Looking for premium quality bulk aseptic mango puree? RDM International is your go-to. They are a top choice for this key ingredient among food distributors and manufacturers globally. They are known for their quality and competitive prices. This makes RDM a trusted name in the mango puree manufacturers, aseptic fruit puree suppliers, and bulk mango puree exporters fields.

Ever thought about what makes aseptic mango puree outstanding? Wondered why it tastes so good and lasts a long time? Dive into the unique world of this ingredient. Learn how RDM International is leading in the mango pulp concentrate suppliers, commercial mango puree producers, and industrial mango puree processors sectors.

Key Takeaways:

  • RDM International offers premium quality bulk aseptic mango puree made from handpicked mangoes.
  • Their puree is available in various packaging options, including 440 LB drums, 44 LB pails, and 11 LB bag-in-box.
  • RDM International is a leading supplier of aseptic mango puree, known for its commitment to quality and competitive pricing.
  • Discover the secrets behind the exceptional flavor and long shelf life of aseptic mango puree.
  • Explore how RDM International is setting new standards in the mango puree industry.

Bulk Aseptic Mango Puree Supplier

RDM International is a top bulk aseptic mango puree supplier. They offer many mango puree products to those in the food industry. Their puree comes from the best mangoes. It’s processed with advanced aseptic technology to keep the flavor, aroma, and nutrients intact.

RDM International is a key mango puree manufacturer. They are proud of their high standards. Each mango pulp concentrate batch is carefully checked. This ensures it’s safe, tasty, and full of goodness.

They help out commercial mango puree producers, industrial mango puree processors, and large-scale vendors. Their wholesale mango puree distributors offer many packaging options. Also, they can handle custom orders. So, RDM International is your go-to for aseptic mango puree.

Unveiling the World of Mango Puree

Aseptic mango puree is changing the game in food and drink. It’s a handy and adaptable choice for all types of businesses. Made aseptically, it’s heated to kill germs then quickly cooled to preserve. This method keeps it fresh without adding preservatives.

What is Aseptic Mango Puree?

Aseptic mango puree is mangoes turned into paste safely and with care. By using heat and rapid cooling, it stays free of harmful germs. The flavor, smell, and all the good stuff in mangoes stay just the same.

Benefits of Using Aseptic Puree

Using aseptic mango puree from bulk aseptic mango puree suppliers, mango puree manufacturers, and aseptic fruit puree suppliers has big pluses. It helps food and drink makers, and even beauty brands, in great ways. Here are some rewards:

  • Improved Food Safety: Aseptic process makes sure the mango puree is safe from bad germs, making it a better ingredient.
  • Extended Shelf Life: It lasts much longer than regular purees, making your production and sales smoother.
  • Preservation of Natural Qualities: The technique locks in the real taste and good things of mangoes. This makes your products taste fresh and real.

For anyone in bulk mango puree exporter or mango pulp concentrate supplier business, aseptic mango puree is a key. It opens up new chances for your work. Start using this special ingredient and see the difference.

RDM International: Your Trusted Mango Puree Manufacturer

RDM International leads in making mango puree with a big source system worldwide. They focus on making top-notch aseptic mango puree for food makers and sellers. Since 2011, they’ve been offering quality mango puree globally.

About RDM International

They are a famous source for bulk aseptic mango puree. They are known for getting the best mangoes worldwide. Their commitment to top quality has made them stand out, providing top-grade mango puree regularly.

Commitment to Quality

Their advanced facilities and strict quality checks make sure their mango puree is top-notch. They carefully pick materials and watch over every process closely. This ensures their puree is always of the best quality.

bulk aseptic mango puree supplier

Our Mango Puree Range

At RDM International, offering a broad range of mango puree is our pride. We cater to unique customer needs. Our line includes top mango types like the Magdalena River kind, and blends made just for you. So, if you need bulk aseptic mango puree or are looking for a mango puree manufacturer, we’re here to help.

For those needing bulk mango puree or mango pulp concentrate, we’ve got great packaging options. Think 440 LB drums, 44 LB pails, and 11 LB bag-in-box. This variety ensures the right pick for commercial mango puree or industrial mango puree use. Whether you’re a big mango puree vendor or a wholesale mango puree distributor, we have what you need.

Packaging Option Weight Ideal For
440 LB Drum 440 LB Large-scale operations, bulk orders
44 LB Pail 44 LB Medium-sized businesses, manageable size
11 LB Bag-in-Box 11 LB Smaller operations, easy storage and transportation

Our wide mango puree range ensures you will find what you need. It’s the perfect choice to make your products stand out and please your customers. Get in touch with us and let RDM International help bring out the best in your creations.

Choose Your Ideal Puree Packaging

Choosing the right packaging is key when looking for mango puree. RDM International is a top bulk aseptic mango puree supplier. They offer many packaging options for mango puree manufacturers and others. Aseptic fruit puree suppliers, bulk mango puree exporters, and mango pulp concentrate suppliers will find what they need here.

440 LB Drum

The 440 LB drum is perfect for commercial mango puree producers and industrial mango puree processors. It’s big and cost-effective. This is great for wholesale mango puree distributors and large-scale mango puree vendors.

