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IQF papaya is loaded with vitamins like vitamin a & c, fiber, potassium, calcium and iron. This fruit has antioxidants which can protect our frame from heart disorder and certain varieties of most cancers. Non gmo, semi ripened, sorted exact organic iqf papayas are washed, peeled and sliced.

Unfastened flowing dices are crafted from those slices with the aid of the use of the dicer Bulk Organic IQF Frozen Papaya Distributor machine. Dices are then surpassed through the quick freezer at -40°c to become iqf papaya and then sieved, inspected, packed and are sooner or later surpassed thru the metal detector. Basic processing is finished by using retaining strict hygienic and product protection situations.

Free flowing dices are made from slices of non- gmo, semi ripe, washed papaya fruit. The dices are then exceeded through the person brief freezer -forty°c. The iqf dices are then sieved and exceeded thru metal detector and packed in ldpe liner in carton. Ordinary processing & packaging is by keeping strict hygienic situations all through processing line.

Those are made from selected sorts of papaya. Fully matured papaya culmination are harvested, speedy transported to our iqf processing plant, inspected and washed. Decided on, high quality culmination visit the managed ripening chambers. Fully ripened papaya end result are then washed, peeled manually, deseeded, sanitized, diced at distinctive sizes like 6×6 mm, 10×10 mm, 20x20mm, frozen and packed underneath strict hygienic situations.

Farm sparkling iqf paoaya are available in 1, 10 kgs bag in container packing. Iqf fruit products are packed meals grade ldpe bags. Satisfactory standards: haccp, gmp, spc & qa structures are carried out inside the production, storage & different operations. Product is permitted for halal. The system is certified for brc. Iqf product: it must be saved at cool & dry vicinity below –18°c

shelf-life: twenty 4 months from the date of producing whilst saved underneath –18°c. Custom merchandise: farm fresh iqf papaya fruit  can also be supplied as per patron’s specs. Preservatives: free from any chemical preservatives. Pesticide residues: in conformance with who recommendations & ec directives.

Color flavour & taste:the coloration, texture, and flavor are uniform and steady. Usages: farm fresh iqf papaya is easy to handle can be utilized in limitless packages. milkshakes, fruit beverages, nectars etc. Dairy: ice–creams, fruit bars, milk shakes, yogurts, puddings, toppings, deserts etc.

The basic method to expand an iqf papaya product is a six-step method: 1. Sort culmination by visually inspecting for coloration and damage and, for the ones appropriate for processing, deal with the complete frozen papaya as a gmp sanitization measure. 2. Peel, slice/deseed, and cube the fruit into the favored size. By means of cautious removal of the seeds from the cavity of frozen iqf papaya lots of the off-taste and rancid-aroma of benzylisothiocyanate may be avoided.

Peeling and cubing the papaya produces extra surface area for ozone remedy and significantly diminishes disparity and the lag section in heat transfer ensuing in shortened heat remedy and freezing times. 3. Deal with the cubed fruit with an ozone wash as a gmp sanitization measure and to lessen the initial microbial count number for heat treatment.

The usage of the concepts of thermobacteriology of first order dying kinetics, a discounted preliminary microbial load thru the usage of the ozone treatment effects in decreased subsequent warmth temperature and treatment times. 4. Treat the cubed fruit with vapor warmth. As cited earlier, the use of an ozone wash at the cubed fruit we were able to get a 2-d reduction within the coliform be counted.

5. Cloacae as the most important hassle. With steps (2) and (three) as initial methods, viable detrimental outcomes on texture and taste because of this method isn’t expected as the proposed warmth treatments are in the realm of the quarantine warmth treatments which are currently getting used commercially without damaging consequences.

The law for quarantine vapor warmness remedy is 117 tiers fahrenheit; however, in reality some of the papayas in the chamber reach an inner temperature of 118. 4 degrees fahrenheit for one hour. From this record the warmth processing to obtain 5-d microbial reduction can be decided.

Treat the cubed fruit with a chilled ozone wash as a gmp sanitization degree, to stop the cooking manner, and to lessen the temperature of the fruit prior to flash freezing. This effects in a shortened time to reach an inner temperature of underneath minus four tiers fahrenheit. 6. Flash freeze the product to below minus four tiers fahrenheit and vacuum seal the product. Frozen IQF papaya can be shipped worldwide.