# 1 Best Bulk Frozen Vegetables Vendor

# 1 Best Bulk Frozen Vegetables Vendor

100% Natural Conventional & Organic Bulk Frozen Vegetables

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RDM International is a leading food distributor specializing in frozen veggie distribution. Found in New Orleans as well as with branches in San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Wisconsin and also New York, RDM International is a family members ran business with over three decades experience as an icy veggie distributor pertained to for giving quality components as well as

Organic IQF spinach can be blast / flash frozen or used for purees or canned

Organic IQF spinach can be blast / flash frozen or used for purees or canned

superior client service both locally as well as worldwide.

RDM International vegetables are expanded at farms in the United States, Canada and also Mexico, where they are harvested as well as frozen at their optimal, preserving their quality, enhancing their dietary material and ensuring a longer shelf life. Readily available in the Southeast and rapidly increasing, RDM International provides frozen veggies to retail grocery chains, independent sellers and discount layout retail store chains.

For individuals as well as services, the gain from using a top quality provider such as RDM International are countless. As the need for icy foods that are easily packaged and conveniently available expands, RDM International has the ability to use regularly high quality icy veggies that surpass the federal mandated standards that ensure food safety. Icy veggies provide create that is offered when specific vegetables run out season, guaranteeing excellence and also quality as RDM International freezes top quality veggies.

Price efficiency is one more benefit, as high quality icy foods are offered at a lower cost via a prominent vendor. Restaurants and other food suppliers experience time saving benefits by collaborating with a well established provider, as items can be delivered straight to them and a consistent inventory can be kept. The moment of cooking is reduced as the preparedness of the vegetables conserve time because the produce is supplied in easily useful form.

RDM International prides themselves on being a premium frozen veggie vendor with a goal of surpassing expectations as well as providing clients with outstanding service and also rewarding and also sustainable foods. Contact us for more information.

Offered in the Southeast as well as quickly broadening, RDM International provides frozen vegetables to retail grocery chains, independent stores and discount style retail store chains. As the need for icy foods that are comfortably packaged as well as readily offered expands, RDM International is able to supply continually high quality frozen veggies that exceed the federal mandated guidelines that make sure food safety and security. Icy vegetables provide produce that is offered when specific veggies are out of period, making sure excellence and quality as RDM International freezes leading quality vegetables.

  • all natural icy vegetables
  • organic icy vegetables – 100% Natural bulk icy vegetables
  • Processed from organic as well as standard, well-selected veggies
  • A vast variety of flavors of allergen-free, non-GMO and kosher iqf veggies
  • Versatile technical specs as well as mass pack sizes
  • Mass frozen vegetables, plans starting from 20 lb. containers
  • Processed and loaded without additives or preservatives
  • Conventional or USDA NOP organic accredited
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– From providers abiding with finest standards
– Residential U.S. beginning or imported products
– Examples available on demand
– Orders from cartons up to pallet loads and numerous truck lots
– Industry-leading prices with personalized repayment options
– Spot orders and long-term agreements

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