44 LB Pail

The 44 LB pail is a smart pick for mid-sized businesses. It’s easy to handle and use. Mango puree manufacturers and aseptic fruit puree suppliers will love this size for their work.

11 LB Bag-in-Box

Looking for something small and versatile? Try the 11 LB bag-in-box. It’s good for commercial mango puree producers with less space. This option makes storing and moving mango puree easy.

Applications of Mango Puree

Mango puree from RDM International is used in many places. It’s known for its great taste and nutrition. Many industries, from food to cosmetics, benefit from its qualities.

Food and Beverage Industry

RDM International’s mango puree stands out in the market. It’s perfect for making juices, smoothies, and dairy foods. These products get a wonderful tropical taste.

Bakery and Confectionery

In baking, mango puree from RDM International adds something special. It makes cakes, pastries, and sweets more exciting. This way, bakers and confectioners can surprise their customers.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

But it’s not just about food. The beauty industry loves RDM International’s mango puree too. It’s used in skin care because of its moisturizing power. This makes it a key in many beauty products.

Applications of mango puree

Why Choose RDM for Your Mango Puree Needs?

RDM International is your top pick for top-notch bulk aseptic mango puree. Their dedication to quality shines through. They ensure customer satisfaction with numerous benefits for their clients.

Global Sourcing Network

RDM’s network spans the globe, gifting you the finest mangoes out there. This means their mango puree, aseptic fruit puree, and more are full of flavor and nutrition. They deliver an unmatched product consistently.

Stringent Quality Control

Safety and quality come first at RDM. They use the best facilities and strict checks to meet industry demands. Their mango puree and pulp concentrate are always up to par.

Competitive Pricing

RDM offers great prices with its efficient processes. This makes their offerings very appealing to businesses big and small. They’re a strong choice for both distributors and producers of commercial mango puree.

Bulk Orders and Customization

At RDM International, we get that everyone’s mango puree needs are different. We’re here to meet those needs with our bulk orders and customization services. This way, your business can find the perfect bulk aseptic mango puree supplier for you.

If you need a lot of drums of mango puree or have a special recipe in mind, we’re ready to help. Our team works closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you need. We make sure every order is handled quickly and arrives on time.

RDM International is a top mango puree manufacturer that stands out. We offer top-quality aseptic fruit puree suppliers and bulk mango puree exporters. With our focus on quality and great prices, we are the go-to for commercial mango puree producers and many more. We serve companies in different fields.

Customer Testimonials

At RDM International, we love hearing good things from you. We are known for top quality as bulk aseptic mango puree supplier, mango puree manufacturers, and aseptic fruit puree suppliers. Our goal is to offer great products and awesome customer care.

“RDM International’s mango pulp concentrate changed our game. Its constant quality and delicious taste have helped us make cool commercial mango puree products. Our customers really like them.” – Sarah Johnson, Procurement Manager at Juicy Blends

“Being an industrial mango puree processor, we count on RDM for great bulk mango puree exporters. They offer top mango puree for our baking and sweets. RDM’s large-scale mango puree vendors understand our needs and always deliver on time.” – Michael Hernandez, Head of R&D at Sweetest Delights

People also talk highly about RDM International’s focus on quality and their wholesale mango puree distributors program. This program makes it easy for folks to get top aseptic mango puree without worries.

At RDM International, we’re honored to be a key helper to food makers and sellers worldwide. Our team’s strong focus on quality, service, and new ideas has made us known as a top choice for commercial mango puree producers and industrial mango puree processors.


RDM International is a top choice for high-quality bulk aseptic mango puree. They offer many packaging options and customization features. This helps meet the needs of food sellers and makers around the globe. Known for their quality, global reach, and fair prices, RDM is a reliable name in the industry.

Looking to make great food, desserts, or even cosmetics? RDM’s mango puree is key to improving your products.

RDM International is a go-to for those needing bulk aseptic mango puree. They help suppliers and exporters get top-notch mango puree. This support extends to those making commercial or industrial mango products. They can rely on the rich taste and quality of RDM’s offerings.

For those selling mango puree in large amounts, RDM International has what you need. They offer a wide range of packaging and customizing options. They aim to please, making them a great choice to partner with. RDM helps businesses like yours stand out and satisfy customers.


What is the packaging options for RDM International’s mango puree?

RDM International has many packaging choices for their mango puree. This includes 440 LB drums, 44 LB pails, and 11 LB bag-in-box.

What are the benefits of using aseptic mango puree?

Aseptic mango puree is safe, lasts longer, and keeps the fruit’s flavor and nutrients. It’s a great choice for many reasons.

What types of mango puree does RDM International offer?

RDM International has a variety of mango purees. They offer the Magdalena River type and custom blends for different needs.

What are the applications of RDM International’s mango puree?

RDM International’s mango puree is useful in many places. This includes food, drinks, baking, and even in making skincare products.

Why should I choose RDM International as my mango puree supplier?

RDM International is great because of their worldwide network, strict quality checks, and good prices. They are right for any business.

Does RDM International offer bulk orders and customization options?

Yes, RDM International can handle big orders and custom needs. They make sure to meet customer’s specific requirements.

What kind of customer feedback has RDM International received?

Customers like RDM International for their top-quality products, on-time deliveries, and helpful customer service. Feedback has been very positive.