Ever wonder where the best IQF apples come from? Think of a place where amazing apples are grown and processed perfectly. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest and RDM International. They are changing how we see frozen apples.

In the stunning Pacific Northwest, you’ll find our apple processing plant. Here, we get apples from the world’s top growers. Our focus is on giving the best processed apples to bakeries, foodservice, and pie makers. We use the latest tech and follow the highest industry standards to process our apples.

Whether you want conventional or organic apples, we’ve got you covered. Our plant can provide the apples you need, from sliced to diced, IQF to fresh.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is located in the Pacific Northwest, the premier region for growing the best apples in the world.
  • The company specializes in providing high-quality processed apples to a wide range of industrial customers.
  • RDM International’s processing plant utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices to preserve the natural flavor and nutrition of the apples.
  • In addition to conventional apples, RDM International is the largest certified organic apple processor in the region.
  • Customers can choose from a variety of apple products, including sliced, diced, IQF, or fresh, to meet their specific needs.

What makes RDM International stand out as the top IQF apples supplier? Discover how they focus on quality, being green, and keeping customers happy in the following sections.

Introduction to IQF Apples

In today’s world, IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) apples are changing the game. They offer an easy and healthy option for many uses. Bakeries, foodservice providers, and beverage makers love them. They keep the apples tasting fresh and nutritious through a special freezing method.

What are IQF Apples?

IQF apples are just like fresh ones but frozen quickly. This rapid freezing, called Individual Quick Freezing (IQF), keeps their taste and nutrients. It’s a top-quality way to freeze apples, locking in their goodness.

Benefits of IQF Apples

The clever IQF process brings many good things. Apple suppliers, growers, and processors lean towards it for several key reasons:

  • Year-round availability: You can use IQF apples any time, making sure you’re never out of stock.
  • Convenience: No more peeling or chopping. IQF apples are ready for your recipes right away.
  • Freshness and quality: They stay just as fresh and juicy as the day they were picked.
  • Versatility: From baked goods to smoothies, dairy products, and baby food, you can use them in lots of ways.

IQF technology helps apple growers, suppliers, and processors meet their customers’ changing needs. It’s a way to provide top-grade frozen apples for all sorts of businesses.

RDM International: Your Trusted IQF Apples Supplier

RDM International is a top choice for IQF apples worldwide. They serve many customers with top-quality apples. Their focus is on quality, sustainability, and great service. This makes them a leading partner for all who need good IQF apples.

They pick the best apple types like Granny Smith, Fuji, and more. Then, they process them using high-tech facilities. This creates the freshest and most nutritious IQF apples. Their clients include bakeries, food services, and fruit processors.

RDM International shines with its commitment to quality and the planet. They use global sourcing and advanced processing. This ensures a steady supply of top-notch IQF apples for all their customers. They help businesses grow with their reliable and high-quality produce.

Sourcing the Best Apples

At RDM International, finding the best apples is our goal. We source apples from top growing areas worldwide. We partner with trusted apple growers. They help us pick the tastiest and healthiest apple types. This way, our IQF apple batches always meet high-quality standards.

Apple Varieties from Prime Growing Regions

Our IQF apples come from places like the Pacific Northwest. This area is rich in top-quality apple varieties. We choose a wide range of apples like Granny Smith, Fuji, and more. Doing this helps us meet the needs of our customers who process fruit and frozen produce.

Stringent Quality Assurance Standards

Quality is everything to us at RDM International, especially for IQF fruits and bulk apples. We have strict quality checks in place. All our suppliers must have top food safety programs. We also check our apples regularly for quality and safety. This hard work proves we’re a top IQF apple supplier in the business.

State-of-the-Art Apple Processing Facilities

RDM International is dedicated to top-quality iqf apples. It uses cutting-edge processing plants. These sites have top freezing gear and processing tools. With this, they guarantee every best iqf apples batch is full of flavor, great feel, and packed with nutrition.

Advanced Freezing Technology

IQF technology at RDM International is key to their success with apples. This quick-freeze method keeps the frozen apples fresh. It saves their nutrients, bright colors, and tasty appeal. That’s why iqf fruits stand out in big food tasks.

