Looking for top-notch dried pinto beans to boost your cooking? RDM International is your go-to for pinto beans wholesale and bulk dried pinto beans. We’re a trusted pinto bean supplier offering the rich taste of dry pinto beans. Our beans are chosen and packed with care for your satisfaction.

Our dried pinto beans are great for making your soup, stew, or other dishes better. We focus on quality and making sure you get the high-quality dried pinto beans you need. Let us help make your cooking stand out.

So, what makes RDM International the best dried pinto beans supplier? We’re all about quality, consistency, and making customers happy. Are you ready to see what these beans can do? Let’s turn your meals into works of art.

Key Takeaways:

  • RDM International offers the finest quality pinto beans wholesale and bulk dried pinto beans
  • Our dried pinto beans are a versatile ingredient perfect for soups, stews, and a wide range of dishes
  • As a trusted pinto bean supplier, we prioritize quality and consistency
  • RDM International is recognized as the best dried pinto beans supplier for its unwavering commitment to excellence
  • Discover the secrets behind our exceptional pinto beans and transform your meals into culinary masterpieces

Quality and Consistency: The Hallmarks of Our Pinto Bean Supply

At RDM International, we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers. Our brand, Frontier, stands out for premium quality dry pinto beans across North and Latin America. We ensure our beans are consistently high-quality through a process called Triple Cleaned.

This process is a hit in the grocery and wholesale world. It’s all thanks to our commitment to being a trustworthy partner.

We are well known for being a top pinto bean supplier. Our beans are trusted by food distributors, retailers, and kitchens everywhere. Their trust in us is key. They know they can count on RDM International for top-notch beans.

Key Attributes RDM International Pinto Beans
Quality Premium, consistently high-quality
Supply Reliable, consistent
Source Trusted, industry-leading
Supplier Top, high-quality provider

We focus on three things: quality, consistency, and trust. This is why customers choose us for premium quality dry pinto beans. We’re proud to be known for our consistent pinto bean supply and as a reliable pinto bean source.

Our guarantee as a top pinto bean supplier and high-quality pinto bean provider is firm. We make sure our customers keep delivering the best pinto beans to their own buyers.

Frontier Label: Trusted Pinto Bean Brand Renowned Worldwide

The Frontier brand shows our dedication to top quality. People across North and Latin America look to us as the best. They love the excellent quality of our Frontier label pinto beans. Thanks to our Triple Cleaned process, our beans are ready perfectly for you. Triple cleaned pinto beans by us ensure you get the best.

Triple Cleaned Process for Exceptional Quality

Our special Triple Cleaned process makes sure our pinto beans shine. We clean and sort them through and through, taking out any dirt. This means you always get top-notch beans that’ll meet your every need.

Commitment to Long-Term Partnerships

Long-lasting partnerships matter a lot at RDM International. We focus on building strong bonds with our customers and partners. By working closely, we guarantee top quality and top service from our trusted pinto bean brand.

Discover the US Pinto Bean Industry

The United States is a top producer and seller of pinto beans. It has many key growing areas throughout the country. These range from the Rocky Mountains to the Midwest’s rich farmlands. This wide span helps the US pinto bean industry to boom.

Major US Pinto Bean Growing Regions

States like Colorado and Nebraska in the Rocky Mountain region top the list. They are the biggest producers of pinto and Great Northern beans in the country. California, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin are also notable. Each place has its own perfect mix of climate and soil for growing these beans.

Pinto Bean Growers Associations and Councils

Many groups support pinto bean farmers all over America. The California Dry Bean Advisory Board and the Idaho Bean Dealers Association are just a couple. Also at work are the Michigan Bean Commission and the Northarvest Bean Growers Association. They do a lot to help the industry, from promoting it to funding research. Their efforts help growers find markets and buyers. This keeps the pinto bean business strong and growing.

