appreciate the rich taste of delightful muskmelon in the manner you like, be it flawlessly swallowing them crude or adding to cooking styles.

Stacked with gigantic sweet flavor, the circular molded succulent musk melon has everything to lure individuals all things considered. The delicate and tasty inward organic product substance contains high water values to keep you hydrated.

Savoring solidified melon balls from is the ideal method to increase whatever the heavenly organic product has on offer. The little, cute looking melon balls are scooped out from splendidly ready succulent melons. Additional consideration is taken to guarantee ideal consistency in sizes of all melon balls.

Separated melon balls are further independently snappy solidified to acquire the last item. Gigantically

wholesale organic frozen iqf melon in bulk

wholesale organic frozen iqf melon in bulk

delightful in taste, melon balls hold immense interest in overall nourishment industry.

We are RDM International a leading melon balls exporter, we endeavor to please clients by offering solidified melon balls satisfying the ideal quality guidelines. Our top notch grade melon balls are an incredible expansion to servings of mixed greens and locate the middle spot in incalculable other nourishment plans. You can encounter all the delicious deliciousness our modest musk melon balls have on offer just by putting in your request.

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Melon Dice are created by washing the melons and stripping them. They are diced into the right size required and experience the freezing procedure guaranteeing each bit of natural product remains separate from one another guaranteeing a free-streaming item.

Bulk IQF Melon Frozen Canteloupe Distributor iqf melon                Bulk IQF Melon Frozen Canteloupe Distributor iqf melon               Bulk IQF Melon Frozen Canteloupe Distributor iqf melon

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