Bulk IQF Blueberries – Best Quality IQF Blueberry Distributor

Bulk IQF Blueberries – Best Quality IQF Blueberry Distributor


RDM International‘s wild and developed dried blueberries are sourced from the best blueberry makers, around the world. Rich in antioxidants, our solidified iqf blueberries carry season and healthy benefit to an assortment of scrumptious nourishments including heated products, sweets, nibble blends and bundled oats.

Organic & Wild Frozen Blueberries: We package them as IQF blueberries. From our plantations to your entryway, we deal with everything about developing, handling, freezing and conveying our Grade A solidified natural product items.

Bringing Wholesale Frozen IQF Blueberries from Our Orchards to Your Door

Our solidified blueberries are delivered from home-developed or sourced natural product. Gathered by our ranch division at top readiness, our iqf blueberries are cooled, cleaned and pitted by Royal Ridge Fruits.

Guaranteeing the Quality of Our Frozen iqf Blueberries

We realize that the nature of our dried blueberries is just tantamount to the iqf blueberries we develop or buy. That is the reason we conscientiously investigate and test all the natural product we source, and cautiously assess our providers to guarantee that they meet our thorough creation and nourishment quality and wellbeing principles. The entirety of our endorsed cultivators and processors are consistent with standard reviewing rehearses.

Developed blueberries take cautious arranging and planting, though wild blueberries develop normally in fields and rough slopes called barrens. Nobody plants wild blueberries; they’ve developed normally for a great many years.

Since wild blueberries develop all alone, they are a low-upkeep crop. Field proprietors are hands-off all through a large portion of the developing season, in spite of the fact that they regularly acquaint honey bees with normally fertilize the shrubberies. Wild blueberries have a two-year crop cycle, so proprietors prune handle each other year with rotational trimmers.

Developed iqf blueberries are genuinely uniform in their size, shading and taste. Wild iqf blueberries are commonly a lot littler in size than developed. They likewise change in shading from various shades of blue to practically dark. Taste shifts from sweet to not really sweet.

Those distinctions in taste, shading and size are to a great extent because of hereditary decent variety. As referenced previously, wild iqf blueberries become 100% wild – not planted or altered by

Bulk frozen iqf blueberries - frozen blueberry distributor

Bulk frozen iqf blueberries – frozen blueberry distributor

individuals. Thus, wild iqf blueberries have no hereditary building, creating an exceptionally differing crop.

The consistency of developed iqf blueberries results from particular reproducing and cultivating rehearses.

At the point when you think about a blueberry hedge, you’re most likely thinking about a developed blueberry shrubbery. They remain in straight lines and overshadow the normal individual. These are alluded to as “highbush.”

Wild blueberry hedges are alluded to as “lowbush.” They spread low and wide through sprinters, covering fields in an arbitrary way. Gatherers need to bow down to contact them.

Due to the lowbush tallness and regularly rough landscape, numerous wild iqf blueberry fields can’t be collected with conventional hardware, and must be hand-gathered. Hand-collectors use rakes to scoop berries off the shrubberies, working in an upward movement. These rakes are explicitly built for wild iqf blueberry collections.

The reap normally starts in late July and finishes toward the beginning of September.

muffin baked with iqf blueberries

muffin baked with iqf blueberries

A smoothie consistently is an extraordinary method to guarantee you’re getting the supplements you need, and by having solidified Wild iqf Blueberries promptly available, it’s anything but difficult to add both wellbeing and taste to your smoothie.

Solidified Wild iqf Blueberries can without much of a stretch be set up to add get-up-and-go to both primary courses and pastries.

These little delicate and carefully sweet-tasting purple-blue berries develop on the blueberry shrub and have a place with same gathering as Cranberries, the Ericaceae family. A berry starting from Europe and Asia, in the nineteenth and mid twentieth century, the blueberry exchange was the Belgian Ardennes. Blueberries were planned for refining into spirits, shading wines and making jams and baked goods.


              Bulk IQF Blueberries - Best Quality IQF Blueberry Distributor iqf blueberries                Bulk IQF Blueberries - Best Quality IQF Blueberry Distributor iqf blueberries               Bulk IQF Blueberries - Best Quality IQF Blueberry Distributor iqf blueberries

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