Application effect of forchlorfenuron on fruit trees

Forchlorfenuron was additionally known Fengbao, quickly big, and so forth. Forchlorfenuron is . phenyl urea derivatives, with cell division task. Can advertise cellular division, . differentiation and also growth, advertise healthy protein as well as organ development, has the . result of improving plants as well as fruit trees resistance and also anti-aging.

Forchlorfenuron . is an effective plant growth regulator, . was initial created by the United . States as well as verify their plant growth . regulating feature.
Mostly used in the food and fruit manufacturing, specifically . for grape, kiwi fruit has substantially activity , rise manufacturing considerably, . some selections can raise 50
% of the return, the cell division task is 10 . times of benzyladenine, 100 times of the 4-pyridyl urea.Forchlorfenuron . functional role: advertise fruit

enhancement, Forchlorfenuron can significantly . promote the grapes, kiwi, cucumbers and also various other fruits and also vegetables increasing the size of fruits, . boost crop yields. Promote fruit collection, forchlorfenuron promote the fruit set of . vegetables and fruits and also a variety of fruits. Such as utilized forchlorfenuron in grapes . flowering or before blooming can obviously advertise birthing fruit, to fruit .
dimension is practically no impact or a small influence; while made use of after blooming can not
. advertise thriving, yet substantially promote fruit augmentation. . Forchlorfenuron additionally can cause callus development. And also the cell expansion . price is considerably greater than other plant development controling materials. Enhance .
fruit high quality, while forchlorfenuron advertising crop development can improve the top quality .
of agricultural products. Induce parthenocarpy, the impact of forchlorfenuron .
induced parthenocarpy in watermelon, bitter gourd as well as other plants had been . confirmed. Used forchlorfenuron to manage before blooming, after that establishes .
right into the entirely stenospermocarpy; use forchlorfenuron to handle after .
blooming, container promote fruit enlarging.Some . application crops and result of forchlorfenuron, grapes: in grapes final flowering .

( prior to physical fruit decrease ), with 3-8mg/ L forchlorfenuron spray ear, . assists to minimize because of inadequate pollination, low temperature, rainfall, drought generated . ruining, improve fruit collection; after bloom autumn 10-15 days, with 5-15mg/ L forchlorfenuron
. dip young fruit ear, has the ability to increase the young fruit enhancement, .
enhanced fruit weight and solitary panicle weight. Cucumber: on bloom or before
. blooming, with 5-20mg/ L Forchlorfenuron dipping or spraying to adolescent fruit .
can advertise young fruit growth, early market, enhance the return and goods value.Use Forchlorfenuron
need to note: Forchlorfenuron with greater physical activity, . the used concentrations too high can trigger hollow fruit, deformities, breaking . and also various other side impacts, ought to be called for to utilize the period, concentration, . dose as well as method of usage. Must be used as soon as it is blended, the first . usage should first check a little location, gain experience and afterwards huge range used.
. For worse expanding, heavy parasites as well as conditions plants, can not achieve the
preferred . increase production effect.The forchlorfenuron . cured website is small melon ,
not blossoms or stems; uneven treat small melon . will create deformity melon;
preliminary usage forchlorfenuron ought to

be conducted .
small experiments or speak with agricultural industry; medication liquid need to utilize .
as quickly as it is blended, if spraying after 6 hrs satisfy drizzling must be remedy;
. the use time should be night or in the morning; with artificial pollination . will certainly be much better, yet do not repeated spray; when at high temperature can utilize .
reduced concentrations forchlorfenuron, at low temperature level can utilize higher concentrations, . the focus can not be randomly boosted, or it will certainly be vulnerable to .
bitter, hollow, deformed fruit and also other sensations; Forchlorfenuron must not blend .
placing with food, seed, feed< img src=" " alt=" Business Monitoring Articles "boundary=" 0"/ >, do not let children and also animals touch it.Source:

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