Best Dried Pinto Beans Supplier: RDM International

RDM International leads in top-quality dry pinto beans. Our premium quality pinto beans guarantee great taste and high nutrition. Food providers choose us for the best RDM International pinto beans. We make sure your customers love what they eat.

Stock up your store or kitchen with RDM International’s beans. We are the best pinto bean supplier for you. Our beans are always top-notch, helping your dishes stand out.

Premium Quality Dry Pinto Beans

Our premium dry pinto beans are known for their great taste and nutrients. They are handpicked to keep their freshness. This means you always get the best for your meals and recipes.

Trusted Source for Food Distributors

Food suppliers trust RDM International for top pinto beans. We’re known for quality and great service. Need steady bean supplies to grow your business? We’re here to help.

Nutritional Value of Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are a powerhouse of nutrition. They are great for any balanced diet. These legumes are full of protein and fiber. They make meals filling and nourishing.

Pinto beans have important vitamins and minerals. For example, they contain folate, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium. Using pinto beans in your meals can boost your health. They are both nutritious and tasty.

Packed with Protein and Fiber

Pinto beans have lots of protein. A cooked cup offers about 15 grams. This is good news for those wanting more plant protein.

They are also high in dietary fiber. You’ll get about 15 grams from a cooked cup. The protein and fiber in pinto beans keep you full. They’re a smart choice for meals or snacks.

Rich in Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Pinto beans don’t just offer protein and fiber. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals. A cooked cup has a lot of folate, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium. These nutrients are key for your health.

Adding pinto beans to your diet is a great way to get important nutrients. It helps you keep a balanced diet. You’ll support your health by including them in your meals.

Versatility of Pinto Beans in Culinary Delights

Pinto beans are a key ingredient in many dishes. They are staples in classic meals like burritos and tacos. But their use isn’t limited to these. Chefs and cooks create new dishes, adding the unique taste of pinto beans.

Classic Dishes Featuring Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are essential in classic pinto bean dishes, making them hearty and nutritious. They’re found in many Mexican-style meals and comforting soups or stews. Pinto beans boost the flavor in any dish.

Innovative Recipes: Elevating Pinto Bean Cuisine

Pinto beans aren’t just for classics. They are now part of innovative recipes. Chefs and home cooks find new ways to use them. This includes everything from dips to desserts. The world of pinto bean cuisine is always growing.

versatile pinto beans

Pinto Bean Production and Processing

Our premium pinto beans begin their journey from seed to shelf using sustainable farming. This includes advanced processing methods. Bean growers follow responsible agricultural practices. This ensures their farms stay healthy and the beans are top quality.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Our bean growers focus on techniques that keep the soil healthy without harming the environment. They work hard to maintain the land’s well-being while producing top-quality beans every year.

State-of-the-Art Processing Facilities

After harvest, beans reach our processing facilities for a thorough cleaning and sorting. We use the latest technology to remove impurities. This guarantees our customers get only the best quality beans.

RDM International is dedicated to sustainable farming and advanced processing. We prioritize the quality, consistency, and the environment. This effort lets us offer the best dried pinto beans available.

Global Reach: Exporting Pinto Beans Worldwide

RDM International’s pinto beans are loved not just in North America. They’re also a top choice worldwide. We reach out to many international markets. This helps us meet the big demand for quality beans in various food cultures.

Reliable Logistics and Distribution Network

Are you a food distributor in Latin America or a retailer in Europe? Maybe you’re a large kitchen in an Asian city. RDM International is here to be your go-to. We offer top-notch dried pinto beans. Our huge network makes sure you get them with quality and on time.

Catering to International Markets

Everywhere, folks are wanting more of our pinto beans. RDM International is a key player in exporting these beans globally. We make sure our beans get to a wide variety of international markets. Our goal is to be the best partner in delivering beans. We aim to meet every unique food need and supply chain request, wherever our customers are.

