100% Natural Organic IQF Frozen Beets / IQF Beetroot

100% Natural Organic IQF Frozen Beets / IQF Beetroot

Also Available: Beetroot Puree & Beet Concentrates

Beetroot, or just ‘beets’ to most people, is used as a food ingredient for both its great flavor and commercially for its deep purple color profile. Our supplier processes IQF frozen beets as peeled, sliced, diced or finely chopped. Beet puree is also a very popular ingredient as its use continues to grow in the healthy / natural food and beverage segment for its nutritional content, flavor profile, texture, and color.

Whether IQF beets or Beet puree, beetroots are used as an ingredient for their rich earthy taste, texture, and appetizing color. IQF Beetroots are often used in salads. Beetroot puree is used in  soups, beverages and as a natural colorant.

When your products call for iqf frozen beetroot ingredients, give us a call. We can accommodate beets with their skin on or off, diced, shredded, cooked, raw and pasteurized.

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• 100% Natural bulk iqf frozen beets
• Processed from conventional and organic, well-selected iqf frozen beets
• A wide range of flavors of allergen-free, non-GMO and kosher iqf frozen beets

• Flexible technical specifications and bulk pack sizes
• Bulk iqf frozen beets, packages starting from 20 lb. cartons
• Processed and packed without additives or preservatives
• Conventional or USDA NOP organic certified

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• Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
• From suppliers complying with highest quality standards
• Domestic U.S. origin or imported products

On the off chance that your circulatory strain is high, you may have the option to skirt taking professionally prescribed meds and hold it in line normally by eating beets. Beets are a rich wellspring of nitrates, which, when devoured, transform into nitric oxide, which is then changed into oxygen-rich blood that assists with loosening up your veins, subsequently brining your circulatory strain down. Moreover, beets can improve the progression of your blood, further lessening your circulatory strain. Research has discovered that individuals who were determined to have hypertension and drank only one glass of beet squeeze a day really observed a drop in their levels.

On the off chance that you have diabetes or you are inclined to this condition, you should think about eating more beets. Notwithstanding bringing down pulse, these veggies have additionally been found to diminish glucose levels. Beets are high in solvent fiber, which studies have found can altogether lessen the measure of glucose in the circulation system.

The explanation beets can bring down your glucose is a direct result of the high measure of solvent fiber they contain.

Research has discovered that dissolvable fiber can diminish blood glucose levels since it eases back assimilation, and more slow processing implies more slow ingestion of glucose.

Eating beets can really assist with forestalling the improvement of neurodegenerative maladies like Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s. Why? – Because they contain calming properties, on account of their betaine mixes.

While irritation is useful for the body, a lot of can be dangerous, prompting cell harm in the cerebrum that adds to the advancement of these kinds of sicknesses. Beets likewise contain a high measure of enemies of oxidants that ensure your body – including your mind – from harmed brought about by free radicals.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to decrease your danger of creating neurodegenerative ailments, you should think about eating a greater amount of these veggies.

100% Natural Organic IQF Frozen Beets / IQF Beetroot iqf frozen beets 100% Natural Organic IQF Frozen Beets / IQF Beetroot iqf frozen beets 100% Natural Organic IQF Frozen Beets / IQF Beetroot iqf frozen beets

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