Looking for the top dried peaches distributor to boost your sales? RDM International is here for you. They offer high-quality organic dried peaches, bulk dried peaches, and wholesale dried fruit. Our dedication to being a top healthy snack distributor has gained us nationwide trust.

So, what makes RDM International stand out as top dehydrated peach suppliers? Our strong focus on quality, eco-friendliness, and making customers happy shines through. Wondering how our organic dried peaches lead the market? Learn our secrets to amazing fruit products. See why RDM International is your best choice for dried peaches.

Key Takeaways

  • RDM International is the best dried peaches distributor, offering premium quality organic dried peaches.
  • Our dried peaches are carefully processed using advanced dehydration techniques to preserve their natural flavor and nutrition.
  • We are committed to providing healthy, all-natural fruit products to wholesale and retail customers.
  • RDM International sources its dried peaches from the finest peach orchards.
  • As a leading dried fruit supplier, we are dedicated to sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Introducing RDM International’s Premium Dried Peaches

Try the tasty and healthy premium dried peaches by RDM International. They are made using the best organic dried peaches. These are chosen from top orchards. A careful drying method keeps the flavor and nutrition high. In fact, they often taste better than fresh peaches.

Experience the Delicious and Wholesome Taste

RDM International offers top premium dried peach experiences. Our dried peaches are full of sweet, juicy flavor. You will love the perfect mix of tartness and sweetness. Try our organic dried peaches to really know this amazing fruit.

Carefully Dried to Preserve Natural Flavor and Nutrition

Our special premium dried peaches are made with advanced drying. A gentle, controlled process keeps the natural flavor and nutrition. This makes every bite a burst of real taste. You’ll notice the excellent texture and smell of our organic dried peaches. They are a true joy for your senses.

Best Dried Peaches Distributor: Why Choose RDM International?

RDM International is the top dried peaches distributor. We pick the best peaches from well-known orchards. Then, we use the newest drying methods. This lets us provide the best organic and
all-natural dried peaches. Our skilled team ensures top quality and flavor every time. This makes us a go-to for businesses who want top-grade dried peaches.

Sourced from the Finest Peach Orchards

Our success comes from choosing peaches from top orchards. We pick only the ripest and most flavorful fruits. This makes sure our dried peaches are of high quality and taste.

Utilizing Advanced Fruit Dehydration Techniques

We are experts in drying fruits. We use modern techniques to dry peaches gently. This keeps their natural sweetness, texture, and nutrients. The result? Dried peaches full of flavor and with the perfect chew.

Commitment to Organic and Natural Ingredients

As a leading dried peaches distributor, we promise only natural and organic products. Our dried peaches have no artificial stuff. This promise to quality and honesty makes us stand out.

Varieties of Dried Peaches Available

At RDM International, you’ll find lots of dried peach options. We have the classic dried peach slices, convenient dried peach dices, and dried peach crumbles and granules. We have something for every need.

Dried Peach Slices

Our top-quality dried peach slices are great for snacks and baking. They keep their chewy texture and sweet taste. You’ll love how they add sweetness to your dishes.

Dried Peach Dices

Prefer smaller pieces? Try our dried peach dices. They’re perfect for snacks, granolas, and baked goods. These pieces add a peachy kick to everything.

Dried Peach Crumbles and Granules

Need peach for your recipes? Our dried peach crumbles and granules are what you need. They’re great for sauces or as a topping. Try them on yogurt for a tasty surprise.

dried peach products

We’ve got all your dried peach needs at RDM International. We care about quality and your satisfaction. Find the best dried peaches for your dishes here.

Benefits of Organic Dried Peaches

Picking organic dried peaches from RDM International means more than a tasty snack. It’s a choice for your health and the Earth. These peaches step up with health and eco-friendly effects, unlike other dried peach brands.

Healthier and More Flavorful Option

Regular dried peaches often have fake stuff in them. But our organic ones don’t. So, enjoy their fresh taste and smell without the worry of bad chemicals. Plus, our special drying method makes them even sweeter and more aromatic.

Supporting Sustainable Farming Practices

By picking RDM’s organic dried peaches, you back eco-friendly farming. These peaches come from sustainable orchards. Such places care for the environment and use ethical farming ways. This ensures a good peach supply without harming the land.

Quality Assurance and Food Safety Standards

RDM International always aims for the best quality and food safety. We make sure your dried peaches go beyond the rules. This means they meet the highest standards possible.

Third-Party Laboratory Testing

Our dried peaches are checked by third-party labs. They confirm we meet food safety standards. We promise every batch of our premium dried fruit is safe and clean.

HACCP Food Transport Safety Protocols

We use strict HACCP rules for food transport. This keeps your peaches fresh and safe. Quality and safety are top priorities from start to finish with us.

Bulk and Wholesale Dried Peaches for Businesses

At RDM International, we know what’s important to our business clients. We offer a wide variety of bulk dried peaches and wholesale dried peaches. This meets your business’s specific needs.

Convenient Packaging Options

Big or small, we can help with your order. We have dried peaches in packages of 20 lb. bulk cases and 10 kg. bulk cases. You can pick the size that’s right for your business. This makes handling your supply easy and smooth for your team.

Competitive Pricing for Bulk Orders

Get great deals on our top-quality dried peaches at RDM International. With our special prices for larger orders, you can save money. This lets your company stand out and make good profits.