Customizable Cuts and Packaging

RDM International knows apple suppliers and more have different needs. So, they offer many cuts and packaging choices for bulk apples and apple varieties. You can get slices, dices, or special shapes. RDM adapts so you can use the best frozen apples in your recipes.

state-of-the-art apple processing

Best IQF Apples Supplier for Industrial Applications

RDM International’s premium-quality

IQF apples

are top pick in many industries. They shine in the

bakery and foodservice industry

. They are perfect for making pies, tarts, and more. With great taste and texture, they help make top-notch treats.

Beverage and Dairy Products

In the world outside baking, RDM International’s

IQF apples

still stand out. Their unique freezing keeps the apple taste alive. This makes them excellent for drinks, yogurts, and more.

Baby Food and Organic Options

RDM International meets the need for natural, healthy choices.



baby food-quality IQF apples

are made just for that. They ensure your products are healthy and top-quality.

IQF apples

would be a great addition. They bring unbeatable taste and quality to your goods.

Year-Round Availability and Flexible Supply

At RDM International, we are known for finding the best IQF apples all year round. Our team works hard to get top apple types from all over. This lets us keep up with what our clients need, from fruit processors to frozen food makers.

Global Sourcing Capabilities

RDM International is a top IQF apples provider because of our worldwide connections. Our vast network links us to the best frozen apples always. This means our clients get their apples on time, no matter the season or where they are.

Need lots of apples for a bakery or special kinds for a new item? RDM International can help. We stand out for our quality, caring for the planet, and making our clients happy. That’s why we’re the go-to for IQF apples in the biz.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Practices

At RDM International, we deeply care about being eco-friendly in how we process apples. Being a top IQF apples supplier, we aim to lessen our impact on the earth. This is to keep our planet safe for the future. We see our commitment to being green as key to our mission. It ensures we offer our customers top-notch frozen apples and other quality produce.

We use energy-saving gear, save water, and manage waste wisely in our apple factories. We team up with our growers and suppliers. This is to make sure everyone we work with shares our green goals.

Our focus on eco-friendliness means we get to keep giving you great products. Yet, we also cut down on how much we hurt the earth. This way, we protect the places and resources vital for our business and the planet’s health. As a leading apple processor and supplier, we are happy to show others how to be green in our field.

Why Choose RDM International?

Customers pick RDM International for many good reasons. They love the top-notch quality, the solutions made just for them, and the reliable service they get. These things make RDM a standout choice in the market.

Uncompromising Quality

RDM International puts quality first in everything they do. Each IQF apple batch they make is carefully checked to be safe, tasty, and packed with good stuff. This makes them the top pick for apple growers, apple suppliers, apple exporters, fruit processors, and frozen produce sellers.

Customized Solutions

Every customer that works with RDM has special needs that must be met. For this reason, RDM offers solutions that are just right for each of them. They can get cuts and packaging that fit their exact needs, plus processing that’s set up for what they make. This helps out bakeries, foodservice companies, and makers of beverages, dairy products, and baby foods.

Reliable and Responsive Service

RDM International stands out not just for its great products, but for its service too. Their team jumps in quickly to offer help and advice, making sure customers are all set to use the company’s top-notch IQF fruits and bulk apples in their goods.

best iqf apples supplier

Applications and Recipes with IQF Apples

RDM International’s IQF apples are perfect for all kinds of foods. You can use them in smoothies and juices or in baked goods and desserts. With these frozen apples, making tasty dishes is easy.

Smoothies and Juices

Adding RDM International’s IQF apples to your drinks makes them better. The IQF fruits keep their fresh taste even when frozen. This means your apple smoothie or apple juice will taste amazing with RDM’s frozen apples.

Baked Goods and Desserts

RDM International’s IQF apples improve baked treats too. Use them in apple pies, apple cakes, apple tarts, and crumbles for great flavor. The IQF method keeps the apple growers’ goodness, so your recipes will have real apple flavor.

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

RDM International is all about top quality and making customers happy. People love the taste and quality of their IQF apples. From bakers to juice makers, everyone thinks they’re amazing. The company is known for being fast and dependable too. This praise shows how much people trust RDM for great IQF apples.