Organic Pinto Bean Options

RDM International offers certified organic pinto bean options. These are perfect for those who want sustainable and eco-friendly food choices. Our organic pinto beans are grown with care for the soil and the environment. They are USDA-certified, ensuring you get quality and nutrition along with the organic promise.

Our goal is not only to sell organic beans. We partner with farmers to use methods that are good for the earth. This means our beans are both tasty and planet-friendly. Choosing our organic pinto beans is a vote for the future of our planet and the responsible use of natural resources.

organic pinto beans

No matter who you are or what you do, RDM’s organic pinto beans are a great option. Whether you cook at home, work in a kitchen, or sell food, you’ll find that our beans not only taste good but also align with your values. Check out our range of certified organic pinto beans. They’re well-loved by many for their flavor and quality.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

RDM International is proud of the great feedback from our customers. Food distributors, retailers, and commercial kitchens love our pinto bean customer reviews. They highlight the great taste, nutrition, and our team’s support.

Our customers are happy with the quality and supply of our premium pinto beans. This makes us their top pick. It shows our dedication to being a reliable partner in the pinto bean world.

Customer Testimonial Customer Satisfaction Rating
“RDM International’s pinto beans are the best I’ve ever used. The quality is unmatched, and the customer service is top-notch.” 5/5
“As a commercial kitchen, we rely on RDM International to provide us with a consistent and delicious supply of pinto beans. Their products never disappoint.” 4.9/5
“Switching to RDM International’s pinto beans was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Our customers love the exceptional flavor and nutritional value.” 4.8/5

The high ratings and positive reviews show our dedication to quality and service at RDM International. Choosing us means getting the best products and support for your success.

Partnership Opportunities with RDM International

RDM International is all about building lasting, win-win pinto bean supplier partnerships. We work with those in food distribution, retail, and commercial kitchens. Choosing us means getting top-notch beans, excellent service, and a team that listens to your needs.

Want to broaden your pinto bean offerings, streamline how you get them, or try new recipes? Our goal is to help your business succeed. With a wide pinto bean distribution network and a focus on quality, we’re the perfect partner to boost your dishes and outdo your goals.

Partnering with us opens doors to our know-how, resources, and winning ways. No matter if you sell, serve, or cook, we have your pinto bean needs covered. Reach out to us to find out more about the great partnership opportunities awaiting at RDM International.


RDM International is the top spot for the best dried pinto beans. We aim to set the standard as your pinto bean supplier. Our mission is to provide top-notch products, reliable service, and build strong partnerships.

Looking for organic pinto beans or the usual ones? RDM International is here to make your meals stand out. We always focus on quality and steady supply. So, our RDM International pinto beans will spice up your dishes and wow your customers.

Joining hands with RDM International brings many perks for your pinto bean needs. Feel the impact of our dedication and let us help you prosper as your go-to supplier.


Where do RDM International’s pinto beans come from?

RDM International gets its top-notch pinto beans from many places in the US. This includes the Rocky Mountain area, California, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

What makes RDM International’s pinto beans stand out?

RDM International’s pinto beans are famous for being top quality and dependable. They commit to using eco-friendly methods and have modern cleaning processes. This means you get the best pinto beans possible.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and consistency of its pinto beans?

RDM International cleans their pinto beans three times to ensure they’re pure and of high quality. They also focus on building strong, long-lasting relationships with their customers. This helps them offer excellent service and products.

Does RDM International offer organic pinto bean options?

Yes, RDM International also offers organic pinto beans. They care about the environment and provide beans that are certified organic. This meets the need for sustainable and green food choices.

What do customers say about RDM International’s pinto beans?

Customers love RDM International’s pinto beans. They talk about the great taste, nutrition, and steady supply. Customers also praise the team for being quick to help and offer great service.

How can I partner with RDM International for my pinto bean needs?

RDM International is excited to work with food sellers and those who need pinto beans in bulk. They promise quality products and excellent customer support. Working with them means getting just what you need for your business.

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