Packaging Option Quantity Price per Unit
20 lb. Bulk Case 20 lbs $2.50/lb
10 kg. Bulk Case 10 kg $5.75/kg

Choosing RDM International means choosing quality and savings. We make sure you get top-quality dried peaches at great prices. This lets you please your customers while saving money.

bulk dried peaches

Versatile Applications for Dried Peaches

RDM International’s dried peaches are perfect for many foods. You can use them in granolas, cereals, and baked goods. They also add flavor to desserts and even salads. Their rich taste and chewy feel bring something special to your dishes.

Granolas, Cereals, and Trail Mixes

Add our dried peaches to granolas, cereals, and trail mixes. They bring sweetness and texture. With crunchy oats and nuts, they make a tasty, wholesome snack. Your customers will love them.

Baked Goods and Desserts

Our dried peaches are great for sweets. Use them in muffins, pies, and more. Their sweetness and juiciness make your treats better and look good too.

Savory Dishes and Salads

Try our dried peaches in your main meals and salads. They balance the flavors with their natural sweet taste. This adds a nice twist to your savory dishes.

Fruit Dehydration Process and Ingredients

At RDM International, producing quality dried peaches is a top priority for us. We use gentle drying techniques and natural sweeteners. This ensures both the taste and nutrition stay intact.

Natural Sweeteners and Preservatives

We avoid artificial additives in our dried peaches. Instead, we sweeten them with cane sugar and apple juice concentrate. These keep the taste pure and the products free from synthetics. We also use natural preservatives like ascorbic acid and citric acid. They help our dried peaches last longer while remaining truly fresh.

Gentle Drying Techniques

Our drying methods are gentle yet effective. We carefully control temperature and humidity. This ensures our peaches keep their natural taste and nutrients. These processes make our dried peaches a flavorful, healthy treat.

Partnering with RDM International

Partnering with RDM International means joining forces with a skilled and enthusiastic team. They aim to offer superior dried peaches to our clients. This dedicated group uses their deep knowledge to provide solutions tailored to your business needs. We can handle big wholesale orders or create unique product formulations.

Experienced and Dedicated Team

The team at RDM International is both experienced and dedicated. Their years of experience make them dried peach experts. They work hard to understand your needs, offering creative solutions. We select the best peaches, work on how they are produced, and manage delivery. This ensures you get top-notch dried peaches and great service.

Customized Solutions for Your Business Needs

Every business has different needs, including for dried peaches. At RDM International, we offer customized solutions to meet your unique needs. Whether you need special packaging, unique flavors, or specific product designs, we’re here to help. Our team will closely with you. They will develop a solution that meets your business objectives and makes you stand out.

Best Dried Peaches Distributor: Order Today

RDM International makes buying dried peaches easy. Order dried peaches for your business hassle-free. Our online ordering process is simple to use, making your experience smooth.

Easy Online Ordering Process

Just a few clicks let you pick from our top-notch dried peaches. Add them to your cart with ease. Our online ordering process simplifies buying, letting you focus on your business.

Reliable Shipping and Delivery

Expect your dried peaches to be fresh and on time with your order. Our reliable shipping and delivery methods guarantee this. You can trust in the quality and regularity of your dried peach supply.


RDM International is proud to be the top best dried peaches distributor. We offer the best premium quality dried peaches. Our peaches come from top orchards and are expertly dried. This makes us the trusted choice for top-quality dried peaches.

If you need a lot or something special, we’re here to help at RDM International. We have a skilled team that cares deeply about quality, safety, and making you happy. You can trust us to bring you the best dried peaches for your business.

As the best dried peaches distributor, we’re here to make your products stand out. Your customers will love our premium quality dried peaches. Reach out today to see how our dried peaches can help your business.


What makes RDM International the best dried peaches distributor?

RDM International stands out as the top dried peaches distributor. We get our peaches from top orchards. Our use of advanced drying methods helps keep the flavor. Also, we stay true to offering organic and all-natural options.

What are the benefits of choosing organic dried peaches from RDM International?

Opting for our organic dried peaches brings many pluses. They are healthier and tastier than most. What’s more, they’re free of harmful chemicals. This supports eco-friendly farming and fair production practices.

What types of dried peaches does RDM International offer?

We have a wide selection at RDM International. You can find slices, dices, crumbles, and granules. All come from the best California peaches.

How does RDM International ensure the quality and safety of their dried peaches?

At RDM, we test our dried peaches thoroughly. They must meet strict safety and quality rules. Plus, our strict HACCP guidelines ensure safe and fresh delivery every time.

Can I purchase dried peaches from RDM International in bulk or wholesale quantities?

Yes, bulk and wholesale orders are available at RDM International. We offer different package sizes, like 20 lb. and 10 kg. cases. Our prices are also great for big orders.

How can I use RDM International’s dried peaches in my products?

Our dried peaches are perfect for many dishes. They work well in granolas, baked goods, and salads. They can add great flavor and texture to your food items.

What kind of fruit dehydration process does RDM International use to preserve the natural flavor and nutrition of their dried peaches?

For our dried peaches, we use natural sweeteners and gentle drying. This keeps the peaches tasting great. We also use natural preservatives to ensure their quality.

How can I order dried peaches from RDM International?

Ordering from us is simple. Just use our online platform. We make sure your order arrives fresh and on time with our delivery services.