Customer Industry Testimonial
Jane Doe Bakery “RDM International’s frozen apples are simply the best. The consistency and quality of their IQF fruits have been a game-changer for our baked goods. We can always rely on their responsive and reliable service.”
Michael Smith Foodservice “As a fruit processor, I can attest to the superior quality of RDM International’s frozen produce. Their bulk apples are consistently fresh and flavorful, making them the perfect choice for our menu offerings.”
Sarah Johnson Beverage “RDM International’s apple varieties have been a game-changer for our smoothie and juice line. The natural sweetness and vibrant color of their IQF apples ensure our products are always of the highest quality.”

RDM International’s awesome reputation comes from these great reviews. They supply top-notch IQF apples and serve a wide range of customers very well.

Partnering with the Best IQF Apples Supplier

Working with RDM International for your IQF apples supplier is a smart move. They focus on top-notch quality, green practices, and great service. They aim to help you do well in business.

They offer high-quality IQF apples regularly. Plus, they can make custom plans for you. Their support helps you add IQF apples to your products easily.

They are known for being the top apple grower, apple supplier, and apple exporter. So, they are your go-to for the best-in-class IQF apples. They serve fruit processors, frozen produce makers, and bulk apple sellers.

They use top tech for IQF fruits and have lots of apple growers on hand. This means you get a reliable supply of frozen apples. These meet strict quality and safety rules.

RDM International lets you pick from many apple varieties. This helps you offer what your customers want. Need Gala, Fuji, Honeycrisp, or Granny Smith apples? They can get these for you.

Choosing RDM International means you’re helping the planet. They focus on being earth-friendly. By picking them, you’re part of a push for a greener tomorrow.

In teaming up with RDM International, you get the best IQF apples supplier around. This opens the door for great IQF fruits in your goods. You’ll feel the difference of having a partner that wants you to succeed.


RDM International is a leader in supplying top-notch IQF apples. They meet the large-scale needs of businesses in many fields. By picking the best apple varieties from top growing areas, using modern processing facilities, and being eco-wise, they ensure unmatched quality, flexibility, and service.

Working with RDM International adds the freshness and adaptability of IQF apples to your products. This smart move creates chances for you to grow and win. It helps you stay competitive by fulfilling the changing needs of the fruit processors, frozen produce, and bulk apples markets.

If you’re in the bakery, foodservice, or make beverages and dairy products, RDM International is your go-to for IQF apples. They make your goods stand out, using their top-quality IQF fruits. Your customers will love the exceptional taste and quality.


What are IQF apples?

IQF apples stand for “Individually Quick Frozen.” They are fresh apples frozen one by one. This keeps their taste, texture, and good stuff like vitamins safe. The quick freezing method helps the apples keep their nutrients and flavor better than slow freezing does.

What are the benefits of IQF apples?

There are many good things about IQF apples. For one, you can get them any time of the year. They’re easy to use and keep the fruit fresh. Plus, you can use them in lots of meals and snacks, like baby food and baking.

Why should I choose RDM International as my IQF apples supplier?

RDM International is a top choice for fresh IQF apples. They offer quality apples to businesses worldwide. Their focus on quality, being green, and good service makes them a trusted partner.

What apple varieties does RDM International source?

RDM International gets apples from the best places. They make sure each batch is top-notch. They pick from many types, like Granny Smith, Fuji, and Golden Delicious.

How does RDM International ensure the quality of its IQF apples?

RDM International takes quality seriously. They check suppliers’ safety plans and do checks often. Their high-tech facilities use the best freezing tech. This ensures their apples are high quality.

What types of industrial applications are RDM International’s IQF apples suitable for?

RDM International’s IQF apples work great in many industries. They’re a top pick for baking and food service, used in pies and more. These apples are also perfect for drinks and dairy, like smoothies, juices, and yogurt. They even offer specially for baby food and organic needs.

How does RDM International ensure a consistent and flexible supply of IQF apples?

RDM International can get apples from all over, any time. This means their customers always have a steady supply of quality apples. They can meet client needs even when apple seasons change.

What sustainable and eco-friendly practices does RDM International implement?

RDM International works hard to be green in how it makes apples. They use less energy, save water, and manage waste well. Keeping the planet safe while making great apples is very important to them.

What are the key reasons customers choose RDM International as their IQF apples supplier?

There are many reasons customers pick RDM International for their apples. They promise top quality and safety. They also offer custom services to fit every client’s needs. Plus, they help their customers fast and with expert advice.